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 [Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis

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[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis   [Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 I_icon_minitime9th December 2016, 6:57 pm

Sunset Shimmer

Taking a sip of another drink (Sunset had lost count of how many drinks she had and how much she had eaten), she cocked an eyebrow at Vegeta's answer. He has a wife huh? She wondered who could possibly want to marry someone like him, they must either be crazy or stupid. For a moment, Sunset wondered if the evil tyrant had been defeated and by whom. Did that mean Vegeta never got his chance at revenge? She wanted to ask but Benson started going off on Vegeta. Sighing, she downed the rest of her drink, trying not to roll her eyes too hard.

It was Arya's turn and Sunset watched her with great interest as she gave out her truths and lie. Now she really was starting to sound like someone from one of Rainbow Dash's video games. Sunset glanced at Coral briefly. Was she that powerful to turn fictional characters in to living beings? She said this was a dream but... Sunset shrugged. What did it matter anyway?

Sunset laughed a little before speaking up after Jigglypuff.

"For some reason the story about your father seems so tame compared to the other two, it has to be the lie!"
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[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis   [Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 I_icon_minitime30th December 2016, 2:17 pm

[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 BxzFjWc

As exciting as it was to listen and to watch, Coral found herself beginning to nod off. Just a little, at first. She caught herself several times, and straightened up, shifted position. Anything to wake up a little more. But concentration became difficult, and she had trouble keeping track of what was going on.

Curious as to her exhaustion, she glanced down at her 5-dialed watch and gave a small gasp at the information it held. Of course! It was far too late! Her powers were vast, but there were not infinite. To keep so many people within the Axis took its toll even from the highest ranking Hosts. How silly that she'd made such a rookie mistake as to push her own boundaries!

Coral stood up, a bright smile on her lips as she looked to each of her Guests in turn. "Thank you everyone! I'm sorry to cut the game short, but the hour is late and we cannot delay the inevitable forever. Your attendance in this has been most enlightening and endearing! I hope that you've enjoyed your stay. Don't worry, as you'll wake up with no problems at all tomorrow. In fact, you might not remember much of this at all besides that of a fond dream."

The lights began to flicker within the hall as Coral began the Return process. With one last smile, she added: "Perhaps one day we will all meet again."

With one last flicker of light, all of the Guests disappeared, each heading back to their homes. The memory of their time in the Axis might come back, once in a while, like a faint dream they once had, or an experience long forgotten.

Coral looked at her empty hall, a sad smile upon her lips. Everything looked so empty now. But, no matter. A day to rest and then she would begin preparations for the next Guests to join her!

And that was always most exciting.

The End!

Quote :

And that concludes our event! Thank you everyone for joining in and making this a fun experience!! I do hope that you enjoyed it too! Here is a lovely siggie and bumper set made for participants by our lovely Sailor Neptune! <333

[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 XygGWPL[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis - Page 4 H6Ynvmh

Thanks again everyone!! See you next time Very Happy <3
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[Casual Event] Dinner at The Axis

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