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 The Future is Now

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime25th January 2013, 9:00 pm

A Rp centered around Chibiusa and her Sailor Team consisting of the Sailor Quartet and Saturn


So here we go!!

The Future is Now 3120549547

Hotaru walked through the gardens, her mind far from here. She wanted to know where the others were. She hoped they weren't out getting into trouble. She knew that the Quartet had a little problem getting into trouble, they were good at it and recently Chibiusa, had taken to it as well. "Why do I always have to play the mature responsible one?" She ask no one but the flowers. She wanted to be a girl too, she was older than they were yes, but she had missed so much of her childhood that she didn't feel like she was the older friend, and thanks to Chibiusa her childhood had been bright. That pink haired girl had stormed in a made her life fun and worth the breath she took. When Chibiusa had gone back to the future, she knew she would see here again. While for Chibiusa is would be sooner than for Hotaru, she knew that sooner or later, they would be able to spend their free days as girls together again. She smiled as she heard giggling. She wondered if that could be the other Senshi. She picked up her pace hoping to find them.
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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime26th January 2013, 2:33 am

The Future is Now Junjunbcf95_zps5f0b5e2e

She wasn't really supposed to be up in the trees. Junjun knew that she would get yelled at sooner or later for it. Again. But she didn't mind the thought of getting into trouble. It wasn't her fault that this place didn't have enough fun places.

Not that being in the treetops felt even close to the thrill of the tightrope or any of her other favorite acrobatic activities.

But at least it was something.

Junjun kept climbing higher and higher, ignoring anything going on around her in her determination to reach the very top. The top of the tree where branches were no longer branches but more like twigs.

A grin came to Junjun's face as her heart began to beat a little faster at the thrill of it all. Branches and leaves rustled and fell to the ground, but her goal was so close!

She knew that the chances of someone heading this way were very likely. At the very least, the guards would be making their rounds through this area soon. But Junjun ignored that thought and reached for another tiny branch.
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Goddess Yami
Lotus Crystal

Goddess Yami

Lotus Crystal

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime27th January 2013, 3:58 pm

The Future is Now 1569843278

Chibusa sat inside a room where she was home school. As her home school teacher lecture her she gazed out the window and let out a sigh. She was quite bored with her studies and wish she could go outside to play with her friends. As she was gazing out the window she noticed Juno climbing a tree. She smiled and told herself that maybe she could go tree climbing with Juno later. That was something to look forward after this stupid lecture.

"Small Lady," said her teacher to get her attention.

She looked back and the teacher and started to take notes that was on the board. The teacher than continued her lecture.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime28th January 2013, 4:01 pm

The Future is Now 2vsq1jo

Neo-Queen Serenity walked out of the Crystal Palace and into the garden to wait for Small Lady. She walked on the sidewalk, observing the flowers, thinking about how much Chibiusa has grown up and how proud she is of her. It seemed like just yesterday Chibiusa was just born, and now she was the leader of the Senshi of the future. She has never been so proud of her daughter.

Suddenly, she head ruckus coming from the woods by the palace. She smiled and proceeded to walk towards the trees.

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime2nd February 2013, 3:04 pm

Hotaru hear a sound she knew well. Junjun was up a tree and the guards were starting to freak out...again. Sighing she headed over to the source of the noise. "Jun, You really should come down from there. You're scaring people." She said calmly. She wasn't their leader but she was older than the rest, so once and a while the did as she asked, but that was rare. Still she called up after Junjun again. "Junjun can you hear me? Please come down." Hotaru looked around. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something flowing and white out of the corner of her eye. Oh not good. "Junjun!" She hissed up the tree. "The queen is coming! Please come down!" She knew that while the queen didn't usually mind their antics but you could never tell when she might be upset. "Jun please, for Small Lady, please come down!" Hotaru pleaded with the girl up the tree.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime2nd February 2013, 3:22 pm

The Future is Now 66663152

Cere Cere was terribly bored this morning. She had no idea where any of her sisters were. She knew they were all probably all getting into some sort of mischeif. She didnt have time for trickery because she was a lady after all. She noticed Hotaru jumping around yelling for Jun Jun. Cere rolled her eyes knowing her sister was probably about to jump someone. She approached Hotaru and stood beside her.

"You wont get her to come down like that!" Cere explained. She felt sorry for Hotaru but kind of took her as a bimbo because she didnt seem to be all there. She carefully cleared her throat.

"Let me show you how its really done." Cere explained before whipping out her circus whip. Cere lunged into the trip with her whip in hand. She seen Jun Jun not too far away and threw her whip back and then toward Jun wrapping it around her leg before dragging her out of the tree.

"Piece of cake." she smirked leaving Hotaru dumbfounded as she drug her sister away.
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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime16th February 2013, 3:34 pm

The Future is Now 3120549547

Hotaru wasn't surprised by Cere's actions. She was forever going at things straight through. She shook her head as Jun Jun was dragged away. She was the older of the younger Senshi and yet she still felt like they didn't really respect her outside of the training grounds. Maybe that was because she wasn't a vocal as the others, or maybe because of her nature as a distant person. Either way she wished they would all calm down a little this was the Palace after all. One can't just go around knocking girls out of trees with whips. Sighing she rubbed the back of her neck. Haruka-Papa would know what to do in situations like this. Hotaru was never good at handling well just about anything. She sighed and sat down on a near by bench. She just hoped that those two hadn't caused too much of a stir. She would hate to see the queen upset over the antics of the younger senshi.
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The Future is Now Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Future is Now   The Future is Now I_icon_minitime

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The Future is Now

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