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 [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto   [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto I_icon_minitime7th December 2018, 2:33 am

Character Name: Chiyo Akemi
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 17. January 18, 2001.

Used Canons: 90s Anime

Chiyo’s appearance is very striking, she uses makeup to give her a very unearthly effect to her face. She wears her hair down and it goes down to her hips, however it’s the color of her hair that is most interesting. Her natural hair color is black with a tinge of a deep maroon but she dyes the ends of her hair a brighter but still dark red color. Chiyo effectively has an Umbre hair color to mimic the effect of her hair being dipped in blood, additionally she wears a large fringe over her left eye and concealing it from view. This hairstyle and color gives off a very mysterious aura about her.

The rest of her facial features are similarly intriguing. Chiyo’s eyes match her hair in color and style, the eyes are a maroon color and she applies a thick eyeliner to underscore both her visible and hidden eyes. She applies even more maroon on her lips, but the biggest feature is her use of rice powder. Traditionally geishas use rice powder over their face to color it a pale white, Chiyo uses this effect to discolor her face the same way. The entire suite of makeup and style portrays Chiyo as a styled vampire of sorts with an undead air to her. The only other piece of makeup she wears is black nail polish.

Her facial features are in line with her overall appearance as a Lolita goth. In spite of her 5’1” height she draws attention to her style of clothing and general outward appearance. Whenever she goes out for an event she wears a full length Lolita style dress, a black outfit with stitched patterns of roses and leaves in a bright red color and lace framing the hem of her attire. Finishing touches to her formal outfit are the white frilled socks that cover most of her shins and humble, black kitten heel shoes. Her regular clothes she hangs out with her friends in is just a comfy t-shirt in a maroon color, a black skirt down past her knees, white socks and sneakers. She attends the Juuban Municipal High School and wears their uniform during school hours with one minor alteration; a sailor uniform with a blue collar with red stripes and a blue bow in the middle. However, Chiyo personally takes exception to the length of the skirt of the uniform, therefore she is allowed to wear her black skirt that exceeds past her knees in school.

Chiyo is in her own right a mystery, her personality possesses ambivalent qualities. Possibly her most recognizable characteristic is her interest in gore and macabre; she often engages in dark humor and thinks about morality. She enjoys reading crime fiction and horror manga as well as watching psychological anime and high fantasy in all media, especially graphic and realistic stories. Chiyo often draws similar themes in her art; detailed images of heroes or monsters cut down in battle with blood spilling out of their wounds.

All of these behaviors create a wall between her and strangers as often times people fear her for the things she says or what she draws or reads. This is compounded by the fact that she is introverted and often prefers solitude whenever she feels tired. To her friends she is much more open and willing to talk. Her introversion and her willingness to express herself openly is often a barrier to making friends, but when she feels she has a true friend she is very loyal to them and will defend them in any confrontation. Despite her fascinations Chiyo believes in preserving life and friendship. However she can also turn very hostile when she encounters people who are dishonest or if said person bases their beliefs or opinions based on nonsense or faulty logic.

Below is an Interest Chart I use for establishing character behavior as well as balance specific reactions with interactions;
Chiyo's Interests
Loves: Macabre, puzzles.
Likes: High fantasy, crime fiction, Sherlock Holmes, reading, art, gore, Lolita fashion, friendship.
Dislikes: Boys, romance, raw meat, the colour yellow, fairy tales, PE class, too much sugary foods.
Hate: Dishonesty, irrationality.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Due to her interest in crime fiction she has developed a keen sense of observation. Chiyo is capable of identifying a situation quickly by observing the scene and the people present. She is also very good at solving puzzles.

Chiyo’s past before she became a senshi is tinged with sadness but mostly normal. Born into a prestigious family of doctors; the Doctors Setsuna and Saburo Akemi PhD., she lived a regular life with two of Japan’s top astrophysicists of this era as parents. Due to the success of Dr. Setsuna Akemi Chiyo and her twin sister Kagami were sent to cram schools for most of their lives to improve their grades, with mixed results; Kagami flourished into a very bright young girl whereas Chiyo lagged behind yet still maintained a high grade. What became apparent was her love of art and fantasy; Chiyo’s grades in subject matter such as mathematics and science were above average while others such as visual arts and literature studies were very high. Aware of her creative interests Setsuna supported her desire to become an artist.

Chiyo’s love of the darker aspects of humanity began with a chance meeting in the library, she discovered a Japanese translation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book A Study in Scarlet – the first Sherlock Holmes book. She became so wrapped in the story she has since read every Sherlock Holmes story and personally owns copies of all four novels; A Study in Scarlet, the Sign of Four, the Hound of the Baskervilles, and the Valley of Fear. As she read more literature featuring darker themes her artistry began to change to reflect this, this prompted Setsuna to encourage her to draw more of her elves and heroes from earlier in her childhood, but Chiyo instead continued to depict violent and sometimes quite graphic battle scenes. In middle school her interests and recent sketches repelled many of her peers from interacting with her and that eventually lead to her becoming isolated from most of her students, her lack of social interaction led to her adopting a Lolita persona of a beautiful undead girl to further disincline students to approach her. In the days leading up to her ascension to Sailor Pluto a girl decided to meet her in order to befriend her, Nari Asanuma. She was a bubbly and curious young girl who wasn’t afraid of Chiyo and took an interest in her. The two girls were and are still very friendly to each other, Chiyo became Sailor Pluto and Nari became Sailor Jupiter.  

The first suggestion that Chiyo was Sailor Pluto came after her mother had a meeting with Usagi and the other former senshi still living in Japan about a new threat and the possibility of their progeny inheriting the ability to become senshi. Setsuna had a long talk with her daughter, revealing that in a former life she was Sailor Pluto. Setsuna gave Chiyo her power stick and the act of doing so revealed the Mark of Pluto on Chiyo's forehead, Setsuna promptly informed Usagi of this discovery and she, Chibiusa and Luna visited them to confirm this. Upon arrival and demonstrating this everyone moved to Hikawa Shrine where living in her human form Luna helped her by forming her own power stick - the Metal Power Stick - and transform into Sailor Pluto. Prior to this Chibiusa herself ascended into Sailor Moon. The parents decided to train the girls up in Hikawa Shrine to discover their powers and attack styles. This resulted in Chibiusa, Nari and Chiyo all acquiring their basic abilities and roles during battle. Trained up the three girls and the Tsukino-Chiba family traveled around the world to search for and active the rest of the new senshi.

During their travels and fighting Chiyo and Nari both used their abilities to assess situations extremely quickly and determine the best course of action, both protecting and supporting Chibiusa. Chiyo discovers many new characters and cultures and as more senshi are discovered she seeks to understand the masterplan and as well as the limits of her magical powers. Apart from Chibiusa, Nari and Usagi Chiyo develops a close relationship with Elanora Shenton - the millennial Sailor Neptune, Koko Tenoh – the millennial Sailor Uranus, Ava Pascal - the Millennial Sailor Saturn, her sister Kagami Akemi - Sailor Charon and Dichónoia - Sailor Eris as well as Makoto Asanuma, Rei Hino, Michiru Shenton and Hotaru Pascal. Because she, Chibiusa and Nari are all present in every battle they are the most experienced senshi, she gained the most information about the enemy – the Negaverse – and used her ability to preempt their attacks and turn advantage in favor of the senshi. Her greatest feats in battle include disrupting a group of spies who nearly destroyed Federation Square in Australia, protecting Michiru from and attack against her, undermine the plans of the enemy in Indianapolis, rescue both Chibiusa and a masked man in Berlin, locate the remaining four senshi unaccounted for and manufacturing the final confrontation against the Negaverse with the entire senshi.

Other Noteworthy Facts:

  • Chiyo has a nickname that Setsuna affectionately calls her; ‘Puruto’, the Japanese pronunciation of the name Pluto. Kagami also has a similar nickname, ‘Charon’.
  • Chiyo is a fan of many fictions; Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Agatha Christie, the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Death Note to name a few. To most her interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! is quite unusual, however she rightly points out that before the anime featured the trading card game the manga revolved around Dark Yugi playing deadly games of chance that often resulted in terrible consequences for the loser. This appeals to her greatly.

Storyline Specific Information:

Amalgam Rift: Reconnaissance

After falling through the rift Chiyo as Sailor Pluto was dazed and confused, she lost her memory of the actions that preceded. She dusted herself off and upon hearing a familiar voice she found Ami Mizuno as Sailor Mercury, only to discover she was not the same as the person she met earlier. She deduced that she was not in her own world but a parallel Earth where other guardians and creatures appear to have fallen though. Chiyo quickly assessed the people around her and decided to ally and possibly befriend some of the other guardians, with mixed success.

Chiyo tried to gain information about the possible enemy from the few guardians who did remember the events within the rift with no real success beyond the initial meeting. However the rift began to expand and the sound from it triggered Chiyo to uncover her memories of a battle within the rift. The vision and its trauma prompted her to stay with her new friend and attempt to return to the rift.

  • Chiyo has become friends with Sailor Electra.
  • Chiyo has become friendly to Sailor Lunar Eclipse.
  • Chiyo has become afraid of Hatespawn.

Additional Information:

  • While Chiyo herself led a normal life her mother Dr. Setsuna Ameki PhD. has become a world-renowned astrophysicist working in JAXA; the Japanese space agency. Setsuna with her college husband Dr. Saburo Akemi have been instrumental in the discovery of the ruins of the Moon Kingdom to humans. Setsuna herself is the current leading expert on the Moon Kingdom and is also a contributor for the New Horizons probe as well as a friend of NASA.
  • Chiyo is currently taking visual art classes in high school from artist Yumemi Yumeno, a former victim of the Dark Kingdom saved by Sailor Moon in the past.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Pluto
Additional Titles: Goddess of Death, Queen of the Underworld
Realm(s) of Influence: Metal
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Pluto Metal Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku:
[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto Starcall_request___chiyo_by_lady_raven16-dbw6scz
This image was created by Lady-Raven16 from DevinatArt, the original link is here. It is a near perfect approximation of her fuku but it is not exact. Only one detail is not found in the image;

  • Her collar has a golden design of a crown shape on either side. The material is gold thread woven into the collar. The picture depicts an outline instead of a filled shape.


  • Sword Sheild – Due to the size and strength of Pluto’s Right Hand Chiyo used the longsword as a shield to protect her from projectiles or other objects that may harm her as well as a high strength blade to pierce through thicker and tougher materials. Due to the size and the weight however she is slow to act and the sword tends to be unwieldly at times, a fast enough attack may be too quick for her to react and change her stance to defend herself with it.

  • Screaming Dagger – This attack is used for a single enemy, Chiyo throws Soultaker straight at the enemy. The sound of the wind rushing past the metal causes it to shriek in the air before the dagger lands on its mark and strikes the enemy. As long as her aim is true Chiyo will always kill the enemy. Chiyo may then use Pluto’s Right Hand to call Soultaker back to her. This attack however is only useful when the enemy is retreating.

  • Blade Rain – This is Chiyo’s special attack. Chiyo throws Soultaker into the air and calls out to the dagger ‘Blade Rain.’ The dagger, upon hearing this, splits into ten duplicates of itself and all hover in the air, awaiting her command. Chiyo then cries out ‘FALL!’ The daggers all drop down in the surrounding area, striking anything within the area in which the duplicate fall from. The other aspect of the attack is that no one apart from Chiyo is capable of using the daggers once they have fallen, because she is the only one able to identify the real Soultaker. Anyone can attempt to take any of the daggers once they have fallen, however making contact with a duplicate sword will cause the person to be poisoned to death. The real sword will not cause poisoning and can be taken by anyone, however Chiyo uses her passive ability to identify the real Soultaker and take it without fear of harm. Without Pluto’s Right Hand to guide her she is just as incapable of determining the real dagger from the duplicates and is not immune to the effects of poisoning from them.

  • Quantum Entanglement – This is Chiyo's passive ability that is in effect all the time as she is Sailor Pluto. Pluto’s weapons; her longsword and dagger, are entangled. One sword acts upon the other, in this case the longsword acts upon the dagger. The swords are to be used in tandem in battle; Pluto’s Right Hand the commander and Soultaker the servant. The longsword can be used as a telekinetic beacon for Chiyo whenever she is looking for anything from an object to a person of interest. When Chiyo thinks about finding something the longsword will always point in the right direction, drawn to it by some invisible force. Most of the time the sword is used to locate Soultaker after using Blade Rain. While Pluto’s Right Hand can point to anything on command it can only retrieve Soultaker on command, the act of thinking to obtain the dagger causes the longsword to telekinetically will the dagger towards it and attach to the blade of the longsword.

    By the same notion, while Pluto’s Right Hand is the commander Chiyo is the queen and the longsword is commanded by her, she can use the same power to telekinetically will the handle of the longsword into her right hand and thus command the swords. This exposes a weakness in the entangled pair of swords; Chiyo is heavily reliant on the longsword to function in battle, if at any time she is unable to either reach or will Pluto’s Right Hand into her grasp she cannot fight at all, her gauntlet gloves become her only protection and weapon and she is not trained in such fights.

Weapons or Magical Items:

  • Metal Power Stick - Chiyo's power stick she uses to transform into Sailor Pluto. It is metal and plated with a chrome exterior with gold trim around the bases of the stick. The trim is a zig zag pattern around the base and top of the stick. The power stick has an ornament on the top, a golden three-dimensional crown shape.

    The Metal Power Stick is a relic of the era before the Silver Millennium. Much of the history of the stick is lost to history, what is known is that the Metal Power Stick is the progenitor of all power sticks owned by the Goddess of Death and its previous owner was said to be Hades, God of the Underworld. When Chiyo uses it to transform into Sailor Pluto the power stick itself transforms as well into the two swords;

  • Pluto’s Right Hand – Chiyo’s longsword she uses to attack and defend; its Moon Kingdom name is ‘Puluto Vahmo Zoo’. The sword is very tall, it is the length of her waist to the top of her head. Etched onto the blade is the Moon Kingdom name of the sword in the native alphabet; [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto JK5BjVM. The handle of the sword is a modified version of the Metal Power Stick, the crown shape has opened up to allow the blade to extend outwards.

  • Soultaker – Chiyo's dagger she uses to attack enemies with; its Moon Kingdom name is ‘Veelaishehnto’. The sword is about the size of her forearm. Etched onto the blade is the Moon Kingdom name of the sword in the native alphabet; [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto LFB7tcP. The handle of the sword is a modified version of the Metal Power Stick, the crown shape has opened up to allow the blade to extend outwards.

RP Sample:
Her footsteps grew louder, Pluto frantically ran down the corridor. She knew she didn't have much time left but she was close, she could still rescue Usagi. At last she saw a new light ahead and ran faster still, sword in hand. She's there! I know she's there!, she kept willing herself on. She just about reached the room but as the sight came into view she slowed down, shock overwhelmed her. Her run reduced to a sprint and then to a slow walk when she entered the room. In the center of the circular hallway were doors, a lot of doors. Pluto looked around her and counted. 10. 15. 20... '27 doors?!' she shrieked, 27 doors leading to 27 different rooms, and only one of them held Usagi and her captor General Zoad. 'I don't have time to check every door.' she yielded. She stood at the center looking for clues; differences, symbols, scratches - anything!

Nothing. There were no marks, no symbolism, no handles, not a thing differentiated between the doors. All 27 of them were exactly the same as the next. Exactly the same. Pluto's heart started to race, she was losing time so close to finding her newest friend. She needed to act now! She looked down at the sword, then she had a thought. If Pluto's Right Hand can find Soultaker, maybe it can find out which room Usa- The instant she completed her though Pluto's Right Hand leapt up and with great force it hovered in the air, Pluto still holding onto it noticed it pointed directly at a door. Door 18. she noted. She run up to the door expecting it to open but nothing happened. 'Oh come on!' She yelled in frustration, it wasn't going to open for just anyone. She regained control of her longsword and readied herself, Pluto charged straight into the door and the blade cut through the thick metal. Sparks fizzed from the wound and the door slid open. The sword jammed the door partly open, she pulled the sword out and allowed it to retract completely. Pluto immediately ran into the room to find Usagi.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto   [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto I_icon_minitime12th December 2018, 1:51 am

Ready for review.
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[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto   [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto I_icon_minitime24th May 2019, 8:37 am

chrissifniotis wrote:
[...]Due to the success of Dr. Setsuna Akemi, Chiyo and her twin sister Kagami were sent to cram schools [...]

[...] Chiyo discovers many new characters and cultures and as more senshi are discovered she seeks to understand the master-plan and as well as the limits of her magical powers.

Address the above and it'll be ready for approval!
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[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto   [Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto I_icon_minitime

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[Advanced] Senshi - Millennial Sailor Pluto

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