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 [Advanced] Jailbirds

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Anait Zelleire
Lotus Crystal

Anait Zelleire

Lotus Crystal

Title : 'some witty/deep quote about life that makes ppl laugh/think here'
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[Advanced] Jailbirds - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Jailbirds   [Advanced] Jailbirds - Page 3 I_icon_minitime5th April 2016, 7:40 pm

[Advanced] Jailbirds - Page 3 Achelo10
Although the blonde wanted to rush in and hug away all the guilt and shame she knew Enya was experiencing, she held back, Enya wouldn't be surprised by that behavior, she might even expect it.  Instead she let Andromeda express herself first, half figuring half hoping that the young girl would react with compassion.  Achelois stood back and watched the scene unfold, her chest filled with warmth.  As Enya and Andromeda pulled apart, she heard voices down the hall.  Probably about time we stopped causing trouble for that senshi.  She nodded to her two comrades and moved to the door of the cell.  She easily broke the lock with a vine growing near the window.  Stepping out, she went towards the voices and found the senshi speaking with another official.  Achelois easily explained the situation, using a little calm energy as well to help things go their way. 

Her green eyes glinted as she returned to the cell and informed Kira and Enya of their departure.  While the group hadn't exactly done what they had intended, they had grown closer.  Their return journey was without incident and they fondly remember the time they refer to as the "pinky incident."

The End
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[Advanced] Jailbirds

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