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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno

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Princess Moon
Lotus Crystal

Princess Moon

Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno   [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno I_icon_minitime28th February 2015, 1:21 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Kiyoko Chiyuno (Holy Child of Healing)
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 21 – 16th of September
Appearance: Kiyoko is with a height of 5’8” one of the tallest Senshi in Crystal Tokyo. Although she is quite thin, she still looks feminine and elegant with well proportioned curves. She has bright blue eyes and her wavy, loose hair is blonde with a light blue gradient. Her skin is darker than most of the others', though.

[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Panace11
Beautiful drawing by Crystalsetsuna

Her civilian clothes are elegant yet casual. When she doesn’t wear her Senshi Fuku, she mostly wears figure-enhancing dresses or elegant combinations of blouses and skirts. To make her legs look even longer, she tends to wear a lot of high heels and pumps. She wants to represent her maturity by the use of neat and elegant but still fashionable clothes.

Kiyoko’s favorite accessory is a graceful silver necklace with a small Larimar in the middle. It was a birthday present from her parents when she turned 12. It’s her only connection to the past, that’s why she wears it as often as possible.

Personality: Since Kiyoko lost all of her friends and family due to the horrible ambitions of Shadow Galactica, she turned - bit by bit - to a reserved, cold and distanced person. The loss and pain she experienced made a wreck out of her. She always blamed herself that everyone died because it took too long until she found out that she's a senshi.
When she got to know her guardian Vulpix she slowly learned again to love her life and that there were also many good things which happened in her life. Before she went to the Earth, Vulpix was the only one she could call a friend. Although he was the best friend she could imagine, she often felt lonely.
Her only dream is it to protect everyone in the universe from such a tragic fate like it happened to her. That’s why she trained every day with her guardian: to get strong enough to protect humanity from any danger which might come in the near future.
When she settled down on Earth, she noticed that she wasn’t the only senshi in this world. She met many new people and even found some new friends who always tried to make her laugh. Although Kiyoko got more approachable during her stay on Earth, she could never forget what happened back then.
When she’s not working for the government, she reads many books and loves to do some Yoga to calm down. When she is in any trouble, she also tends to meditate for hours.
Kiyoko plans everything in advance and very detailed. She hates it to improvise because she exactly knows that the plans would be flawed. And even if one of her plans wouldn’t work she always keeps a Plan B in her mind. Furthermore she is down-to-earth and very realistic; she has a low opinion about persons who just dream all day. If it would be up to her everyone should stay with realistic and think about the here and now.
In general she is a quite serious and thoughtful person; it happens only rarely that someone sees her joking around. Her horrible past influenced her whole personality, that’s why she became the serious, distanced person she is and wants to spend most of her time with herself. The only person who can always make her smile and who always makes her happy is Meredith. When she got to know her on a mission for the Queen, she slowly realized how much they have in common and how much they think alike. Seeing a second self and a best friend in her, Kiyoko would protect her by all means, even if she would have to sacrifice her own life for it.
Kiyoko is claustrophobic but almost no one knows since she is really talented in hiding her feelings from others. Because she was on her own the whole life, she wants to manage all her problems on her own, too. Sometimes not even Vulpix knows what is bothering her - although they are companions.
History: Kiyoko used to live on a little planet of the Andromeda galaxy called Panacea. When she was 14 years old, Galaxia and the Sailor Animamates subdued the Planet and let it destroy by Chaos. But before they did so, Galaxia was searching for the Star Seed of this planet. Kiyoko saw many of her friends dying which is the reason why she got so reserved and cold over time. When Galaxia came to Kiyoko’s family, her parents protected her and her siblings by jumping in front of them. However, none of them had the Star Seed Galaxia was searching for, so they turned into monsters.

Galaxia – still not satisfied – attacked her siblings one after another in hopes that they would have the Star Seed. Because they didn’t have it either, they also turned into monsters. Kiyoko turned into a nervous wreck and was dashed to the ground. She lost all the people who were close to her in less than one week. She was the last one Galaxia targeted and she was the one who owned the legendary Star Seed of Panacea.

When Galaxia was healed by Sailor Moon, Kiyoko got her Star Seed back and came back to life. When she rose from death, all her memories got back. And now that she knew that she had special abilities, she hit the road and searched for everyone she has lost; however unsuccessful. She didn’t know where they were nor how to use her abilities. Everything she knew was that she has some.

Living with pain and guilt feelings for a while all on her own, one day a polar fox suddenly appeared. This was the moment when she got to know her fate. Her fate as Sailor Panacea, the soldier of Wisdom and Healing. Together with her polar fox – named “Vulpix” – she trained for years with the ambition that no one should ever feel such pain like she did.

Years later, she settled down on a planet called Earth in the city Tokyo where she met - later after the foundation of the great Crystal Tokyo - many other senshi. Although the people on Earth were very nice, Kiyoko was still sad about the things which happened in the past. On Earth she was also known as the “gloomy Senshi”.

However, impressed by her great powers, the rulers of Crystal Tokyo – Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion – admit her to join the team. Since then, she operated as a guardian to protect the Earth and the Universe against danger.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favorite gem: Larimar
Favorite flower: Peony
Personality Type: ISTJ
Favorite school subject: Philosophy
Least favorite school subject: Physical Education
Storyline Specific Information: Remnants: Crystal Tokyo Sensors have picked up a Distress Call from a far-off planet believed to be uninhabited. In the interest of erring on the side of caution, Neo Queen Serenity has given permission to send an Away Team to investigate the call for help, and be of help to those in need if the call were true. 
In a time when chaotic interactions are on the rise, will you answer her call for volunteers?

Alter Egos:
A new carnival visits Japan's capital. However, unlike usual carnivals, this carnival - that has already become a famous travelling sensation - is only opened during the nights and is organized by a gypsy called Saisha. A bit alarmed Kiyoko decides to pay the famous carnival a visit to investigate if everything is harmless. On her way she meets some other girls and together they get all captured in the Hall of Mirrors where they have to overcome themselves and face their darkest sides. (Note: Kiyoko is 18 years in this event)

Gloria Revives: In an alternate universe, Gloria, a living doll and a friend of Kiyoko, died and has now to be revived with help of the so-called Life Stone. Together with many others of Gloria's friends, Kiyoko hits the road to save her friend and is for this even willing to enter confined spaces of an enchanted tomb. (Note: Kiyoko is 18 years old in this event)

Dream Maze: Going to bed after an exhausting day, Kiyoko finds herself in her Senshi form in a dream world consisting of many different dream world. While trying to exit the dreams and to come back to reality, she often gets confronted with dangers and problems, forcing her to overstep her limits.

Second Self: After recovering from her mission in Remnants, Kiyoko finally gets active as a Senshi again when the Queen asks her and Meredith, another Senshi she first got to know on the last mission, to stop the strange things that are going on in Crystal Tokyo. Accepting the challenge, the two young Senshi now need to work together, in order to stop the woman who is behind all this, Selena. On their trip they get to know each other and as time goes by they realize how much they have in common and a lasting, sincere friendship emerges.

Promises on Stars: In an alternate universe, Kiyoko is an ordinary girl that attends school like everyone else. When she met Usagi the first time in the kindergarten, Usagi was injured from a previous fight with bullies. Kiyoko finds her and talks to her, trying to comfort her until she eventually has to leave. From this moment on, she and Usagi are inseparable and always spend time together.
Back in the presence, Kiyoko, Usagi and Mamoru, a good friend of Usagi, attend high school, living the lives of ordinary teenagers with the usual teenager problems.

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Panacea
Realm of Influence(s): Healing and Wisdom
Origin: Sailor Panacea’s guardian is Panacea, the Greek goddess of Universal remedy. She is the daughter of Asclepius and Epione and has furthermore four sisters and four brothers. All of them had a special ability in the area of healing.

Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Panacea Cosmic Power, Make Up!

Senshi Fuku:
[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Wt6Tnyx

The main colors of Panacea’s Fuku are white, blue and green. All these colors symbolize the aura of healing. White stands for the perfect balance and harmony with oneself. Blue has a sedative effect and is very cooling. It also gets associated with the throat chakra – the chakra of the power center. Besides that blue also stands for loyalty and reliability which are some of Panacea’s great features. Last but not least, green is the ultimate color of healing.

The dominant color of her Fuku is white. Her gloves, her sleeves, her bodice, the stripes on the collar and most of her skirt are white. Additionally her hair and eyes have a very light color too. Her choker, her back bow, her collar, her shoes and the gem on her tiara, on her front bow and in the middle of the skirt are light blue. A dark green was used for the front bow, the end of the gloves, the stripes on her skirt and also a bit for the shoes. Her tiara is golden as well as her gem on the choker. As a decoration she also wears two white hair clasps in her bangs with three little pearls at each clasp.

Sailor Panacea is the Senshi of Healing which means that most of her powers are more intended for helping her allies when they get injured. However, she can also use a power to defeat an enemy.
Bane Crasher – This attack is used to heal a brainwashed or cursed person to bring them back to their real personality and their true self. For this attack, Panacea needs to focus her energy in her hands and targets it to the brainwashed/cursed person. The energy gets released in the form of a beam.
Shining Energy Evocation – Panacea is able to invigorate the energy level of others. She has to focus her aura for activating this power. The person who should receive the new energy has to hold Panacea’s hands, so that she can transfer the energy. The disadvantage of this power is that Panacea gets weakened herself because it’s her energy that gets transfered.
Panacea Rebirth Beam – This is her final attack. Panacea is able to bring someone back to life; but she has to choose very wisely. She can use this attack only once and if she does, she has to sacrifice herself otherwise the balance between life and death would get unbalanced. For the activation of this power, Panacea has to summon her Health Restoring Talisman: a big scepter. As soon as she shouts the attack, a great bright light will appear; when the light fades away, Panacea does too and the exploit is accomplished.  

Weapons or Magical Items:
Transformation pen – The transformation pen is used to transform into Sailor Panacea. It's a light blue wand with a golden star on the top. In the middle of the star you can see the rod of Asclepius which should remind her of her origins (see: Origin).
Health Restoring scepter – is used for her final attack (see above). A long silver scepter with ornaments on it. On top of the scepter a shining gem (the energy source for her final attack) is placed which is surrounded by more silver ornaments, so that the gem is safe and can't be stolen.

Guardian: Her loyal companion is a polar fox called Vulpix.

RP Sample: It was night when Kiyoko screamed so loud so that everyone got up. Totally exhausted she noticed that she woke up in a cold sweat. Oh no, not again… Although it was years ago, she still dreamt almost every night of it.


It was a normal day on Panacea, Kiyoko was playing outside with her siblings and her parents were preparing dinner; homemade pizza – her favorite dish. Her mama came out of the door. “Dinner is ready – are you coming?,” she said with a hearty laugh. “Otherwise papa and me have to eat it all alone!”

“Please don't, I’m so hungry,” Kiyoko said back then.
Kiyoko and her siblings came in for dinner. When everyone had their meal on their plate, Kiyoko tucked in as fast as possible. After a few minutes her plate was empty and she was getting up for refill.

While Kiyoko stood in front of the baking sheet Panacea suddenly turned dark; the star shining on Panacea faded away more and more. Kiyoko got frightened and when she turned around she knew that she wasn’t the only one. “Mama, what’s happening?,” she said almost crying.

Panacea’s mother – scared herself – tried to calm the others with soothing words. But everybody at the table knew that she was panicked.

Suddenly their house was struck by a black lightening and in less than five seconds the whole house was on fire. Kiyoko pulled her little brother with her and shouted: “We must get out of here! Immediately!” Her family was still paralyzed from shock and needed some time to realize what has happened. “Guys, let’s go!,” Kiyoko screamed once again. Together they ran down the stairs towards the door to get out of the burning house.

In front of the house Panacea’s mother suddenly burst into a flood of tears. Kiyoko wanted to go to her mother and comfort her but her father stopped her and shook his head. She looked around and saw the destruction the lightenings has caused. What is that? Everything was destroyed but at once every TV in the street turned on. A woman with a golden garment was visible and her red eyes embodied the chaos itself.

“I’m Galaxia, the ruler of the Universe,” she started speaking. “And as from today you are supposed to be slaves!” A sardonic laughter came from the TV’s and everyone in the street almost started crying.

“Unless,” the woman started speaking again, “the owner of this planet’s Star Seed will pay a visit to me and hand it over”

“Until then I’ll give you a foretaste of what is to come,” she said and laughed sardonic again. Nothing but black lightenings were visible in the skies now and their shining sun was away. The TVs turned out and Kiyoko wasn’t able to dam up her tears any longer.

This was the moment when everything has started. I could have stopped her! It was my fault that everyone died… that everyone had to suffer this pain. Kiyoko sat in her bed weeping bitterly. Suddenly she heard how someone opened the door. She looked up and saw her fellow Senshi asking her if everything was alright. Kiyoko looked to the ground and said with a sob, “It was my fault!”

She suddenly noticed people hugging her and saying, “No, it’s not. No one was at fault”. Kiyoko brushed her tears away and breathed out. “Thank you for everything but I have to manage it on my own. Get back to bed now, we have to train tomorrow,” she said cold. When they went out of the room, Kiyoko got up and started meditating.

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Sailor Uranus

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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno   [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno I_icon_minitime28th February 2015, 11:19 am

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Princess Moon
Lotus Crystal

Princess Moon

Lotus Crystal

Title : ✖ The name's Vivid
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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno   [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno I_icon_minitime28th July 2015, 2:29 pm

Added a few SSI's as well as the close link to Meredith in the Personality section (:
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Lotus Crystal

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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno   [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno I_icon_minitime2nd August 2015, 8:09 pm

Changes noted and approved! D'awwww the part about Meredith had me smiling (:
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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno   [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno I_icon_minitime

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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno

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