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 [Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat

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[Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat   [Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat I_icon_minitime14th March 2019, 10:45 am

Name: Cat

Name Origin: It is not known whether “Cat” is simply a code name or her true name, as all of the female characters in the Avalon Thieves' Guild go by the names of small mammals. In SaGa THE STAGE: Return of the Seven Heroes, Cat is offended when she is called a rat, retorting with, “I'm no rat! I'm Cat!”

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Age: Young adult

Affiliation: The Avalon Thieves' Guild; Varennes Empire

Used Canons: Primarily Romancing SaGa 2; SaGa THE STAGE: Return of the Seven Heroes and the manga adaptation of Romancing SaGa 2 were used to give her more personality.

[Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat Cat

Positive Traits:
Leadership: She is an important leader in the Avalon Thieves' Guild. She is well-respected by her fellow crooks for leading many successful raids that have enabled the guild to steal massive fortunes from some of the wealthiest men in the capital.

Organized: Cat and her group of thieves know the city layout pretty well and are especially aware of its many security flaws. She seldom strikes without a plan.

Carefree: Cat possesses an overall pleasant demeanor. It takes a lot of effort to make her angry with somebody. Sometimes her happy-go-lucky attitude is what gets her into trouble though!

Grateful: She understands the importance of trust and loyalty, and would never betray somebody who has assisted her in the past.

Negative Traits:  
Clumsy: Even as one of the guild's best thieves, Cat is still a bit clumsy. She tends to set off traps and has been caught stealing before. Luckily she knows how to run!

Tactless: Cat lacks any sort of mental filter and is always speaking her mind, no matter who her audience is. As a result, she tends to come off as too informal, a bit sassy, and oftentimes too brash for her own good.

Weapon Preferences: Dagger, Short Swords, Bare hands

Skills: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Information Gathering, Infiltration Missions, Pickpocketing, Fleeing

Not much is known about Cat’s past. She lives in the capital at the heart of northern Varennes where she spends her evenings stealing for clients of the Avalon Thieves’ Guild. The Thieves' Guild is described by its members as “more than just your average group of cutpurses” with an intricate network of individuals operating under the cover of night to support the illegal affairs of its members and their clients. Guild members often specialize in espionage, infiltration, illegal import, and larceny.

Cat's relationship to the Varennes Empire:
Cat joined the Empire's fight against a group of individuals claiming to be the legendary Seven Heroes not long after the young Varennesian emperor, Gerard, caught her in one of Avalon castle's chambers tampering with valuables in a wooden trunk during the middle of the night. Startled by the Emperor, Cat jumped out of a window and took off running. In her hasty escape, she failed to notice a slime monster on one of the nearby rooftops and became trapped in it. When Emperor Gerard finally caught up to her, several more monsters appeared and began to attack her. Instead of allowing Cat to perish, He freed her from the slime and proceeded to defeat the group of hungry monsters. Cat told him that she probably owed him a favor for saving her life and let him know to ask the elderly man at the pub about "the cat" if he ever needed her help. Emperor Gerard later commissioned Cat to help him infiltrate the River Fortress. Because of Cat's role in the fight against the Seven Heroes, the illegal undertakings of the Avalon Thieves' Guild are heavily overlooked by the Empire and its heirs.  

Universe Specific Information:
Whenever conflict arises in the world, the current Emperor (or Empress) of Avalon sets out to resolve the problem and unite the troubled region with the Varennes Empire to keep peace across nations. Modern day technology is not present during the reign of the Varennes Empire, as Romancing SaGa 2 takes place in a medieval world governed by the feudal system. Magic and mythical creatures are however, abundant.

RP Sample: WIP.
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[Multiverse][WIP][Relaxed] Cat

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