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 Kinmoku Katastrophe

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Kinmoku Katastrophe Empty
PostSubject: Kinmoku Katastrophe   Kinmoku Katastrophe I_icon_minitime1st November 2011, 2:49 pm

a/n: The girls are in college now, but they start to feel strange vibes. In another part of the world, on Kinmoku, Princess Kakyuu is not quite recovered from the Galactica battle. Can her guardians cheer her up? And what's this evil the girls are feeling?

Eh..I'll attempt to post my stories here once more. This isn't my best but maybe it'll get attention unlike all the others. Otherwise I'll just stick to Very Happy Just thought maybe someone would care! being as when I first signed up everyone was excited and wanted me to post in here

also I apologize for crappy formatting. When I copy/paste from word it mushes paragraphs together. oh well.

Anyway enjoy or not~

Chapter 1:

Mamoru Chiba was finishing up his last bit of college one summer after Usagi Tsukino had graduated high school because they had set a date to get married that September. It was June now, and Usagi was staying with Mamoru in his apartment. Life, though peaceful now, had become quite boring for Usagi because all of her friends were at school or elsewhere. Ami was studying in America to become a doctor, Rei was off at a training camp, Makoto had opened up a bakery shop and was busy most of the time, Minako had grasped some stardom and performed concerts now, Haruka and Michiru were studying abroad in Paris, Hotaru was in high school now, in care of Setsuna, who was a doctor now. She was going to go back to the future now, but someone had to watch Hotaru.
“I’m so bored!” Usagi said aloud one afternoon, banging her fists on the table. She had been eating some cookies out of her boredom when there was a knock at the door. At this hour, Mamoru would not have been home so who was it? She soon found out it was Makoto Kino, bringing her some lunch.
“Have you eaten yet?” Makoto said with a smile, holding up a bag. She soon saw that her friend was indulging herself in sweets and laughed a little. “Silly Usagi. I suppose you have eaten. I only thought I would bring you some lunch…”
Usagi looked over and grinned. “Oh it’s okay! I’ll eat again!” She laughed. “Give me!” she held out her hands for the bag.
Makoto laughed and sat beside her friend at the table, handing her the bag. Usagi marveled at all the goodies from Makoto’s shop she had brought her. “So, Usagi, how have you been?”
“So bored!” she complained. “All I do is sit around all day and wait for Mamoru to come home, or miraculously, like today, a friend come over!”
“Why don’t you get out and do something?”
“What is there to do? I don’t have any money. Mamo-chan won’t let me spend any of his except for groceries. We’re not exactly rich…”
“You could get a job,” Makoto suggested. “You don’t have to have a college degree to get a job. There are plenty of options, Usagi.”
Usagi sighed. “Yeah, but…” she closed her eyes. “I wish we would just hurry up and be in the next century. When is that going to happen?”
“I don’t know, Usagi. None of us do. I don’t even know if Setsuna does. It’s all a big mystery.”
“But she can control time. Why can’t she make it go faster?” Usagi complained.
“Just let life run its course, Usagi-chan. That’s how life works. You can’t just make your problems disappear. Surely soon, we’ll all be living in a great Crystal Palace with you as our queen, and we’ll get to see Chibi-usa again!” she smiled.
“Yeah, well I hope it’s soon. I’m tired of this life. I miss all my friends…” the blonde’s face fell onto the table.
Makoto patted her friend’s back. “What’s the matter? Lost your appetite?” she laughed.
Usagi’s head shot up. “Oh, no way!” she grinned, starting to scarf down the contents of the bag in front of her.
Makoto laughed. “Oh Usagi. You are still the same funny girl you always were.”
“Of course I am,” Usagi laughed, with her mouth full of food.
Makoto glanced at the clock. “Oh, I should be getting back. I will visit you again later, alright?”
“We could have a sleepover like old times!” Usagi suggested. “If only the others were here…”
“I would like that,” Makoto smiled. She missed their friends, too, but they seemed to be more busy than they were, off at school and such. Makoto was just happy enough to open up a bakery right there in Tokyo. No one had expected Usagi to go off to college, and Makoto was grateful she hadn’t for she at least had one friend nearby, and she was sure Usagi felt the same way about her. Mamoru was very busy trying to get his school wrapped up so their wedding could happen so she was alone most of the time. Of course, all of their friends were invited to the wedding, and would be attending, but it seemed September was not coming fast enough for either Usagi or Makoto.
Makoto left back to her shop, and Usagi sighed, her face hitting the table again. She hated being alone. She had been so used to being around friends all the time, but once they had graduated high school, everything changed. They all went on their own separate ways to live their dreams. Usagi’s dreams had always been for her to be happy with Mamoru, and for her friends to be happy. Well, it seemed everyone was happy except her. She wished that the wedding would come faster. She wanted to be married to the love of her life; maybe that would make her happy with herself then.

Ami Mizuno was sitting in her dorm, studying for a big exam she had the next class day. She was starting to get weary though and put aside her book. She knew her limits and never pushed herself too hard.
Ami sighed contently, feeling more knowledgeable after her study time. She looked over to the other side of the room, where her roommate’s bed was empty. There was a note on her bedside table. It read, Mizuno-san, I have gone out with my girlfriends. I know you would not have wanted to join us, so I didn’t bother asking you. See you later.
Ami sighed. She was never invited to go anywhere. Usually the places her roommate went were places she would not picture herself hanging out, and she probably would have admittedly turned her down, but it was the thought that counted, and there was no offer. It saddened her. All of her friends were so far away, and she longed for them.
She turned to her cell phone. It cost money for her to call her friends so much so she decided to use the computer instead. Maybe one of them would be online. Ami booted up her laptop and logged into AOL instant messenger. To her delight, she found that Rei was online. She instant messaged her quickly.
AquaMist: Rei!
Firepassion: Hey Ami. What’s up?
AquaMist: Nothing really. Just taking a break from all of my studying! How are you?
Firepassion: Well, now that you mention it, not so great…
AquaMist: Oh? Really? What’s up?
Firepassion: Well…I’ve been getting these strange feelings…And the fire has been most unsettling lately.
AquaMist: What? An enemy?! Not again! I thought we were through with this.
Firepassion: Yes, well…I think something could be coming, Ami. Just be on your guard, okay? I have to go now. I will talk to you later. Let me know if you feel anything fishy okay?
AquaMist: Can do, Rei!

Ami closed her laptop and sat back in her chair. Something evil was coming now? Rei’s fire readings had never been wrong before. Was their peace over now? It had seemed to have been going so nicely, too…


Haruka and Michiru were in their apartment they were renting in Paris. Their classes were over for the day and Michiru was painting at the moment. She double majoring in art and music. It was a lot of work, but she had a passion for each, and both came so naturally to her. Haruka was just dabbling in a little to humor Michiru. She didn’t see much use for schooling, but she knew Michiru had a heart for it and respected that. That is why she was here with her in Paris. She wasn’t going to let her go study abroad all alone. They would each miss each other too much.
Haruka was sitting on their bed, watching Michiru paint.
“Shouldn’t you be studying or something, Haruka?” Michiru mused with a little smirk, feeling her lover staring from behind her.
Haruka laughed a little. “Shouldn’t you?”
“I am an art major. I am entitled to paint now and then, you know,” she chuckled.
“But I don’t feel like working right now. Can’t I just watch my beautiful girl paint for a while?” the woman pleaded.
Michiru giggled softly. “Alright, alright. You win. You may watch.”
They settled once more in the silence that fell upon them after those last words were said. Michiru was content painting, and Haruka was content watching her. She really was an artist; Haruka envied her skill. She brought paintings to life. She watched each stroke of her brush in fascination, each move it made as the colors spread across the canvas, creating an image.
Michiru was completely in the zone right now, concentrating hard. She hadn’t told Haruka, but there was a reason she was painting right now, and it wasn’t just for her enjoyment. She had had a dream the previous night, and in order for her to try to straighten it out, she needed to paint it. That was how it always had been for her.
As the water colors blended and slowly started to make something of a picture, Michiru became more intrigued with the outcome. It seemed almost a blur, but her dream had been a blur as well. She was hoping for a clearer outcome when she painted it. She frowned at the finished product. Haruka came up from behind Michiru, cocking her head sideways, studying the painting. “This isn’t like your other paintings, Michi. Is something wrong?”
Michiru breathed in, feeling a little tense suddenly, remembering her dream. She felt Haruka’s hand touch her shoulder and shuddered slightly, making Haruka’s eyes widen a little. “Michi. What’s wrong?” she repeated.
Michiru sighed and looked up at her partner. “I had a dream last night…This is what came out of it. This was in my head. It is all blurs, but as you can clearly see…” her voice broke slightly as it shook, trailing off. She pointed to the painting. Haruka studied it more, slowly realizing two prominent glowing yellow eyes upon a blurred face. The eyes reminded her of how Galaxia had looked when she had been possessed by Chaos.
“Something is not right, Michiru…You think…Chaos?” The blonde’s eyes widened as she looked down to her lover who was sitting, wringing her hands together nervously. Michiru looked up to Haruka with big eyes that seemed to well up with tears. Haruka instantly became alarmed, and she took Michiru’s hands, pulling her over to the bed to sit with her, pulling her close. Michiru wrapped her arms around Haruka’s waist and held close to her.
“I’m scared, Haruka. I thought we were going to get to live peacefully from now on. Why must something always happen and get in the way?”
“I don’t know, Michiru…But I don’t like it.” Haruka kissed the top of the aqua haired woman’s head and sighed, keeping her close.
Michiru was shaking a bit out of nerves, remembering the horrifying nightmare, clutching to Haruka. She couldn’t remember anything clearly, but she knew something was not right. It unsettled her, and she knew their happy peaceful times were soon to end. They would have to call on planet power once more. It seemed to never stop.


“Setsuna-mama?” Hotaru said. The teenage girl was sitting upon the couch of their apartment after school that day studying, or trying to, anyway. She had something on her mind that was keeping her from focusing.
“Yes, Hotaru?” the tall green haired woman stuck her head in from the kitchen.
“Have you…had any dreams lately?”
Setsuna slowly stopped stirring the cookie dough batter. “What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean,” Hotaru said shortly, looking over at her mother. “You’ve been having them, too. I know you have. You may even know more than I do.”
“What do you know?” Setsuna’s eyes raised slightly as she tried to keep her cool.
“Something is coming. Evil is going to take over again. There is going to be destruction. All hell is going to break loose. Someone is going to be taken over by Chaos, and you know who it is, don’t you, Mama?”
Setsuna’s eyes widened at Hotaru’s bluntness about the evil, and she dropped the bowl she was mixing. She didn’t even bother to pick it up at the moment. “I…I don’t know who it is, Hotaru. My dream was blurred. All I know is as much as you said just now. Though when put in those words, it’s even more intense sounding.” The woman drew in a breath and let it out before picking up the bowl and cleaning up the mess it had made.
Hotaru closed her eyes. “I’m sorry for being so blunt, but it’s just how it is. Do you think the others know?”
“Oh I’m positive your mama and papa will know because we share the same dreams.”
There was a pause before Hotaru said, “We just can’t live a normal life, can we? We’re always fighting and defending, and dying! It’s not fair…”
“Hotaru…” Setsuna said softly, shocked. She sighed and went and sat beside her adoptive daughter, putting an arm around here. “I know it’s not fair, but it’s our life. We were born to protect our princess. She can’t help that the evil never goes away…” She sighed a little. She hated it too. It would be nice to be able to just live like everyone else, without a care, living their dreams…But it couldn’t be so, not with their luck.
Hotaru hugged close to her mother. She understood all of this, but she had just gotten used to being in high school, trying to fit in this time around. Last time she had been shunned by everyone. Now she had a few friends, and she was enjoying it, but it seemed soon they would have return to their double lives, to save the Earth from whatever destruction would come.


Far away on a whole other planet, that went by the name of Kinmoku, lived a princess of the starlights. She ruled over a whole other solar system, smaller than the solar system that Earth is in, but still a solar system. Her name was Princess Kakyuu, and she lived with her guardians Sailor Star Fighter, Star Maker, and Star Healer.
Galaxia had not only destroyed Earth in her possessed rage, but also many other planets as well in her attempt to take over the universe. Kinmoku was just one of them. When the princess and her guardians had returned to their homeland after the battle that year, they had returned to pure havoc. They had spent ages trying to restore it back to its old vibrant self again.
Despite the revival of their planet, Kakyuu was not satisfied. She had too many terrible memories that kept creeping upon her. Nightmares filled her head in her sleep and sadness filled her head in the day. Not only had all she protected been endangered and injured, the one she loved most, her destined lover, had been killed right before her eyes by Galaxia herself. She could never get this image out of her head. It replayed in her head daily.

She had been getting ready for a night out with her--Yuuko. She was sitting in front of her mirror, brushing her hair out. She normally wore it tied up in rings, but decided for the occasion to wear it down. There was a rap at her door, and she smiled. She would know that knock anywhere. Yuuko had a certain pattern of knocking. “Come on in, dear,” she had called.
The tall, slender purple haired woman walked inside Kakyuu’s room, wearing a lilac suit. “Are you ready, my love?” Yuuko had asked, extending her hand to Kakyuu.
Kakyuu smiled to her. She looked her dear Yuuko over. She looked gorgeous that night, she thought. Her dark purple hair was pulled half back, fastened with pins and her suit was very fitting; she was her prince, after all. She stood up, reaching out her hand to her. “Yes, I’m ready, dear…”
Their hands never reached each other because there was a zap out of nowhere striking each of them back. This startled them, and they gasped. “What’s going on?” Kakyuu asked.
“Silly girl!” a voice shouted. The women looked around, confused. The voice’s body appeared, revealing a woman with an athletic build and dressed in gold. “Surrender your planet to me or die!”
Kakyuu’s head cocked to the side. “What are you talking about? Who are you?” she demanded. Who was she to just barge in on her kingdom and demand her planet?
“You heard me. I’m going to rule this universe, and your planet is first on my list to wipe out. Do you want your life or your planet? Pick one and pick it now!”
“I can’t just surrender my planet to you. I have people to protect,” Kakyuu had said calmly.
The woman laughed. “You are humorous, Princess Kakyuu. Surrender your planet to I, Galaxia, or suffer the consequences!” She laughed a booming laughter.
“Leave Kakyuu alone!” Yuuko shouted.
Galaxia’s head snapped to the other woman, narrowing her eyes. “Who are you to talk?”
“Kakyuu means a great deal to me, and I demand you leave her alone. She is a princess, after all!”
“Exactly; she is princess so therefore I will give her a chance to live. If you are a good little girl I may spare your life as well. If only you would wear these,” she held up golden bracelets, “and become loyal to me, serving me through eternity. Then and only then will I allow you to live.”
“That’s mutiny!” Yuuko had shouted back.
Galaxia’s eyes glowed, clearly enraged at her back talk. “Enough!” she screamed, reaching her arm out, zapping Yuuko. Yuuko’s body began twitching uncontrollably as she was being electrocuted.
“Stop!” Kakyuu had shouted.
Galaxia waited a few more moments before she let go, allowing Yuuko to fall limp. She then laughed that booming laugh again. Kakyuu’s face was in terrible shock and despair. “That’s only a fragment of what I will do to you. Your life will be miserable and you will all die. All of you on this pathetic planet. The universe will be mine. Just you wait! I will be back with reinforcements!”

Kakyuu shook her head at the memory again. She constantly had flashbacks of Yuuko being killed, of the battle against Shadow Galactia on their planet, the ending battle on Earth, everything…It was quite discomforting to her.

The starlights couldn’t sleep that night. Why? Because their princess’s discomfort kept them up. They knew she was having those nightmares again, and it upset them. They wanted more than anything else for their princess to be happy, and she hadn’t been for quite some time now. They wished there was something they could do for her.
Yaten groaned from her bed. “Why can’t she get over it? It’s been a few years now.”
“Yaten!” Taiki reprimanded.
“What? Why can nothing we do soothe her? Why can’t we console her?!”
“Yaten calm down,” Seiya said quietly. “You wouldn’t know anything about love, would you?”
Yaten became silent suddenly, remembering her dear sister’s longing for Usagi. “Sorry,” She mumbled.
“It’s fine, Yaten, but just remember that, okay? Our princess has many terrible memories on her mind.”
“Look at this way,” Taiki said. “What if someone killed our princess? How would you feel? Would you be able to get over it?”
“I would go kill the person who did it!” Yaten exclaimed.
“Exactly so it’s the same thing. She loved Yuuko deeply, much like we love Kakyuu, but not exactly the same. There are different kinds of love, but love is love, no matter what form or fashion.”
Yaten sighed. “I understand, but I still wish she could feel better. We can’t get any sleep around here!”
“You’re being selfish, Yaten,” Seiya said.
“Am not!”
“Are too.”
“Am not!”
“Shut up!” Taiki said. “Your bickering is not helping the princess at all!”
Suddenly, emerging from her bed chamber and into the starlights’ room, was Kakyuu in her red and yellow robe. She smiled a little wearily and said, “Since you’re all up, would you mind having some tea with me?”
They smiled a little and agreed to their princess, wanting nothing more than for her to be happy. If having tea at two in the morning would make her happy, then they would gladly have some with her. They grabbed their own robes to put over their nightclothes; Seiya in a slim tee and boxers, Taiki in a plaid pajama set, and Yaten in her nightgown.
They sat around the table on cushions upon the ground, waiting patiently as Kakyuu served them tea. Once the woman sat down, she sighed a little. “I’m sorry to keep you up at night, my darlings. I wish I could get to sleep; I really do.”
“It’s okay, Princess,” Seiya said instantly.
“It’s fine,” Yaten had sighed a little sharply.
Kakyuu looked slightly hurt by Yaten’s reaction, but knew it was only her nature. She continued. “You girls are the only thing I have, the only thing I have left in this world I really love…”
“Oh Princess, surely you love your people, too,” Taiki said.
“Well, yes, but…” she sighed.
“We understand, Princess,” Seiya nodded.
The princess looked to her head guardian and smiled a little, looking into her eyes. She knew that she somewhat felt her pain, as she missed Miss Tsukino, but unrequited love was one thing. Losing a love one to death was another. She sipped her tea before setting it down and looking back to each of them. “I want you to know that whatever happens, I will always love you three. No matter how I am feeling, I will always do my best to protect you. You are my darlings, and I want nothing but the best for you.”
“But--” Yaten started, but Kakyuu hushed him calmly.
“I know what you will say. You must protect me. Well then, we will protect each other, will we not?”
“You say this as if you know something is going to happen,” Taiki said curiously.
Kakyuu closed her eyes a moment. “I am not exactly sure of this, but I’ve been having bad feelings for quite some time. It is probably just my imagination though. I haven’t been my best since…” she trailed off, feeling herself choke up.
“Princess, it’s okay!” Seiya instantly said, putting a hand on top of her ruler’s.
Princess Kakyuu nodded and opened her eyes again, looking to her guardians. “Thank you for having tea with me tonight…” She looked at the clock. “Or rather, this morning,” she chuckled softly.
The three guardians smiled hearing her laugh, and they joined in as well. For some reason Seiya got in a fit of giggles, tea coming out of her nose, making the princess giggle herself. She put her hand to her mouth trying to be polite but couldn’t suppress her laughter. Taiki and Yaten looked to the princess with a grin, seeing her happy for the moment. It brightened their spirits. They looked to Seiya, who was rolling on the floor as if someone were tickling him.
“Moron,” Yaten said, shaking her head at her sister, though couldn’t help laugh some more at the image.
Suddenly Kakyuu said, “Ladies.”
Seiya instantly straightened up and sat up, looking serious again, as did her sisters. “Yes?”
Kakyuu smiled a little. “Would you mind sleeping with me tonight? I think I might be able to rest if you are near.”
Yaten raised his eyes. “That’s a little weird…” Taiki elbowed her. “But of course we will sleep with you,” she added, rubbing her side where she had been elbowed.
Kakyuu smiled a relaxed smile of relief. “Thank you so much, you three. You will like my bed; it’s nice and big.”
“We haven’t slept in it since we were children.”
“Then it will be time for fond memories,” the princess smiled to them, remembering back when they were all younger. She stood up and was going to put away the tea, but Seiya jumped up. “No! I’ll do it, Princess! Go on. I’ll meet you three there, alright?” Seiya for kind of excited about this now. She didn’t know why. It would be like a sleepover.

(to be continued whenever I get inspiration)
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Kinmoku Katastrophe

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