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 [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos    [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  I_icon_minitime14th August 2018, 9:19 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Caligo
Gender: None, looks feminine in shape.
Age and Date of Birth: N/A

Used Canons: Manga and world building

Appearance: In Original Form, Chaos is nothing more than an endless black mass with three eyes.  Two normal ones and a third one on the forehead. Though saying they're 'eyes' is the only way to be relative to it, when really they're just bright lights that act like eyes.  No one really knows if they function like eyes but Chaos is able to see through them however can only see the light of stars within a body, not necessarily the actual person who's body is more like a phantom to Chaos.

Human form, because Chaos forced itself on a Sailor crystal, Chaos took the form of the last incarnation of that Sailor crystal taking on her looks.   This form is called 'Caligo'- at least, Chaos thinks that's the sailor crystal's name beforehand, and Caligo stands roughly  five foot four inches tall without heels. Her weight is unknown. The default look is an hourglass shape with a hole in the chest between her breasts where a sailor crystal resides, spiky and glowing. Her skintone is a dark brown and her hair is a crazy mass of black that becomes a graident of red towards the ends.  Her eyes are cat-like and a vivid sickly green shade. The pupils, when in default, are also catlike that contracts and expands depending on what she's looking at. Her nails are normal, for the most part but can become sharp claws at any moment's notice. She also has fangs, barely seen, which implies she can use them to rip others open.
When among others that aren't her team, Caligo's form looks like a normal human with normal 'human' pupils and normal teeth. The hole in her chest is covered.

Chaos, because fashion was never really a 'thing', dresses like everyone else on whatever planet she's infiltrating if she feels like it. Most of the time she's in her senshi form.   On occasion she can take the form of other beings.  Her favored one is that of a nine year old girl in a white outfit. In this form she looks vaguely similar to the adult one but her hair is completely white with a pink undertone and she has bright emerald green eyes.  She wears her hair in pigtails with bows most of the time and only occasionally in buns and pigtails. This is most likely because she's half mocking Cosmos and half trying to present herself as innocent as possible.

When one is faced with Sailor Chaos, there is an overwhelming urge to run. That's because the menacing aura that Chaos extrudes is enough to trigger any beings' sense of self-preservation.  It is an overwhelming thing to face and one that Chaos isn't actually aware of entirely. She has an idea that just being before her would cause many to crumple down in fear of her, but that is the only extent of it.  In truth, Sailor Chaos is unaware of a lot of things she does that makes it neigh impossible for any to truly be close to her in any sort of fashion.

However, it doesn't mean that Chaos is completely ignorant of her abilities.  Because she's able to perceive others' desires, wants, and ultimate fears, she uses that as part of her manipulations in order to get what she wants. Most of the time, she makes sure her dealings with others always fall into her favor becoming a sort of deal with the devil, so to speak.  She always chooses her wording carefully when she speaks to only try and get others within her thrall.

The strangest thing about Chaos is, she believes she's doing what is best for all of space and time as a whole. She believes that because the brightest light- Cosmos- had left her side, that all things around them burning out and into existence is a terrible thing and should not be allowed to go on more. That things were peaceful under her rule in the beginning and what Cosmos had done is a cruel thing.

She is convinced, that what she does is out of love. This strange emotion she's finally able to identify thanks to her taking the sailor crystal into herself.  She loves all her creations, acting somewhat motherly at times towards them. She thinks she knows what is best for them and believes them worthy of any light that was denied them and more.  In fact, she believes very much that she also loves Cosmos and is trying to make her see the 'light' so to speak.

She yearns to have Cosmos by her side. To devour her very light and keep her within the darkness for all eternity.  It is a feeling that she cannot let go over and drives her to obsession to figure out how to possess her light once again. As much as she claims she loves her creations and all, they all pale in comparison to her feelings for Cosmos.

Due to this, she willingly will sacrifice anyone for that goal- even her own agents. Her reasoning for this is extremely simple: Even if they die, they will simply be reborn again and again as many times are needed until the event in which she can capture Cosmos. When she captures Cosmos, only then will everything become peaceful once more and she could rule all of the universe like she had in the beginning.

Because of the Sailor Crystal she had taken for herself, her personality is also very quick to change. At one moment, she could be obsessing over Cosmos to the point she'll hurt others just because they're there and in the next, she would be cooing over the injured party, blaming them for their own pains.  At times a gentler side can be seen through this motherly moments which may or may not be the residue personality left within the sailor crystal she's made her own.

When she takes on a false form of a child, she has a tendency to be very demanding and bratty. Nothing is ever good enough for her and will use her cuteness to manipulate others into doing her bidding. She's not above sabotage or disregarding boundaries.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

  • Can summon Bat-like wings to fly if she so desires in any form.

  • Is connected to Chaos Guardian, and therefore to the Galaxy Cauldron as well.

  • Can manipulate her appearance at will.

  • Is able to discern the desires and fears of others almost immediately.

  • Can travel through space and time.

  • Can access knowledge of all Chaos-aligned villains if they have part of her in them.

History: Not much is known about Sailor Chaos at all. All that is known, officially, Chaos is a failed star because of this, Chaos had many incarnations that sought out a powerful light to consume and become one, thus taking over all of space.  All of them had failed, but had lead Eternal Sailor Moon to the Galaxy Cauldron where Chaos had temporarily taken over thanks to manipulating Sailor Galaxia into stealing the Sailor Crystals of other Sailor Soldiers. In return, Chaos had granted her some power.  Eventually, however, Eternal Sailor Moon's sacrifice had awakened the other sleeping Sailor Crystals within the Cauldron, who then combined their powers to attack and defeat Chaos, who sank once more to the depths of the cauldron along with Chaos Guardian to be reborn some day.

That some day was a far flung future where Chaos had amassed enough power to become a sailor soldier.  

Before this- in the very beginning of existence or light- Chaos was alone. Alone in the darkness, barely conscious of anything, not that there was anything to be conscious of. Chaos spent eons alone, unaware of the great change that would occur.  A change that was a bright light, suddenly intruding awakening Chaos's endless silence. A dazzling light that stayed with Chaos, whom became fascinated with it. Wished for it to be in Chaos's possession. However, this light became many lights and drifted away from Chaos, going to unknown parts where worlds were beginning to be born and stars blazed into existence.  The lights of these stars burned Chaos, even as Chaos yearned for them- to be one of them.  For eons after the first light that appeared, Chaos tried in vain to become one of them. Labored intensely enough, gathering upon itself those stars that failed to become lights too. These were smaller, broken, and wretched pieces.

Chaos took them and molded these discarded pieces as pieces of itself. If Chaos could not personally be there to take the brightest lights, than it could send copies to do it. Copies that developed their own personalities, wants, desires however terrible they may be.  Their only drive was the same as Chaos's- to obtain the brightest light in all of space and time.  

The light that was once with Chaos before it departed.

After Eternal Sailor Moon, a long, long time after that event- a failed star caught the attention of Chaos. Or rather, a star that was on the verge of becoming almost as powerful as the light Eternal Sailor Moon carried. Slightly broken, Chaos took this light into itself, but this time the intention was not to make a copy of itself- but to force it to become what Chaos had always wanted- To be a true Star.  A Sailor Crystal.  With the help of the Chaos Guardian- yet another extension of itself cobbled together from pieces of other crystals- Chaos finally became Sailor Chaos.

But this transformation was not without issues that Chaos could not have foreseen. Obtaining a body and crystal like this forced emotions into Chaos.  Jarring, twisting, incoherent emotions and memories of various lifetimes that were once part of the Sailor Crystal Chaos had taken on.  Which also had come with a name, or maybe it was the name of another?  Either way, Chaos took the name for itself.

Afterwards, Chaos turned attention towards finding that light- the partner to itself.  Cosmos.  Somewhere out in space, was Sailor Cosmos and Chaos intended to find her and bring her back down under thumb where she belonged.  Because of the limitations of the body, Chaos realized the need for agents to help so it searched for suitable ones among stardust, black holes,  and wandering planets, until it found a star with three infant planets floating near by.   Peering into them, Chaos discerned that there were three that would be suitable agents.

It awoke Atropos first, cooing sweetness about a better planet than the one she got. A better thing- the thing that Cosmos and her lot had and would never be willing to share.  Once she accepted Chaos, she was gifted with power as well.  It wouldn't be until later, after Chaos realized the others would be needed for the plan to succeed, that she encouraged Atropos to awaken her sisters.

When all was settled and they had become loyal to the cause, Chaos gifted them as much power as their little Sailor Crystals could handle before setting off against Sailor Cosmos and her group.   This time, Sailor Chaos hopes to succeed and finally become the ruler of all.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Doesn't need to eat and never gets sick at all. However, she can consume anything and use it as additional energy.
Because she has a mouth and tastebuds, she delights in eating things. Even weird things that should probably kill a person.
Likes to knit on her off time. No one is sure why she knits, but no one also wants to know what the yarn is made of either.
Her base of operations is a castle that functions like a fun house where doors lead to different rooms or no rooms at all. If one is not a member of her team or has a bit of her in them, they'll immediately get lost within the castle.
Possesses a flat-screen monitor, as eyes are also a novelty and she likes watching it.

Storyline Specific Information:

Phase VI:
The manga itself.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Chaos
Realm(s) of Influence: Destruction, Darkness, Chaos, Corruption,and the Universe.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: There is none.
Senshi Fuku:

  • Power Bestowal- She can give power to any normal person or thing to make them stronger than they originally were. The drawback is that this power also corrupts the thing and distorts their power and eventually their mind.

  • Limited Omnificence- She can create other lifeforms from herself as much as she likes without tiring.

  • Shielding: She can create both an energy shield and a physical one if necessary from rocks.

  • Chaotic Influence- In living organism that cannot protect themselves, she can influence them towards their more negative/violent and destructive tendencies. Such as causing plants to go haywire growing and leeching energy from others. People attacking one another and the like.

  • Deadening- Merely by touch, she can also drain energy from living organisms that cannot protect themselves around her.  Plants and animals die within a certain range (anywhere from a few feet to a mile all around.). Nothing grows and non-living organisms crack with decay.

  • Puppetry- With the dead, she can resurrect their bodies to do her bidding. While they still retain their minds, their personalities and powers are corrupted utterly and completely. Unlike with power bestowal, those that are her puppets are absolutely loyal to her and cannot turn on her. When they attempt to, not only will they be in immense pain but they end up dying before they can act on their traitorous thoughts.

  • Serpents of Chaos- Snakes that are living and usually manifest themselves from Chaos's hair. Their venom is poisonous and they can constrict a living being.

  • Power Blasts- Because she has no verbal attacks, she can create gigantic balls of energy to attack whatever is in her way. The effects of it are simple as anything in the way of it is either blown away or decay rapidly in it's wake.
  • General Aura Sensing- Because Sailor Crystals and starseeds in general have a particular feel/light to them, Chaos can identify who they are based upon the energy/light they give out. She doesn't need to see them but can feel them. 

Weapons or Magical Items:

  • Chaos Crystal- The sailor Crystal that Chaos has made her own.  It is a spiky crystal that's a reddish color and is seen in her chest.

  • Spear of Chaos- A black and silver spear. The 'blade' is made up of smaller blades fused together to created rows of ragged looking spikes. She uses it to sometimes perform attacks or physically kill others.

Guardian: Chaos Guardian. A ragged winged fairy-like creature that is the opposite of Cosmos Guardian. Disheveled in appearance, she communicates in a very whisper soft voice, much like the wind. Her only goal is to help Sailor Chaos but otherwise, she is actually fairly neutral towards others unless commanded to do something by Chaos.  Most of the time, she's either at Chaos's side or she's selecting new starseeds that could potentially become useful to Sailor Chaos.

RP Sample:

Time flows, like water.  It can be agonizingly slow, frozen, or fast as any raging river. It can be turbulant as a sea storm with no end in sight.  Time was all Chaos had.  Time to bide itself, regrouping, reforming, realizing the necessary things that were needed in order to achieve it's true goal.  To become one with that shining light- the Cosmos that left all those eons ago. Causing life to explode with more lights across what was once a beautiful inky darkness of blissful silence.  A silence that Chaos reigned since the beginning.  
Now this silence is filled with the noises and brightness of life. Filled with a never ending battle caused by the brightness of one.  

"Cosmos." Lips that Chaos never had before, now formed words that were once too clunky to mean anything but came perfectly without accent. "Cosmos, my darling, why do you hide from me?"   She hugged herself- a strange sensation to have. This body was strange- limiting but necessary.  The chaos crystal shining in her chest was important to have above everything else.

"How else can I catch up to you, my dear Cosmos?" Her lips curved now, once an unfamiliar motion was now familiar enough. Enough times to practice it. Enough time to make it genuine when her followers did something right.  Yet still, it felt foreign to her nature.  "My poor misguided girl.  I'll find you and I'll bring you back home."  Her smile widens as does her cat-like sickly green eyes that narrowed in on the image before her.  An image of Sailor Cosmos.  "I'll bring you back to the darkness where you belong. Back to the silence in which we were born, Cosmos, do you understand?  We will be one, once more! Once more, my beloved, you will understand the foolishness of it all."

Sailor Chaos felt the rumblings of laughter trickle out of her mouth. This body was still full of surprises. Something she did wish to languish in for a little while longer.  "At least until she understands, of course." She says to no one, "She doesn't understand yet, but she will.  Even if I must beat it into her and have everything she loved stripped from her very soul- she will understand."    

Chaos tilted her head, her right hand, with the claw-like nails, lightly caresses her own cheek. "Soon, beloved, I'll catch up to you. Very soon."

Last edited by Ktenshi on 8th September 2018, 12:17 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added General Aura Sensing.)
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Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos    [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  I_icon_minitime23rd August 2018, 10:40 pm

And a Bump because I think I finished it~!


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos    [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  I_icon_minitime24th August 2018, 1:16 am

Oh wow I am actually in love with this?! I love that you have a small child version of her as well that can look both more menacing and innocent at the same time! And I absolutely love how you made her personality. That castle gives me ideas for the battle as well...

Approved! Looking forward to seeing how you play this character Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos    [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos  I_icon_minitime

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[Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Chaos

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