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 [Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus

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[Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus   [Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus I_icon_minitime9th December 2016, 4:49 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Papyrus
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown-presumed early 20s
Universe: Undertale
Canon or Original: Canon
Character Image: Official art

[Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus D29bc17bf5c40430e41c099bbc4683f5
In-game sprite (To highlight the black under-armor that isn't in this image)

[Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus Papyru10

Personality Traits: Papyrus is an extraordinarily optimistic, larger then life person, if not a bit on the childish side. A heard worker and kind at heart, he can appear oblivious at times, but secretly is far smarter then he lets on. He has the utmost loyalty for each and every one of his friends, and gives them undying support, believing that anybody has the potential to be a good person if they try. He's incredibly skilled in combat, making him one of the boss monsters-a rank given in the underground-but after certain events in the game it's heavily hinted that he never uses his power to the fullest extent. Even if someone comes at him with truly malicious intent, he would rather believe in the power of positive persuasion and believe in the good nature that he is positive exists in everyone; and will try to talk them out of fighting rather then defending himself and fighting back.

Universe Specific Information:
Papyrus is the second boss fight the player encounters in the game. He wants to capture a human so he can be let into the royal guard-and he associates being in the royal guard with being popular and having lots of friends. He and his brother Sans live in snowdin, the first town the player encounters once they get out of the first dungeon of the game. Due to the multiple endings possible in the game, interactions with Papyrus will change slightly. If the player gets the true ending, he realizes his dream of being the only member of the now defunct royal guard once the monsters reach the surface to live amongst humans. He will also be seen driving a car-something he's been obsessed with to the point where he has a racecar bed in his bedroom-a bed too small for him, at that.
Once the player befriends him, he will arrange a meeting with the player and Undyne, head of the royal guard who is out to kill humans for their souls-something Papyrus quickly learns he doesn't want to have happen, even if it ruins his only shot at becoming a guard. It's during this arranged meeting with Undyne that you learn the real reason as to why Papyrus isn't in the guard-Undyne is aware of his kind and genuine nature, and despite his strength she doesn't think someone as good as him belongs with the guards. The player can call him throughout the game during the true ending route and the many neutral ending routes, and various comedic conversations will ensue.
In one of the neutral routes, where he is the only boss monster the player has left alive, he will become king of the underground while his Sans lies to him about the other's deaths; though in the voicemail to the players phone once Sans leaves the room he's aware that his brother is lying and is desperate and working to exhaustion to restore hope to the kingdom; but refuses to give up and will make the others "give up giving up," as the deaths of so many key figures in their kingdom left the monsters in a serious depressed and anxious state upon this specific ending of the game.
In the bad ending route, when the player goes to kill him, he tries to talk the player out of it, saying that "they're going down a wrong path" but "he'll be their friend and put them on the straight and narrow." During this encounter, he won't even attack the player, initially sparing them instead. Once the player strikes a killing blow, he'll still state that he believes in the good of the player as his dying words. If the player spares him, the route turns from the bad route into a neutral one, and you learn that he was truly terrified of the player, but continued his nonviolent method despite his life being in danger.

Storyline Specific Information:

Dissidia Multiverse: Papyrus is summoned from his own dimension to fight for the side of Cosmos in the grand war. It should be noted that he is summoned from the cannon true ending of the game, where the monsters are able to live freely on the surface with the humans, and have been in their new life for about half a year.

Additional Information:

His attacks during the battle phase of the game are the only attacks that won't harm the player if their health is very low-leading many fans to speculate that he has more power and more control over it then initially believed. Papyrus enjoys puzzles and riddles, but isn't necessary good at making or solving them. Papyrus also enjoys cooking, but isn't exactly the best at that either. He and his brother, Sans, are incredibly close-and will often joke to each other just to get on each others nerves-mostly through puns. The story of his, as well as his brothers origins is shrouded in mystery-the only hint being given by an NPC saying that Papyrus and his brother Sans just "showed up one day" but due to Papyrus friendly deposition and Sans carefree nature, they were allowed to stay in their hometown, Snowdin. It is unknown which of them is older.
RP Sample:
Papyrus stood there,rocking on his heels, both impatient and excited. He kept checking his watch-okay so it wasn't really a watch, rather it was a drawing he did himself on his underarmor that he'd wash off later-but it was important to help complete his persona. What kind of royal guard wouldn't have a watch? Him, actually-he couldn't find one in the dump no matter how hard he looked. But that's why the drawing was all the more important!
He continued standing at his post, staring expectantly at the doorway to the ruins. The way the stories went, humans always came from there. Surly if he waited here long enough, he'd catch a human just as they'd exit! He gave a small giggle despite himself. Undyne would be so proud of him! He'd be in the royal guard for sure!
It was a this moment a yawn was stifled behind him. With an exasperated groan, Papyrus turned around to see his brother, Sans, fighting to stay awake at his post.
"Sans! Don't fall asleep now! What if a human comes by?" He stamped his foot, only to have the snow from the roof of the small fixture collapse on him. Papyrus fell into the snow with a cry, and could hear his-now-awake brother laughing at him.
"Donno, bro. That's no need to..."
Papyrus saw that look in his eye. "Don't you dare-"
Sans finished, unmoved by his brothers' threat. "Get cold feet about it."
"AAAGH!" Papyrus face palmed as Sans continued to chuckle, now at Papyrus side helping dust the snow off of him.
"C'mon. That was a good one. I guess you could say you-" Sans eyed him, mischief glittering in his eyes. "- fell right for it."
"OH MY GOD SANS." A two-for one. His brother was sure in good spirits today. Though he couldn't help but smile to himself. His brother, as well as the rest of the monsters in the underground, had been a bit more gloomy then usual as of late. Two puns out of him in less then a minute-that was more then he was willing to muster in a while. Now fully snow-free, Papyrus returned to his position.
"What do you think they' be like?"
"Who?" Sans replied. "The human?"
Papyrus nodded, his mood a bit dimmed seeing how the saddened look returned to his brothers face. Darn, and he had been in such a good mood, too! What was it about the question that made him look so sad? Papyrus felt as though he was touching a taboo topic, though he had no idea as to why.
Sans grinned and leaned back in the chair, though that wasn't fooling Papyrus. No matter how carefree Sans had tried to look, he still had that same expression in his eyes. You can't hide anything from the great papyrus, after all!
"Who knows?" Sans shrugged. "They could be wearing armor and a red scarf, for all I know."
"You really think-" Papyrus stopped mid thought. "Wait a minute. SANS! YOU'RE JUST DESCRIBING ME!"
"Really? I thought all humans walked around in huge red scarves."
Despite the bickering, Papyrus was happy. His brother seemed to be enjoying teasing him-and that sad expression was gone. One day, Papyrus promised himself-one day he'd ask him about it.
But today was not that day. After all, there was a human to catch!
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[Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus   [Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus I_icon_minitime12th December 2016, 12:06 pm

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[Multiverse][Relaxed] Papyrus

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