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 [Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest!

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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[Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest! Empty
PostSubject: [Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest!   [Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest! I_icon_minitime8th June 2014, 2:38 pm

[Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest! Writin10

Late Start, but let's get June's Contest Going!!

Random Topic Generator has selected this month's theme to be....

A Journey

The chosen character landed on 'free space', so you get to pick who gets to go on this 'journey' XD
Entries due the 21st! =D   As this is the Writing Guild, entries can be critiqued by members after voting has begun! =D
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[Sanctioned][Contest]Writing Guild Writing Contest!

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