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 List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Empty
PostSubject: List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters   List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters I_icon_minitime10th June 2015, 3:42 pm

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters YeeDJuD

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters NQ30PxS
Alessandra by Addelyn
Alexis by Tiny Kitten
Amara Ceylan by Princess Moon
Angus by Cosmos-Hime
Archibald McShane by MaxisAerian
Bitty by Brit-chan
Casanova by Chmia
Celeste Deveraux by Light
Chares Katsaros by JupiterThunderCrash
Chenille Quill by Sailor Saturn
Daisy "Dee" Moore by Sailor Mercury
Emiko by Crystalsetsuna
Endo Mizuki by Hikari-chan
Freyja Ásynja by Sailor Neptune
Ghost by Guardian-Of-Earth
Hikari by Hikari-chan
Himawari Aiko by TS Sailor Cronus
Hyperia by Princess Luna
Jenneva Rose; Princess Orion by Princess Luna
Josh Forsberg by Guardian-of-Earth
Kamiko by Crystalsetsuna
Makoto Kino (Werewolf) by Sailor Neptune
Mamoru Chiba by Smoldering Fire
Marina Ceto by JupiterThunderCrash
Matilda by Sailor Mercury
Motoki Furuhata by Lyssarie
Nephrite (Monster Hunter) by JupiterThunderCrash
Rayden by MaxisAerian
Ribbon Adair by Sailor Uranus
R0z3g01d by Sailor Uranus
Sammie by Sportsnutd
Selene by Princess Luna
Serenity Tsukino by Lyssarie
Serisii Togarishii by Sailor Uranus
Sora by Feorin
Stephen Honda by Sportsnutd
Temperance Rivers by Anait Zelleire
Tesherin Walker by Sailor Uranus 
Tyra Teleen by Sportsnutd
Vivien by Eternal Knight
Xihe of Huo Re Temple by Sailor Mercury
Yuuta Minasaki by Hikari-chan
Zena Watanabe by Hikari-chan

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters YaxcjWw
Jakyu Okashi by jakyumagi
Amarachius Sworn by Eternal Knight
"Armored Helm" by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Aegle by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Achelois by Anait Zelleire
Sailor Aktypris by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Alcmene [Starseed Senshi] by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Aldae by CrystalBunny
Sailor Algaea by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Alpha by Clegginator
Sailor Amatheia by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Amor by Ktenshi
Sailor Anake [Starseed Senshi] by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Andromeda by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Asuka by Yumi
Sailor Bastet by Brit-chan
Sailor Bellatrix; Genesis by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Bennu by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Betelgeuse by mysteryloveandjustice
Sailor Boreas by Starchild
Sailor Breksta by Starchild
Sailor Caeneus [Starseed Senshi] by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Calliope by Cosmos-Hime
Sailor Callisto by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Calypso by YukinoAngel
Sailor Canis by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Celestial by Celest
Sailor Celestial Moon by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Cetus by StarlightSlayer
Sailor Chalybs by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Chibi Jupiter by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Chibi Mars by Addelyn
Sailor Chibi Mercury by Sailor Seren
Sailor Chibi Venus by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Cosima by Sailor Mars
Sailor Cronus by TS Sailor Cronus
Sailor Draco by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Earth by Guardian-Of-Earth
Sailor Earth/Kin by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Eclipse by SaturnTomoe
Sailor Electra by Princess Luna
Sailor Elysion by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Elysion by Sailor Elysion
Sailor Enyalius by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Erato by Lyssarie
Sailor Eridani by Cosmos-hime
Sailor Eris by Miss Cosmos
Sailor Euphrosyne by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Europa by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Euterpe by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Felis by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Ganymede by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Golmore by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Hemera by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Himeros [Starseed Senshi] by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Io by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Kalika by SeleneHime
Sailor Kashykk by Eternal Knight
Sailor Koronis by Clegginator
Sailor Kronos by Miss Cosmos
Sailor Kronos by Neo-King Kronos
Sailor Leviathan by Sailor CJ
Sailor Lir by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Litae by Anait Zelleire
Sailor Lolita by Hikari-chan
Sailor Lunar Eclipse by Tiny Kitten
Sailor Lustre by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Magnificent by Na11
Sailor Maia by PrincesseNee
Sailor Makemake by Sailor CJ
Sailor Melpomene by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Merope by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Metallon by Silence Wall
Sailor Metis; Cygnus Senshi by Katari
Sailor Midnight by UranianJewel
Sailor Mintaka by Yumi
Sailor Moon by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mystik by Tiny Kitten
Sailor Nebula by Sailor Nebula
Sailor Nightmare by UranianJewel
Sailor Nike by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Nix by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Nyx by Light
Sailor Nocturnus by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Orphelin by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Panacea by Princess Moon
Sailor Pandora by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Panzer by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Pluto by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Quaoar by Princess Luna
Sailor Rigel; Orion Senshi by PoetofMercury
Sailor Roshar by Brit-chan
Sailor Saiph by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Sedna by Addelyn 
Sailor Selene [Starseed Senshi] by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Sol by Ktenshi
Sailor Solar Eclipse by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Soul by Addelyn
Sailor Splash by Yumi
Sailor Splash by Sportsnutd
Sailor Star Scorpio by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Sun by Kiiro
Sailor Sun/Sunniva by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Tartarus by Jasper
Sailor Thalia by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Thalia by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Thallo [Starseed Senshi] by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Titan by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Titania by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Urania by Light
Sailor Valdis by Sailor Saturn
Sailor Vanth by Addelyn
Sailor Varuna by Lyssarie
Sailor Vega by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Vita [Starseed Senshi] by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Vulkan by Anait Zelleire
Sailor Wind by UranianJewel
Sailor Xibalba by Chmia
Sailor Xtal-Diamante by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Zoolean by Meganekko
Sailor Zorya by Sailor Seren
Small Lady/Sailor Earth by zodiacrain

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters 7Bx3FWo
Keroberous by Addelyn
Narcissus by Sailor Neptune
Perseus by JupiterThunderCrash
Sirius by Sailor Uranus

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters WGNSWrj
Altair by PoetofMercury
Atem by Dark/light Tuxedo knight
Dyonisus by Eternal Knight
Enoch / Azazel Knight by Sailor CJ
Haru Tsukino by Goddess Yami
Hermes by JupiterThunderCrash
Hiraeth by Eternal Knight
Koga Knight by JupiterThunderCrash
Iga Knight by JupiterThunderCrash
Oberon by Eternal Knight
Nikos by Sailor Uranus
Shadow by Jasper
Tempest Mask by JupiterThunderCrash

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters QM21Taz
Andreas by Sportsnutd
Azorth by Yumi
Captain Valdor by Boromonokli
Dmitri by Lyssarie
Fox's Eye by Chmia
General Iida Yuuichi by Enigma
Graffias by Chmia
Gwen Marie Johnson by Sportsnutd
Hatespawn by Sailor Mars
Herakles / King Hercules by JupiterThunderCrash
Heylel by EternalKnight
Ijada by Ktenshi
Kimera by PoetofMercury
Kyan by Andalusite
Nishiki Toyotomi by The Phantom Thief
Othello by Ktenshi
Peridoto by Sailor Mercury
Phineas Azariah Maxwell by PoetofMercury
Sailor Apollyon by Princess Moon
Sailor Atropos by Brit-chan
Sailor Blaze by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Chibi Neptune by SaturnTomoe
Sailor Chibi Pluto by SaturnTomoe
Sailor Chibi Saturn by SaturnTomoe
Sailor Chibi Uranus by SaturnTomoe
Sailor Clotho by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Freeze by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Ixalia by Addelyn
Sailor Lachesis by Starchild
Sailor Theia by JupiterThunderCrash
Sailor Thunder by JupiterThunderCrash
Selena DeLune by Lyssarie
Stephen Salvador by Sportsnutd
The Knitter/Sheepie by Sailor Mercury
Veritas Solaris/Cyberlord by Sirius Nova
Wilbur the Faceless by Jasper

List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters E2tk8xw

Ace Attorney Crossovers

Victor Monroe: Ace Attorney by OneToughProsecutor

Attack on Titan Crossovers

Haruka Tenoh - Lyssarie

Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossovers

Usagi Tsukino by PrincesseNee

Big Hero 6 Crossovers

Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino by Sailor Uranus
Ami Mizuno by Lyssarie
Rei Hino by Anait Zelleire
Makoto Kino by Chibi Usako
Minako Aino by sororitymoonprincess

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossovers

Usagi Tsukino by Princess Luna
Ami Mizuno by Sportsnutd
Rei Hino by Anait Zelleire
Makoto Kino by Princess Moon
Minako Aino by Tiny Kitten
Mamoru Chiba by Lyssarie
Luna by Princess Moon

Captain America Crossovers

Sailor Iron Woman by RadicalEdward124
Steve Rogers [movie verse] by Thereisnospoon303

Chobits Crossovers

Chii by Yumi

Disney Crossovers

Ariel / Sailor Cascade by Princess Luna
Aurora / Sailor Dream by Princess Moon
Belle / Sailor Beauty by Sailor Neptune
Cinderella / Sailor Papillon by Sailor Uranus
Elsa / Sailor Snowflake by Sailor Mercury
Jasmine / Sailor Mirage by Addelyn
Mulan / Sailor Hua by SailorKittyElyon
Rapunzel / Sailor Lumina by Lyssarie
Snow White / Sailor Cybele by mercuryfan

Doctor Who Crossovers

Sailor Skaro by Nyota

Dragonball Z Crossovers

Beat Kisaragi by Beat
Miira by Beat
Sailor Vegeta by Chmia
Tobias by Chmia

Dragon Riders/Eragon Crossovers

Sehmirya by Crystalsetsuna

Halo Crossovers

Master Chief by Guardian-Of-Earth

Harry Potter Crossovers

Usagi Tsukino by Sailor Mercury
Ami Mizuno by Sailor Neptune
Rei Hino by Lyssarie
Makoto Kino by Addelyn
Minako Aino by JupiterThunderCrash
Mamoru Chiba by Sailor Uranus
Professor Artemis by Princess Moon
Nephrite by Eternal Knight
Zoisite by Princess Moon

Kingdom Hearts Crossovers

Ami Mizuno by Sportsnutd
Makoto Kino by Lyssarie
Mamoru Chiba by Sailor Uranus
Minako Aino by Sailor Mercury
Rei Hino by Sailor Saturn
Usagi Tsukino by Meganekko

My Little Pony Crossovers

Princess Luna by Addelyn
Queen Chrysalis by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Applejack by PoetofMercury
Sailor Celestia; Princess Celestia by Wicked Rose
Sailor Fluttershy by Anjyu
Sailor Luna by Princess Luna
Sailor Pinkie-Pie by Goddess Yami
Sailor Rarity by Crystalsetsuna
Sailor Twilight Sparkle by RadicalEdward124
Storm Chaser by Addelyn

Pacific Rim Crossovers

Usagi Tsukino by sororitymoonprincess
Ami Mizuno by JupiterThunderCrash
Makoto Kino by PoetofMercury
Chibiusa Tsukino by Sailor Mercury
Haruka Tenoh by Cosmos-Hime
Michiru Kaioh by Sailor Neptune
Hotaru Tomoe by mercuryfan
Mamoru Chiba by Sailor Uranus

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers

Usagi Tsukino by sororitymoonprincess
Ami Mizuno by Addelyn
Rei Hino by Sailor Neptune
Makoto Kino by JupiterThunderCrash
Minako Aino by Lyssarie
Mamoru Chiba by Sportsnutd

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Crossovers

Kyubey by Sailor Mercury
Magical Girl Ami Mizuno by Sailor Neptune
Magical Girl Rei Hino by Sailor Mercury
Magical Girl Rei Hino by Tiny Kitten
Magical Girl Makoto Kino by Sailor Saturn
Magical Girl Minako Aino by Lyssarie
Magical Girl Usagi Tsukino by Meganekko
Magical Girl Usagi Tsukino by Yumi

Star Wars Crossovers

Darth Selene (Queen Serenity) by Sailor Mercury
Luna by Princess Luna
Mamoru Solo (Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask) by Sailor Jupiter
Plu-to "Old Setsuna" Meiou (Setsuna Meiou, Sailor Pluto) by Sailor Jupiter
Usagi Moonwalker (Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon) by Sailor Mercury

Steampunk Crossovers

Alexander Lyonhill by PoetofMercury
Jasper Collins by PoetofMercury
Rachael Blackwood by Princess Luna
Melissa "Seamstress" Smith by Sportsnutd
Serenity Hildebrandt-Thomson by sororitymoonprincess
Lady Valentina 'Viluy' L'vovna Romodanovska by Andalusite
Wilhelmina Lovecraft by Sailor Neptune

Sword Art Online Crossovers

Sailor Achelois by Anait Zelleire
Sailor Apollyon by Princess Moon
Sailor Asuna by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Enyalius by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Mercury by Sailor Neptune
Sailor Psychic by mercuryfan
Sailor Serenity by Sailor Mercury
Sailor Splash by Sportsnutd
General Kirito by Lyssarie
General Klein by Princess Moon

The Selection / The Choosing Crossovers

Prince Endymion by PoetofMercury
Prince Endymion by Princess Luna
Haruka Tenoh by Sailor Mercury
Michiru Kaioh by Sailor Neptune
Usagi Tsukino by Lyssarie

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Crossovers

Mamoru Chiba (Syaoran Li) by Sailor Uranus
Minako V. Aphrodite (Fai D. Flowright) by Sailor Saturn
Usagi Tsukino (Princess Sakura) by Sailor Mercury

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List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Empty
PostSubject: Re: List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters   List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters I_icon_minitime29th July 2015, 1:22 pm

♥️This yearbook is separated in many different ways♥️
Home Rooms, Teams, and Clubs!
(Origins, Senshi Teams, Realms of Influence)
*Note: Crossover Senshi only appear under Teams*
*Please note: The yearbook is still under construction! Still sorting out our club organization~♥️ If you have a sprite of your senshi you would like included, please message Sailor Uranus and she'll add it in! Currently sprite'd senshi were involved with the Remnants HC event. 

Sol System Senshi: Senshi whose planet(oids) originate from within the Solar System. Listed in order of planetary alignments.
Sailor Algaea
Sailor Asuka
Sailor Celaeno
Sailor Celestial
Sailor Celestial Moon
Sailor Cronus
Sailor Earth ♂
Sailor Earth 
Sailor Earth
Sailor Electra
Sailor Elysion
Sailor Elysion
Sailor Euphrosyne 
Sailor Maia
Sailor Merope 
Sailor Metallon 
Sailor Nike
Sailor Splash
Sailor Sol
Sailor Sun
Sailor Terra
Sailor Thalia
Sailor Theia
Sailor Vega

Sailor Callisto List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Europa List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor/Knight Ganymede 
Sailor Io 
Sailor Lolita 

Sailor Pandora
Sailor Titan

TNO/Kuiper Belt Objects 
Sailor Cel
Sailor Eris
Sailor Kronos
Sailor Haumea
Sailor Ixion
Sailor Lir
Sailor Makemake List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Quaoar
Sailor Sedna List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket 
Sailor Sedna
Sailor Soul/Orcus List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket *Voted Best Otaku Character, 2015 
Sailor Vanth 

Exo-System Senshi: Senshi whose celestial bodies originate from outside the Solar System and are not part of a team within their own system.
Amarachius Sworn List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Azazel Knight
Sailor Achelois List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket 
Sailor Aegle List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Aktypris List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Aldrin List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Alshain List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Amatheia List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Ananke
Sailor Andromeda List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket *Voted Best Otaku Character, 2016 
Sailor Apollyon 
Sailor Bastet List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Betelgeuse
Sailor Caeneus
Sailor Canis
Sailor Calypso
Sailor Celestal List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Chalybs List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Cosima List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Desert Rose
Sailor Draco
Sailor Enyalius 
Sailor Felis
Sailor Golmore
Sailor Ixalia
Sailor Kashyyk
Sailor Kronos
Sailor Leviathan List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Litae
Sailor Metis
Sailor Mystik
Sailor Nix List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Nocturnus List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket *Voted Best Otaku Character, 2014 List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Orphelin
Sailor Panacea 
Sailor Panzer
Sailor Skaro
Sailor Splash of Zareth
Sailor Thallo 
Sailor Solstice
Sailor Somnus
Sailor Valdis List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Varuna List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Vegeta
Sailor Xtal-Diamante List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Zorya List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket

Senshi Teams: Official teams of senshi
Alternate Future - Gates of Horn and Ivory
Sailor Algaea
Sailor Earth
Sailor Elysion
Sailor Elysion
Sailor Euphrosyne 
Sailor Thalia

Atlas - Seven Sisters
Sailor Celaeno
Sailor Electra
Sailor Maia
Sailor Merope
Sailor Quaoar

Planet Dies Nox
Sailor Hemera List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Nyx List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket

Fairy Monarchs of Oberon
Sailor Oberon List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters Pbucket
Sailor Titania *Voted Best Otaku Character, 2016

Fairy Pair 
Sailor Lunar Eclipse
Sailor Solar Eclipse

Galilean Moons
Sailor Callisto 
Sailor Europa
Sailor/Knight Ganymede
Sailor Io 

Genesis Senshi; Orion Constellation:
Princess Orion
Sailor Alnitak
Sailor Bellatrix
Sailor Mintaka
Sailor Saiph
Sailor Rigel

Phantom Senshi
Sailor Blaze 
Sailor Freeze
Sailor Lustre
Sailor Theia
Sailor Thunder

Sailor Chibi Senshi (Alternate Future)
Sailor Chibi Mars
Sailor Chibi Mercury
Sailor Chibi Jupiter
Sailor Chibi Venus

Saturn's Moons 
Sailor Pandora
Sailor Titan

Solar Prominence
Sailor Cel
Sailor Haumea
Sailor Ixion
Sailor Sedna

Starseed Senshi
Armored Helm
Sailor Alcmene
Sailor Himeros
Sailor Kalika
Sailor Selene
Sailor Vita

Realms of Influence: 

Sailor Alnitak - plasma, storms
Sailor Celestial - plasma and stars 
Sailor Europa - wind and nature
Sailor Lolita - wind and cold temperatures 
Sailor Metis - air and metal

Sailor Bastet - nature magic/animals
Sailor Draco - dragons/energy
Sailor Mintaka - dinosaurs

Sailor Kronos - darkness, stars
Sailor Nyx - nighttime/darkness
Sailor Titania - darkness, illusions, fire

Sailor Algaea - dreams of wealth 
Sailor Cel - earth, dreams
Sailor Earth alternate future - roses and pink energy 
Sailor Elysion alternate future - Elysion and dreams 
Sailor Elysion alternate future - dreams, sleep, moonlight, earth
Sailor Euphrosyne - dreams of success
Sailor Somnus - sleep and dreams
Sailor Thalia - dreams of romance 

Sailor Earth - earth, plants, dreams
Sailor Maia - plants
Sailor Makemake - plants, light
Sailor Terra - earth 
Sailor Thallo - plants
Sailor Valdis - nature

Azazel Knight - lightning, clone 
Sailor Splash - electrical impulses in water

Sailor Apollyon - destruction, suffering
Sailor Calypso - balance and revenge  
Sailor Eris - chaos and discord
Sailor Orphelin - purity, grief, loss, redemption, and hope
Sailor Pandora - despair and hope 

Sailor Achelois - energy, nature, healing, destruction
Sailor Chalybs - technology, plasma, steel 
Sailor Cosima - cosmic energy, radiation
Sailor Electra - light
Sailor Enyalius - potential energy, war 
Sailor Io - energy waves 
Sailor Ixalia - electromagnetism, energy
Sailor Sun - plasma, magnetism
Sailor Vegeta - energy

Sailor Aktypris - plasma and heat
Sailor Alshain - fire/martial arts
Sailor Caeneus - fire and electricity
Sailor Desert Rose - fire and wind
Sailor Hemera - sunlight/heat
Sailor Ixion - fire and wheels 
Sailor Sol - fire, light and purification
Sailor Solar Eclipse - plasma and heat
Sailor Solstice - fire and light 

Sailor Aegle - healing, affection
Sailor Panacea - healing and wisdom

Sailor Haumea - love and rejuvenation
Sailor Merope - love and enchantment

Sailor/Knight Ganymede - metal and electrical currents
Sailor Metallon - metal
Sailor Saiph - metal

Sailor Lir - dance, swans, grace, purity
Sailor Quaoar - flowers, song, dance
Sailor Zorya - darkness and music

Sailor Asuka - wrestling
Sailor Bellatrix - strength
Sailor Felis - physical boost
Sailor Nike - sports and victory

Amarachius Sworn - light, mental, willpower
Sailor Canis - psychic, beasts
Sailor Celaeno - psychic powers and knowledge
Sailor Mystik - psychic

Sailor Earth ♂- nuclear explosion 
Sailor Skaro - Dalek

Sailor Callisto - shields and defense
Sailor Oberon - protection, wind

Sailor Aldrin - sound

Sailor Celestal - stars, light
Sailor Celestial Moon - moon and stars
Sailor Cronus - stars and destiny
Sailor Nocturnus - starry night sky
Sailor Vega - stars and weaving

Sailor Xtal-Diamante - amplification of powers

Sailor Kronos - time and space 

Underworld, Death, Spirits
Sailor Litae - spirits, elemental connection to gods/goddesses 
Sailor Soul - spirits, souls, the underworld
Sailor Vanth - underworld, death

Sailor Amatheia - ice and water, siren songs
Sailor Ananke - water 
Sailor Andromeda - ocean and metal 
Sailor Leviathan - illusions and water
Sailor Lunar Eclipse - water and ice
Sailor Nix - snow/ice
Sailor Rigel - water
Sailor Sedna - underworld, sea, marine animals  
Sailor Sedna - sea and marine life
Sailor Splash - water 
Sailor Titan - Cryovolcanism and smog 
Sailor Varuna - water and celestial ocean 

Sailor Panzer - armaments, artillery, and armor

Sailor Kashyyk - weather

Sailor Golmore - spirit monsters and prey instincts

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List of Accepted Otaku/Crossover Characters

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