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 [Advanced] Sol Marina

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Sol Marina Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Sol Marina   [Advanced] Sol Marina I_icon_minitime31st July 2018, 1:00 pm

Storyline Name: Sol Marina

Creator(s): Lyssarie and Ktenshi

Forum: Tokyo City

Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced

Plot Summary: The Black Moon Clan is causing chaos, fear, and destruction throughout Tokyo, and despite the inner senshi's best efforts, they can't be in several places at once. Unbeknownst to the inner senshi, Michiru Kaioh has also been fighting on her own, awakened as Sailor Neptune shortly after Rubeus began attacking the city at various points. Alone, Michiru has learned how to harness the power of the seas and use it to protect her city and the ones she loves, but not even her superior powers are strong enough to defend against Saphir. To her surprise, Michiru runs into Sailor Sol, who is also struggling to defend against Saphir's superior minions on her own. Although they are unlikely partners with very opposite abilites, Michiru and Sailor Sol, also known as Tamika, find a way to coincide amongst their differences and build off of each other's strengths. Not only that, but they create a lasting friendship strong enough to overcome any enemy, regardless of what the Black Moon Clan may throw their way.

Details on any necessary information: This roleplay takes place during the Black Moon Arc of Sailor Moon. For storyline purposes, Michiru awakens as a sailor soldier during this time, but the inner senshi have no idea of her existence. Tamika will be in her Heroic form, and will hopefully reach her Valiant level by the end of the roleplay.

Restrictions: Only Michiru and Tamika are playable characters in this roleplay. All other characters will be NPC.

OOC Thread: Discord

Member to Character List:
Sailor Neptune - Lyssarie
Sailor Sol - Ktenshi


[Advanced] Sol Marina Rq4Any2[Advanced] Sol Marina Sprite_SailorMoonEarlier02_zpsvate7eei [Advanced] Sol Marina JBtc6h7 [Advanced] Sol Marina 2DMlRL9 [Advanced] Sol Marina MOS3y8g [Advanced] Sol Marina Sprite_NeoSailorMars-1_zpsmlohafhh[Advanced] Sol Marina J9FkIOw

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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

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[Advanced] Sol Marina Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sol Marina   [Advanced] Sol Marina I_icon_minitime31st July 2018, 1:43 pm

What an interesting concept! I'm curious to see if Michiru knows of Haruka or not in this hehe <33 All of it looks in order!



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[Advanced] Sol Marina

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