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 [Advanced] Hotline Tokyo

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Hotline Tokyo   [Advanced] Hotline Tokyo - Page 13 I_icon_minitime18th November 2018, 1:24 pm

If it was not for the fact that he was embroiled in the middle of a conspiracy, Schwarzpferd might have otherwise laughed at Tuxedo Mask's reaction to his vague threat. It was too literal, too focused on him as the cause of the troubles in Tokyo. Did he oversell himself as a target? Well, it was too late to worry over things like that now. The police were all gathered up outside of the construction zone as planned, and now he only needed to finish this last job before moving on to the next goal.

Schwarzpferd tensed up when Sailor Moon shifted her posture, calling forth her purifying magic to wash over him. There it was again, that bright energy..! The wanted man squinted his eyes in a vain effort to keep the pure light out, raising one hand towards his face as a defensive reflex. The light was discomforting to behold, yet he wasn't actually being harmed.

"What is this..?" Schwarzpferd growled, retreating a few steps backward as if preparing himself to defend against a sudden attack.
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Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Hotline Tokyo - Page 13 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Hotline Tokyo   [Advanced] Hotline Tokyo - Page 13 I_icon_minitime7th January 2019, 9:19 pm

[Advanced] Hotline Tokyo - Page 13 TxN8CHL

Splash noticed the weapon as well and knew what it was and what it could do: Fake or not. she was trying to think of something, anything to do when suddenly a rose flew through the sky nailing Schwarzpferd as the famous Tuxedo Mask leaped in and spoke causing Sailor Moon to get excited. Splash knew she would be but then the weapon fell and Splash panicked and jumped in front of everyone. She quickly saw that it didn't go off and got out of the way so Moon could do one of her healing attacks. Splash watched as it occurred and was ready if something else happened.
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[Advanced] Hotline Tokyo

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