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 EK's Otaku Things

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Eternal Knight
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Eternal Knight

Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Official Prince Diamond
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EK's Otaku Things Empty
PostSubject: EK's Otaku Things   EK's Otaku Things I_icon_minitime2nd April 2016, 10:10 pm

I love original characters, I hate creating them. With a passion.
But it's fun to do literally nothing but bull when given the chance and well what are contests for but that?
And I needed a place to store them and it seemed fun so heya.
No idea if I'm gonna make others in the near future. I don't have as much time as I used to.


Commentary in italics.

Name: Sailor Bubblegum Help me, this is ridiculous already
Powers: Bubble Pastel Attack -> Weakest attack, throwing solid bubbles of pastel colors against an enemy. Once they burst against a foe, it can confuse them if their mental is weaker than the Sailor's own.
Cornet Gum -> (Yay for crappy pun on Cone Gun...) Please don't ask me what was the pun I literally can't remember. Throwing 5-10 pastel colored darts to the enemy one after the other. She can use one of them as a stick to beat people up with it but they're somewhat heavy.
Freezing Beam -> Attack used to freeze enemies.
Information: Sailor Bubblegum is from Earth with no planet attached to her protection, but she still fights for justice as much as she can. She hates conflicts but is ready to help when needed despite not being the strongest senshi you could find in the whole Milky Way. She obviously has a sweet tooth, but she hates hot desserts and would often prefer cold meal as well. She has a very good relationship with her parents and she tries her hardest so they don't find out who she is when she's out fighting. It's made easier by the fact her hair is a usual brown color when she is not in a senshi form. She also dreams to have a pet otter (which really won't ever happen but it doesn't stop her from dreaming) and to work in a nice little café. The only things she dislikes are cats, she thinks they're scary.


Name: Unknown / Sailor Sable
Influence: Sand and wind
Sand barrier-> It creates a wall of sand and wind that she can send against the trespassers. She doesn't need to shout anything for this power to activate.
Sun Petrification-> It creates something to resemble a yellow crystal shard, see picture above, around which are orbiting seven small spheres of energy that Sailor Sable can throw at an enemy or an obstacle.
Weapon: She fights with a double spear that comes with the position of guardian. It is passed down from one Sailor Sable to the next.
There are about a dozen beaches on Earth that are considered sacred by the inhabitants of this planet. All of them are guarded by one Sailor Soldier and Sailor Sable guards one of the biggest, but is also the leader of the other guardians. She doesn't meddle often with other humans and not a lot of people actually saw her during her whole 10 years since she took the place of the former Sailor Sable. She knew when she took the position, that when her death would come, she would be replaced by another girl becoming Sailor Sable and that she wouldn't be able to completely replace the former Sailor Sable in the eyes of the other guardians that had known her. Nobody knows her civilian name from her life before she took on the role and she has no intention to reveal it to anyone. She is always in her senshi form and though she cannot forget her past or the 15 years she lived as a simple human being with no powers, she is conscious of the duty that has befallen her and she is determined to keep the natural sacred beaches of this planet safe and pure.

Where the hell did this one come from???


Name: Sailor Sauin (is called Sailor Samhain in some countries)
Influence: Grief, Afterlife
Powers: Sauin Blessing-> Though she does yell it like an attack, it is not an attack. She casts around her an aura of calm, serenity and acceptance. It can generally work on sadness, anger, hatred and grief, no matter how intense, but is not very efficient against nervousness.
Death Call-> Usually used against malevolent spirits that were able to escape. It serves as a sort of hypnotism where a melody guides back the spirits to where they belong (it can be used against living as well, but the strength of the hypnotism then depends on the mental strength of the target and Sauin's mental strength at the moment of use).
Sauin Spirit Shield-> Casts a strong wall between her (or someone) and an attack (or someone). Usually takes on the form she wants, but will usually be a forcefield or a rectangular wall.
Death Lullaby-> It broadcasts a shrieking sound all around her, a bit like supersonic waves. Can knock out enemies, render confused or cause splitting headaches.
Death Strike-> It sends a bolt of black energy to an enemy. It is her only attack that is strictly offensive.
Duties: Sauin is not usually a sailor anyone would send to fight (though they could). Not that she is only a passive guardian, but mostly because she is almost always needed between the world of the living and the world of the dead. She is the guide for lost souls, she helps both dead and living to move on. She also keeps the malevolent spirit from leaving the afterlife. On October 31th, Sauin is free to roam the Earth or to visit friends all she wishes, then has to go back to her post before the last strike of midnight.
Guardian: Styx is a bird of rebirth who is with her ever since she became a Sailor. He can, if an emergency arise and Sauin's powers are needed elsewhere, take the place of his mistress for an entire month (generally 30 days). She has to come back before the 31th day begins. He can communicate with others through telepathy.


Names: Sailor Earth / Terra Nostra
Influences: Animals, Planet, Elements
Earth Solar Beam: Terra gathers the solar energy from the sun onto the panels of her armor and when there's enough of it stocked, she throws it back at an enemy or an obstacle. She calls it.
Animate Earth: Terra hits her forearms together, then punches the ground with both hands closed in one fist. It breaks the planet crunch and charges towards the enemy. She calls it.
Nature Control: She doesn't call it, but she can control vines, plants and roots to do her bidding. She can also make the trees become sentient and attack. She can also cause tsunamis and tornados but usually doesn't as it destroys more than it saves.
Call of the Wilderness: She doesn't call it. She screams, sending a message translating into what any animal needs to understand it. It makes them come to the rescue of the one who lets them live on her planet.
Earth's Plate: Her armor can reflect both the light of the sun and the moon. She can then control it to act as a light or to simply absorb the light without reflecting it, which comes in handy if she wants to hide.
Sword of the People: It's a sword that's said to have been wielded by many heroes of human's history. She always has it on her belt.
Description : She is mother Earth and her priority is to keep the people living on her planet safe. She is motherly, of course, but also ruthless. Despite loving the humans inhabiting her, Terra sometimes hates them, or rather resents them for what they do to the planet. She is linked to it and as thousands and thousands of years go by, she feels the waste that is becoming the Earth. She sees the desolation on her skin where there are drier spots here and there. She's certain her blood isn't blue anymore, it's probably muddy green with stripes of black. When she cries, it's not always salty anymore, it's more acid and tasteless. But she still fights, she's still a protector, because whatever happens, she cannot leave Earth, she doesn't know how to break what links her to the planet, so there's no reasons for her to simply abandon the humans. They need protection and she still has hope they will come to their senses and fix their mistakes.

Bon Voyage~

Last edited by Eternal Knight on 8th May 2016, 1:50 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Eternal Knight
Lotus Crystal

Eternal Knight

Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Official Prince Diamond
Posts : 2408
Join date : 2015-07-20
Age : 32
Location : Teleporting between Elysion and Nemesis

EK's Otaku Things Empty
PostSubject: Re: EK's Otaku Things   EK's Otaku Things I_icon_minitime14th April 2016, 1:08 am

I have no hell of an idea how to call these senshi

Character Name: Von
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth:

Used Canons: General Sailor Moon Knowledge

Personality: If his friend was always the most mischievous of them both, even if he appeared dreadful of ideas that could quickly backfire, he rarely said a definitive no, following with mild complaining in any shenanigans the other would pull him. If he shared the untamed mind, he was more peaceful, preferring a resolution that didn't rhyme with conflicts. If he saw a possibility to avoid any violent altercation, he would take it, taking his friend away as well. It never stopped him to join the fight would his friends be in trouble already.

If there was one trait he should be remembered for (under his flaws and bad habits), it would be his loyalty. Torture could have been in the menu and Hiraeth would have rather died than betray his friends. Irony then that he was the one who survived his friends and a fact he resents the universe but he would never think of joining them by himself.

He loved women, he loved dancing, he loved everything a young man could hope to love (and maybe more), unabashed by years of mindless flirts. If he grew out of it, he does retain some body language of a former lover of women.

Hiraeth needs to touch someone to feel grounded and comfortable. It can be just a simple brushing of the tip of his fingers against a wrist, a shoulder, a back, etc. He would stop doing it if the person accompanying him is not comfortable with it, but he might do it again hours later if under stress, often without noticing at first. It's an unconscious way for him to make sure the person with him is real, alive and breathing beside him. It happens even more after a panic attack.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Sixth Sense: il voit la mort ou une représentation de la mort proche des gens qui vont bientôt mourir. parfois il peut les sauver, parfois non.
Emotions: Sadness heals. Rage destroys. Affection, love, sympathy protects. Happiness boosts his strength and others'. Despair hurts him. Hatred poison and corrupt. Hope renders him untouchable.

History: Il a vu son ami mourir, puis son prince et sa princesse sont morts aussi. Il n'est qu'un Gééral, ami d'enfance de son prince.
Il est celui qui a trouvé leurs corps. Il est parti de la ville après, même si les autres commençaietn a faire la paix, incapable de rester.
Other Noteworthy Facts:

Storyline Specific Information: 

General Information

General Name: Hiraeth
Realm of Influence(s): Emotions, Irregularities, Visions
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None, he's always powered, he has no civilian form.
Senshi Fuku: N/A 
Screaming: if enraged, he screams and a shockwave pushes people away, making no difference between allies or foes.

Weapons or Magical Items: 
Guardian: None

RP Sample:

EK's Otaku Things Tumblr_inline_o6muivKEBB1s25isy_540
Arkynn if he was a girl I guess, I have no idea.

EK's Otaku Things Tumblr_inline_o6muivhvP61s25isy_540
Was just playing with the thing.

(Which basically means Oberon as I see him and where there's more than to his profile but lets just say other otaku things)


Oh nevermind I forgot this thing (I get bored always half way through it bear with me):
Character Name: Eoghan (God's gift), Arkynn (Eternal King's Son) III but likes the nickname Kynn (Kyne) meaning Royal One.
( Funny thing? Arkynn is the name of all the Kings or Queens of this planet. Kynn is the third one, hence the III. Eoghan and Kynn are names he chose (while knowing PERFECTLY what they meant) for himself )
Gender: Undetermined. Earth standards would say male.
Age and Date of Birth: 1000, but looks like 12-13 (and also acts like it)

Used Canons: General Sailor Moon Knowledge

Appearance: Kynn's appearance can be confusing for someone who doesn't know him. His youthful face helps that ambiguity. He looks extremely androgynous, sometimes making it hard for others to know whether he's supposed to be a boy or a girl. His skin is strangely smooth, as if there's supposed to be something else above it, protecting it (which is the case as when the member of his species reach an adult age, feathers start to appear on them). It's pale and is laced with golden markings. He has six groups of them. On his thighs and arms (four groups), it's three circuitry lines with dots evenly spaced. On his neck (one group) it's a bigger and lonely one. The last group is on his head, under his hair and the tips of the line appear at the top of his forehead. He has one last marking under his left eyes.

The dots represent each beloved person or friend in his life that isn't alive anymore, whether they died of old age, wounds or illness. The markings under his eye represent his right to royalty.

His hair and eyebrows are blond, his eyes are deeply blue and there are two strands of hair that are actually made of false feathers on each side of his head. It's Kynn's way to say that he is mature enough to "have grown those feathers" despite being still physically a child. He is small and though he is not physically strong, he is physically fast.

On his planet, he usually wears his royal attire, but when traveling, he wears more simple clothes. Boots, long socks, bloomers and a crossed tunic, all pale grey, with a black belt. He has a small cape on his shoulder, grey and black also. His boots are generally black with a star on its front.
Personality: Obnoxiously loud. Answers to both she or he. If you tell him his dress looks pretty, he will look at you pointedly and take the most grown up voice he can muster to say : « These are robes you uncultured swine! ».
Sings or whistles a lot. His inner organism allows him to sing and whistles without taking their breath.
Claps : It's an insult where he comes from to clap after someone says something. It means : you're an idiot.
For terran, it's a bit like the Peter Pan Syndrome. He doesn't want to grow up.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

  • Thermal & Weather Manipulation: Kynn can heat up or cool down things he touches. (Ex: He heats up the water in the teapot when he wants to drink tea).With the help of his staff acting as an emitter, he can increase the force of his thermal manipulation to control the weather, calling on the clouds, the sun, the rain, the thunderstorms, the cold, the hail, etc.
  • Flight: Two big wings allow him to fly. They're twice his size (they are almost adult size) and are the same color of the two differently colored pieces he has in his hair.
  • Animal Language: He speaks to animals, though it's easier with birds. He is known to curse a lot when trying to talk with other animals, because all of nature's language has some difference. So he can understand them before a while, but there's a tiny barrier language that doesn't sit well with his patience.
  • Enhanced Speed: What Kynn lacks in strength, he has it in speed. He can run around without tiring himself for a very long time. He particularly likes running in circles (don't ask, it makes him feel like he's traveling through time). Like penguins, he can jump up to six feet (normally easier if he took a momentum first).
  • Heightened Senses: Respecting his birdly genes, Kynn has good sight and hearing. He is also slightly more sensitive to touch.

History: Arkynn III is born in the comfortable nest of Queen Arkynn II (daughter of King Arkynn I) and King Praneet. It wouldn't be to far stretched to describe the first ten years of his existence as spoiled rotten. He was utterly loved by his father, his mother showed him the way of their species with gentleness and affection and his grandfather would treat him like a small king (having never had a son of his own, his six children being female). His aunts were also kind with him. Though he maybe didn't grow up with all the moral figures he should have, he grew up with love and so he grew up thinking that loving was one of the greatest quality a man could have. Intolerance wasn't a word in his vocabulary.

This opulence of love, life and everything he could ever want made that when he should have started growing feathers, he didn't. At first, nobody really worried, after all, not everyone quite became adult at the same time and he wasn't needed yet needed as King, so it wouldn't hurt for him to live his life the fullest.

At 100, however, the transformation that came wasn't what they expected. He didn't grow any feathers, but he received the sacred gift of planet Kashyyk : its planetary powers. Kynn, as he preferred the world to call him since Arkynn was already used by both his grandfather and his mother, became a Sailor Senshi and his powers became stronger. He already had quite an easiness in controlling the temperature and sometimes playing around with calling the winds, but it was another level. It rejoiced Kynn who often preferred to be in his transformed state.

One day, he stole the staff of Queen Arkynn II and flee to another planet, not because he was unhappy, but because he wanted to see what was out there and though he knew of space, of the universe, he never got to leave his planet, his parents protective of their only child. Once arrived on this other planet, he tried his control of the staff. Though he could lift it despite not being totally King yet, he didn't have quite the same control over it than his mother.

He brought a terrible storm on this inhabited planet that decimated a part of their territory, taking innocent lives in the process. It was an accident, but one that cost him greatly. He was arrested by the guardian of the place and as per the law of this planet should have been put to death. What saved him was his mother's intervention who asked for her life to be exchanged with her son's own. The exchange was accepted and Kynn returned to Kashyyk par his mother's guards.

Praneet didn't love less his child, but like many mates when the other died, he left the royal nest and exiled himself, leaving the throne to Kynn and his grandfather. Arkynn I first resented his grandchild for the death of his daughter, but one day, he found Kynn crying against old robes of his mother, curled into a ball in a nest of old feathers and though in his heart he still suffered from his loss, the grandfather also knew he was the only one left. His daughters would need time to grieve their sister and Kynn had, after all, never wanted his mother to die.

( They all didn't know, nor did they know at present time, that the storm wasn't all Kynn's fault and that his mother wasn't dead. She lived still, captured by the dictator of planet Geonosis who saw in Kynn's presence the best time to steal Arkynn II from Praneet (the dictator's brother). )

At 200, he still wasn't an adult and Arkynn I didn't allow more slacking.

As new King of Kashyyk, Kynn had to be mature and so he forced him to go explore the universe to see the world, to explore, to learn. Kynn tried, he really did, but the death of his mother pushed him towards a state of ever controlled emotion and his spoiled nature left him an unstable personality. He would often laugh, he would often smile, genuine or not. He didn't comprehend love as he once did since love had hurt him so badly, he didn't react to fear as he should and he didn't understand completely how to be selfless.

But he did explore, he did travel. In his travels, he met a lot of different people, made new friends, grew up, strengthened himself, protected his heart. He lost friends, defeated enemies, fought in wars (drank tea during wars as well) and every time someone he knew died he carved or inked another golden dot. The first of those dots had been his mother, a large dot inked above his heart.
No matter his travels, however, Kynn didn't grow into an adult. He didn't want to. He would be King, he was a respectable King, he had good advisors, but he didn't want to grow up. Growing up would mean admitting a reality he didn't want to be a part of.

For now, playing heroes and king seemed funnier than being a hero and a king.
Other Noteworthy Facts: His race is a sort of shapeshifters between men and birds. They usually have feathers covering their whole body, but the children don't. They look totally human. Children can look like children a long time. It takes a special event in their life, a special change for them to go from children to adults. As long as you're not mentally ready to be an adult, you stay a child.
He gets drunk on normal and fermented berries. (when this happens, he can collides into stuff and have trouble flying).

Storyline Specific Information: None yet

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Kashyyk (though he names himself Sailor Tea or Kynn so no one actually learns the name of his planet).
Realm of Influence(s): Temperature, Weather
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Kashyyk Eternal Power, Transform!
Senshi Fuku: TBA
Powers: Rain of Power: Kynn shakes his staff, making the bells ring. It rings strongly, then seems to echo, clouds gathering quickly above their heads. Kynn and any allies he wishes to help feel their strength increasing. For enemies or people Kynn doesn't like or respect, it's simply an annoying rain.
Speed of the Gods: Kynn runs around people he respects and pinches those he wishes to give a small boost. It's a gift that can be slightly uncomfortable if people don't see it coming. It increases their reflexes and speed.
Blessing of the King: Kynn rushes to an ally and hits them with his staff, controlling its weight as to not hurt them. It heals the ally's wounds.
"Magical Birdy Birdy Bird!": Kynn runs around and tries to hit the most enemies or annoying people. He steals a bit of their life force to replenish his magical force.
Weapons or Magical Items: Water pouch: He has a pocket filled with water that never dries. It was given to him by a friend from another species who died when he was 200 years old. He carries it as if it was one of his most precious belongings (and considering he drinks tea literally everywhere, it kinda is).
The King's Staff: Though Kynn doesn't possess incredible strength, his staff is heavy and a dangerous weapon. So much that if he wasn't the king, he wouldn't be able to even lift it. No one but the King of Geonosis can lift the staff, even those with enhanced strength. It genetically reacts to his touch and star seed. It has the same markings that he had on his body and they mean the same thing. The front of the staff is completely covered in markings. The back of it only has one dots for now. If he turns the small sphere at the end of the staff, the markings light up. It has sleigh-bells floating in the middle of the main sphere and if he hits something or if he moves it or run with it, they all ring. Three golden threads lie three beige features to the staff.
Guardian: Snarky. It's a pink ball of fur that shapeshifts into other small animals, depending on its mood.

RP Sample:
( Yeah no woops )
« Respect Moonie! I heard you needed help to kick Chaos' ass. »

He looked around them, the army massing in front of theirs and gulped. He leaned towards the ally to his right though he didn't whisper, all of their friends able to hear.
« If I was to die here, can one of you bring me back to their planet to bury me there? You know it's like a...a...a... BINGO! Yeah, a tradition. It's an honor for us to be buried on the planet of one we died for. So please? Cause I'm looking at this and I'm not sure I'm going to survive, so... yeah, that's that. Okay? Great. »

KYNN notes that needs to be classified somewhere:
Kynn has a belt under his robes with two satchels tied on it. He puts all sorts of things inside, would it be tea (tons of it), a pouch with infinite water in it, a small cup (he has some others in case someone's nice enough to join him) and of course a portative teapot. (Lots of other stuff too, but that's it for now)

He isn't really strong, but his staff is heavy and hurts a lot. He's the only one able to lift it (and the only reason he can actually lift it despite being slightly weak physically, it's because it's the King's weapon).

His staff has sleigh-bells inside of it (so when he hits people it rings). The bells float and turn on themselves in the middle of the sphere. Kynn can do so the bells don't make a noise, but usually, unless it's really nicely ask, he doesn't.

Drinks tea in the middle of battle as if totally normal.

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Eternal Knight
Lotus Crystal

Eternal Knight

Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Official Prince Diamond
Posts : 2408
Join date : 2015-07-20
Age : 32
Location : Teleporting between Elysion and Nemesis

EK's Otaku Things Empty
PostSubject: Re: EK's Otaku Things   EK's Otaku Things I_icon_minitime15th April 2016, 12:00 pm

Mythological Based Senshi

Small shrug. Who knows why this is here. But it came into my mind then went out. So that's most of all I have for them.

Character Name: Arthur of Atlantis
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: His age is unknown as the existence of Atlantis was never calculated. He looks like a young adult.

Used Canons: General Sailor Moon Knowledge

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Underwater Enhancement: Though Arthur looks human on land, his aquatic properties (gills, palmed hands, palmed feet (palmed hands and feet or he has enhanced strength allowing him to swim fast without the help of them?) and a membrane protecting his human eyes from the water) appear directly when he touches water.
Telepathic Communication: Fancy name just to say that Atlenna and Arthur can communicate in their minds. That small voice you hear in the back of your head? Well for Arthur, it's really his wife trying to keep him from doing stupid things. And once upon a time, it was also the opposite when Atlenna could still control Sailor Atlantis.
Marine Animal Communication: He's the King of the sea (she's the Queen of it, you get the point) so generally, all marine animals obey to his wishes. Since he protects them a lot, they usually have no problem coming to his help. I can't remember for the life of me what's the name for it. Ultra-sound?
Any Unique Disabilities:
Arthur must from time to time put his limbs, head or anything really, somewhere where there's water. He can't really die from it (unless, like any human, he doesn't have water for a number of days), but he can passed out from it.

History: When the Silver Millenium and the Golden Kingdom existed, there was another Kingdom prospering as an independent place. This Kingdom acquired many names during his existence and beyond, but its people called it Atlantis. Atlantis was more technologically advanced than its far neighbors and preferred to keep to themselves for this very reasons. Though they weren't perfect by any meaning of the term, they considered humans more barbaric than their usually peaceful kind. Any dwellings with them had to be short-termed, strictly diplomatic or as means of defense.

In that era, Atlenna and Arthur were the monarchs of their magnificent country – which was indeed near a body of water, but not yet underwater. It stood proudly on a rather large island, lost in the middle of the ocean and far enough from the reach of outsiders (strangers that got lost and found themselves on the island, for Atlantis' protection, were forbidden to leave and forced to acclimate to the country and its customs).

Atlantis and the Golden Kingdom lived peacefully in the blissful indifference towards one another until the day the human kingdom invaded the moon kingdom. The fight was one hard to ignore for the aquatic people for when Metallia was finally held back and imprisoned by the Queen of the Silver Millenium, something in the changes of the moon and about the power used shook the oceans and disturbed the water.

Atlantis, in the middle of it, sank.

As they were evacuated from the site with their newborn daughter, an earthquake took a part of their castle down, separating Atlenna and their daughter from Arthur. The Queen was able to pass their child into a small overture in the fallen rocks and pillar, but the King refused to leave her behind. They tried digging her out, to no avail, until Atlenna talked her husband out of trying to save her, reminding him of the importance their daughter had, both for the future of Atlantis and Arthur's sanity.

But Arthur refused to leave.

As last resort, Atlenna proposed to go through one of Atlantis' antic ritual they called the “Communion of Souls”. It was a risk for both of them, but if it could save the guards and two out of three, Atlenna would take it. Arthur agreed and they merged together. Before he could assess whether or not his wife's soul lied within him, the ground trembled again and the royal guards pulled him out of the castle.

The island sank and with it, thousands of lives were lost. Arthur and Atlenna (with Arthur's eyes) watched as their Kingdom disappeared in the darkness of the ocean, both of them knowing and feeling from where this tragedy had came. From this day on, there was not a day without them feeling resent towards those who most likely were responsible for it.

Arthur and his people survived in the water, his daughter grew older and centuries later, what was left of the legendary Atlantis tried to rebuild what had been theirs. This time, however, they used what had destroyed their home as new Kingdom, using the sunk ruins as foundations for Neo Atlantis.
Arthur and Atlenna both were able to care for their daughter, the Queen using her senshi powers to awaken and take control of her husband's body, transforming as so to give their child a motherly presence.

However, as time went on and more centuries came to pass, the merging of their souls increased and soon enough Atlenna's presence within him faded. She was still there, he could still hear her voice in his head, but she was no more able to take control of the body. Even when transformed, Arthur noticed he alone could now use the powers coming from her Sailor Crystal. The first time it happened, the Dark Kingdom was trying to take over the world.

The atlanteans blamed the deceased moon dwellers for their presence. And the more enemies came, the less the remaining (30) inhabitants refused to come close to the shores. Arthur forbid them to aid the humans and to leave them to suffer invaders he thought would give them the pain they deserved.
When Crystal Tokyo emerged, Arthur laughed at the presence of those who pretended to be Earth's rulers and his hatred for them grew. However, in the back of his mind, his wife's voice kept him grounded, reminded him of the innocents that died in the universe and how their powers, though not ultimate, could help. If the King of Atlantis started to travel as to fight against Chaos' attempt at taking over the universe – leaving his daughter the control of their underwater kingdom – he never did it on orders of Earth's monarchy and only when he wanted – or was pushed by Atlenna to act.

Arthur, as years passed and the Earth's throne changed hands, still refused to move on. And in that, kept his daughter from inheriting the legacy that was hers to receive: her mother's powers and ability to change into Sailor Atlantis.
Other Noteworthy Facts: Upon the destruction of their kingdom and seeing only one of them could survive the Fall of Atlantis, the King and Queen of the underwater civilization merged together, Arthur protecting Atlenna's soul in his own body. They now both reside inside and Atlenna can live through her husband when transforming into Sailor Atlantis. (Or, Arthur ended up merging completely with Atlenna, which means that though he can hear her voice/consciousness, he's alone in the body. Which could make it easier game wise and even profile wise so not to have to put two Personality parts)
Storyline Specific Information:

Source: Mythological Stuff and some bits of Aquaman

Knight Information

Knight Name: Knight Atlantis
Realm of Influence: Water
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None, he just transforms. (Yay for miraculous wardrobe change)
Senshi fuku: 
Atlantis Revenge: Atlantis uses the trident to gather electric energy he sends in a beam, a thunderbolt or as many thunderbolts at an enemy. The trident is necessary for this attack to work.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Atlantis
Realm of Influence(s): Water, Death
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Queen of the Atlanteans, Give me the Strength
Senshi Fuku:
Sailor Atlantis:
Atlantis Revenge: Atlantis uses the trident to gather electric energy she sends in a beam, a thunderbolt or as many thunderbolts at an enemy. The trident is necessary for this attack to work.
Death Marching: Atlantis raises the spirit of fellow members of her species as an undead army made of water.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Atlantis Trident: Both Arthur and Atlenna can use the trident. It answers to their royal blood only. They both summon it when needed.
Atlenna Scepter: The Queen's weapon. She usually fight with it as it is not as heavy as the trident and she prefers the kind of fighting style it allows her. She usually summons it.
Atlantis Royal Sword: The King's weapon. Its weight is also lesser than the trident and allows for a quicker style of combat contrarily to the queen's heavier style. Though he can summon it, he usually keeps it at his belt.
Guardian: TBA

Character Name: Abner (father of light | father is light)
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown. His date of birth is theorized to be at the dawn of the universe. Whether it's truth or tale is an unknown factor.

Used Canons: General Sailor Moon knowledge

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

History: Abner is expected to be no more than a legend, one of a celestial creature that has many many names depending on cultures, planets, races, religions, etc, but that can be found on almost every planet of every solar system, even if very few of them picture the reality of his concept. He is, according to the myth, a guardian of the universe that can travel through space and time, sometimes blessing people, sometimes cursing them. He is a slayer of darkness the stories say, but one of peace. One who only strikes when there is no other choice. Other stories say that his wrath is intense and frightful, able to destroy a world with but a thought.

Abner was actually born in an unknown era on a planet that doesn't exist anymore. His species was evolved, but they was very few of them. They didn't reproduce like many other species did, they simply created new life from their light, but every new life took thousands of years to create. Some didn't have the patience, others didn't make more than one new life and thus by the time the star of their solar system explode, only 300 Gwardjan were alive. 

The Gwardjan was a powerful but pacifist race that knew of space travel, who were aware of other species, planets and living beings, but who never showed interest for any of it, preferring to keep to themselves, willingly isolating themselves from everything else.

Their civilization was rather self-sufficient, each member of the species preferring the solitude rather than the community. They were able to communicate with each other, however though a strange omnipotence. They had mouth (some even had many of them), but their lips rarely moved for speech. It moved to convey emotions, but speech happened on another level, another plane or layer i existence

Then, they scattered, some merging with the universe and existing now only as energy, others exiling themselves on a planet hidden from sight.

The first planet Abner visited, he met a young girl and her mother. He appeared in a soft manifestation of healing light, but the older female creature screamed and ran away, leaving behind her the child who simply stared at him.

"You scared her?"

She seemed to not understand his question, or why he asked it, looking at him up and down, biting her bottom lip as if uncertain.

"You are different."

Abner used the eyes on his wings to look at his body, then at the girl's, admitting that there was indeed a difference.

Is it scary?
"A little bit."
Then why are you still here?
"I can feel your light, I know you won't hurt me."

Abner stayed a moment without any reaction, his form seemingly nothing but a hallucination before his many eyes closed - except those of his almost humanoid visage - and he slowly shrunk on himself. His height soon decreased to a more standrad one, even if he was still closer to seven feet than six. His thin limbs grew bones, muscles, veins and skin. His feet appeared to change, but Abner suddenly started staring at the girl's feet. The latter, understanding why, took her shoes off and watched as the strange feet of the visitor changed to resemble hers.

In the end, he already looked more humanoid, his six ethereal wings still open behind him, his halo shining bright above his head. Even if he now had a visible mouth, it didn't move as words echoed around them.

And now?
"You look like an angel." She sounded admirative, but he didn't understand why.
What is an angel?
"A guardian helping and protecting mortals. Or at least that's what mother says."

Emotions didn't appear on his new visage, but his whole figure leaned on the right with a certain pensiveness.

I believe it is close to what I do.
"So you are a real angel?"
I do not know.

They stayed a moment like this, simply looking at each other, no words being exchange; Abner not needing communication to enjoy someone else's presence, the girl not knowing what to say.

"Do you want... to come with me? And rest? Or eat?"
"Erhm... food? Don't you need food?"

He travelled the layers of universal knowledge, touching her being, learning, then slowly shook his head in what he knew she would understand as a negative answer.

I replenish my strengths by helping others. Their lights help me to be whole. But I would very much like to come with you, if you so wish.
"You look already more normal, I guess it would be okay now. Winged men and women aren't really rare here... but... you would need to use your mouth I think. You would scare the others."
My mouth?
"Yes, your voice, it seems to come from nowhere. People don't like that."
They don't?

He didn't understand, but he tried opening his new mouth, slowly getting used with the new muscles. He worked his jaw a couple of times, but nothing came out of it.

"Try making sound?"

He pushed air through his mouth, a terrible screeching coming out and cause the girl to put her hands against her ears, making him close his mouth immediately.

Are you well?
"Y-yeah... I think."
Did I hurt you?
"N-no... just... surprised, that's all. Not quite talking."

Once more, he accessed her being, roaming the layers of existence inhabited by her spirit, absorbing the information he was looking for. He opened his mouth again, carefully when he saw the female creature's wary look, then pushed air out again.

"Like... this?" His lips moved with his words this time, but his non physical voice echoed the physical one, making her grimace. "And now?" The echo wasn't as worse, but there was still a remnant of his real voice behind the sounds made by this new body.
"Good enough."

Other Noteworthy Facts:

  • His singing can make his allies regain strength, life energy or health, but it's a really really creepy singing (that can be soothing for some I guess) a bit like church singing but with a more ominous feeling. And it sounds like many voices coming out of him.
  • He has three pairs of white wings that shine as if they were silvery depending on the light hitting them.

Senshi Name: The Archangel
Realm of Influence(s): Light, Space, Matter
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None, he transforms at will.
Senshi Fuku:
Weapons or Magical Items:
Guardian: None. If anything, he is a guardian.


To be honest, I planned to add all of this in Oberon's usual profile. One problem? I am never satisfied with things, I lose patience, I hate creating characters and to be honest it's gotten so long I'm not even sure it's proper for a character profile anymore. (And tbh it's useless to his character in particular I guess, it's mostly general information).

So I guess I'm just going to unwind here and yell at the profile. And keep revamping him until I vomit fairies.

Oh and it's probably confusing as hell.

Small Glossaire of Names:

King Oberon / Sailor Oberon:

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Wow! this is great EK!!
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Ooh i love all your otakus. Very Happy Kynn sounds like a really interesting character. I love the description of his looks and his race. Sounds really cool. You come up with all kinds of neat backgrounds for your characters. I love them. XD
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Thanks you two for passing by~
There's been additions to Kynn, Atlantis and Heylel. (mostly pictures and powers or attempted histories.)
There was like 100000 more additions for Atlantis but I lost them when my computer randomly decided to restart, so it's only Sailor Atlantis' picture and an attempt at their history.

Small Lady: I am fond of Kynn. He's a complete child who has no idea how most emotions work. That's probably why his advisors sent him at the discovery of the universe. In hope he'd grow up (but then he also pops with the most random of wisdom burst - like not revealing the real name of his planet so not to put it in danger).
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This was really fun reading, it's so in depth I had to take a break and come ba' d love to see a web comic if you ever do one of those.
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If I had any drawing talent it'd be cool, but unfortunately, my plot building skills aren't actually that great. I'm better at roleplaying than constructing a full blown story.
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EK's Otaku Things

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