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 [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby

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Sailor Neptune
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Sailor Neptune

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[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby   [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby I_icon_minitime16th August 2015, 11:42 pm

Storyline Name: Kinmoku Lullaby
Creator(s): Eternal Knight and Sailor Mercury
Forum: Freeform
Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced
Plot Summary: After the end of Stars, the Starlights and their Princess return to Kinmoku to face the destruction of the planet they had left behind and attempt to rebuild it, now that they've found each other again. But too many things have happened since their separation. Kakyuu had fled Kinmoku, leaving her guardians behind, and they were left to search for her for a very long time. And even after she did hear their song, she was too afraid to reveal herself, afraid that Galaxia would find her, and did not trust her guardians to be able to protect her just like they had not been able to protect her back in their own planet.

Making things even more difficult is how Kakyuu has always felt that despite being their Princess, she and the Starlights do not share the same bond as the one they share with one another. There will always be a distance between them, and she is envious of their close relationship, their sisterhood, the one she could never be a part of. With guilt added into the mix on everyone's part for each of their own failures that led to the destruction of the planet they were supposed to protect, their journey to return Kinmoku to its glory days will not be easy. After spending so much time on Earth, they have forgotten just how bad their planet looks in comparison.

Will they be able to overcome their exhaustion and trauma to rebuild Kinmoku to its former glory and peacefulness? Because it used to be a peaceful place full of pacifist and yet the Starlights were forced to kill many phages they encountered due to their inability to purify them - yet another thing that happened during their separation that Kakyuu was not aware of. And how would she react to knowing that one of her guardians had fallen in love with another Princess?

Details on any necessary information: This storyline takes place after the Stars arc in Kinmoku. Basically this will be some sort of character study for the Starlights, Kakyuu, and their relationships with each other. There won't be a lot of action, but they do have to rebuild their planet and figure out a way to, if not go back to how things were, then how to make this new situation work for the better.

Restrictions: Only for Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights
OOC Thread:
Member to Character List:
- Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter: Eternal Knight
- Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker: Sailor Pluto
- Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer: Addelyn
- Princess Kakyuu: Sailor Mercury


[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby 4ttFPcD[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby E2wqfIi [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Mercurysig [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Ft6DXry[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Wedding1
[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby YgSg9XS [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby J9FkIOw [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby E92foQg [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby GGOnOmH [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby T6HQwOw [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby ZMIrfsf [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby 4JvDpxl [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby EfXLP8m 
[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby 3DQXfaU
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[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby   [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby I_icon_minitime17th August 2015, 7:20 pm



[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Pbucket [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby WVHOu3A [Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby Pbucket
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[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby

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