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 Sailor Crystal Oberservations

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Sailor Crystal Oberservations Empty
PostSubject: Sailor Crystal Oberservations   Sailor Crystal Oberservations I_icon_minitime23rd February 2019, 5:26 pm

hey kids,

today I took out Sailor Moon Crystal Dark Kingdom Arch (ep 1-14) and
I like it. it's entertaining and, believe it or not, Usagi/Serena doesn't seem
as ditzy as in the original and the opening music is really cool. other observations:

1. Naru/Molly doesn't have the Brooklyn accent (I actually like that)
2. Raye (so far) is not the galaxia as in the original
3. Luna doesn't sound like a 60-year-old English nanny
4, the Generals seem focused and not so backbiting as in the original
5. Tuxedo Mask doesn't do the Rose/Cheesy Sayings as in the original
6. all four Generals appear and spell out their plans to the Sailors
7. the characters use the Japanese names which makes sense

in all, a more faithful adaption though I like the original as well. in fact, I
bought the entire series at a con this past summer and it's fun to watch to
see what I missed and maybe to compare. do we have a favorite Crystal
episode? I look forward to your comments Sailor Crystal Oberservations 868675979
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Sailor Crystal Oberservations

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