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 Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno

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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Empty
PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno   Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno I_icon_minitime7th February 2013, 2:05 pm

I wanted more of a general bio for her so i wrote this and when it gets approval(Cause I will not be leaving this) I'll ask that my old on be deleted, cause it was just for Batteries and I have included that information in this bio. Also I did my best to blend Anime and Manga, but with the Super transformation things, that they were to different things so I added them both and labeled them which was from what.

General Information
Name: Ami Mizuno
Gender: Female

Birthday: September 10th
Age: Age: 14-16
Birthplace: Japan

Physical Description

Ami stands at 5’2” she has short blue hair with bangs that fall down above her eyes and the sides kept short above her ears. She has blue eyes and wears a typical school uniform with a white blouse, red bow, blue skirt and neckerchief, white socks and black shoes. In high school Ami wears a navy blue high school uniform, with a navy sailor collar and red stripes. Her bow on the front of her uniform is navy with blue sleeves, red stripes(like her collar) and a white top. Her shoes remain unchanged.

She is a smaller girl, but still strong and muscular, from her love of swimming. She has glasses but usually wears contacts. When not in her school uniform, Ami wears what’s comfortable. Usually old well-worn jeans and T-shirt that was just a well loved usually from her mother’s college.

She hardly ever wears make up. She wears earring but only studs feeling that anything more it too much. She usually keeps her glasses on top of her head so she doesn’t loose them. Her eyes usually show a soul deep in thought and her emotions are easy to read. In combination with her jeans she may wear a tank top with a cover shirt. She even dons a lab coat when needed. Though she doesn’t wear it too often her swim suit is a simple light blue one piece that is more suited to swimming laps than sun bathing.

Forms of Ami

Princess Mercury
During the Silver Millennium, Sailor Mercury was the princess/ruler of her planet, Mercury, and was given the duty of protecting Princess Serenity, along with Princess Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. She wore a blue strap dress that went past her feet, and wore a blue choker that tied into a ribbon at the back. She also wore blue high-heeled shoes, a necklace, and small blue stud earrings. The symbol of Mercury was always present on her forehead. She dwelt in Mariner Castle.


Ami is the brainy wallflower of the bunch who suffers from lack of self esteem and bouts of depression. She is a very sensitive person, but she tries not to show it. She doesn't stand out much in the crowd except for the fact she has an extremely high IQ. It is rumored she is a genius with an IQ of 300. Her self-confidence is usually dependent upon by how people respond to her. She tends to assume the worst and often worries that people hate her because she is so smart, when in fact, they are mostly just jealous. She doesn't make friends very easily, the only reason she became such good friends with Usagi (Serena) is because Usagi never really cared about how smart Ami was.

She is always thoughtful and considerate when it comes to others. The idea of being a burden to others doesn't lie well with her. Ami is very careful when it comes to dealing with people because she is afraid of hurting other people's feelings, which usually causes her to keep her problems to herself. She is quite, reserved, and mild-mannered. At times it would seem as if she has very little to say, but in fact, it is only because she has numerous thoughts on her mind. She is naturally graceful and probably the most graceful of the inner Senshi. Unlike Usagi, Ami is always prompt and on time. In fact, she usually shows up for school 40 minutes early.

Ami enjoys swimming because it helps her relax, and she happens to be very good at it. She raced Michiru and tied with her. Ami really respects Michiru and has many things in common with her. Like Michiru, Ami has a knack for lots of things, such as video games, computers, and even cooking, although Ami's cooking is not brought to attention as Makoto's is. Besides swimming, Ami also enjoys intellectual pursuits like reading and playing chess.

She usually has her nose in a book studying no matter where she is, even at concerts. She has a strong desire to become a doctor which is the reason why she studies so much. She is rather obsessed with getting the other Senshi to study, especially when it comes to the entrance exams. Even with her strong desire to become a doctor, she has given up parts of her dream for her friends, such as going to a university in Germany because she would have missed them. Usagi is the one who taught Ami to have fun and not study so much.

Ami doesn't have much of a love life, and as Ami said, the word love isn't in her dictionary. Although she has had a few boys to capture her heart, such as Mamoru, but she'd never compete with Usagi for him. Ami says the ideal guy should be like Einstein. She fell in love with Mercurius, a boy who had been tying with her on all the practice exams. He had sent her love letters as well, which caused her to break out in hives, but because they tested under nicknames she never found out who he was. The other Senshi did and never told her because they didn't want her to be disappointed.

Ami's boyfriend of sorts is a boy named Ryo Urawa. He was a holder of one of the rainbow crystals which gave him the ability of prediction. He used that prediction to "cheat" on exams and tie scores with Ami, and because of this he thinks he doesn't deserve Ami, even though he really likes her. Soon his father was promoted and he had to move away. Ami first though they were just good friends, but Makoto said she was denying her real feelings because she was afraid of getting hurt. He comes back to visit and Ami explains her real feelings for him. She goes to Juuban Junior High School along with Usagi and Makoto. Ami is an only child from a rich family. lives with her mother in an expensive apartment complex.

Ami is soft spoken. She hardly ever raises her voice but when she does everyone listens. She is extremely intelligent and loves to read; sometimes behind her textbook she hides a romance novel embarrassed by her love for them. She doesn’t express herself easily and is often misunderstood when she tries.

She doesn’t trust easily and is fiercely protective of her friends. She would do anything to protect them. She tends to be the brains of any group and because of her intelligence she is often made fun of by others. She tires her best and she’s sweet. She doesn’t easily fall in love and due to problems with her father, she has trouble trusting members of the opposite sex.

Ami was a shy and bullied child until she met Usagi and the other scouts, they brought out in her a confidence and courage she didn't know she had. She found in her friends the strength to stand up for herself and others.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills Ami is incredibly smart and she is very good with computers. She also possesses the uncanny ability to think on her feet and do long division in her head. She is a strong swimmer and she possesses great study and time management skills.


Sailor Mercury is one of the Sailor Senshi of the Solar System. Her civilian identity is Ami Mizuno. Sailor Mercury is the first member of the Sailor Team to be discovered by Usagi Tsukino, third to be awakened by the Moon Cats, and serves as the "brains" of the group. Her powers are associated with phases of water and ice, and she can use her supercomputer to quickly analyze a foe in battle. Most of her powers are strategic rather than offensive, and she possesses various pieces of computerized equipment to help her study the enemy.
She is given specific titles throughout the various series such as: "Soldier of Water and Intelligence", "Soldier of Wisdom", "Soldier of Justice and Wisdom", "Soldier of Love and Exams", and "Soldier of Knowledge" under the guardianship of the "Planet of Water".

Luna was informed of a new student named Ami Mizuno. At school, Usagi was informed that Ami was the highest scoring student with an IQ of 300. Umino told Usagi that Ami attends a cram school called Crystal Seminar. Leaving school, Luna pounces onto Ami and Usagi invites Ami to go to the arcade. Playing the Sailor V game, Ami made first place ranking and the machine spat out a transformation pen and (after a few hits from Usagi) a disguising pen. Going to Crystal Seminar, Ami finds the Crystal Disk that the teacher provided to be ineffective in studying and just decides to write her own notes. After discovering the disk was a plot by the Dark Kingdom to brainwash students, Usagi goes to find Ami feeling ill. The Youma disguised as the teacher attacks Sailor Moon and grabs Ami. Before the Youma can kill Ami, her pen glowed, the Mercury symbol appeared on her forehead, and a chilly fog covered the room. After Sailor Moon killed the Youma, the fog vanished revealing Ami as Sailor Mercury.

Ami's most emphasized character trait is that she is enormously intelligent she is rumored by other characters to have an IQ of three hundred. She is adept at English and her peers view her with a mixture of awe and distaste, misinterpreting her inherent shyness as snobbery, and so she tends to have a difficult time making new friends. Ami is depicted as sweet, gentle, and loyal, as well as slightly insecure. She also dislikes the fights of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. Most say she is "a smart girl who needs to relax", calling her "conscientious" and "studious", "everything Usagi is not. She relies heavily on the approval of her mother, teachers, and friends, but as the series progresses she becomes stronger and more confident in herself. She is generally the most sensible of the main characters, and is often the only one embarrassed when the group has a dull-witted moment. As the story begins, she attends Azabu Jūban Junior High along with Usagi Tsukino and, later, Makoto Kino.

Much of Ami's free time is spent studying. She loves to read, and dreams aloud of one day being a doctor like her mother and becomes one in both Parallel Sailor Moon and the live action series. Ami's dream of being a doctor and leaving Japan to study abroad is a recurring theme. Ami's conflict between studying abroad and growing up or being with everyone else and staying a young girl. She faces a such dilemma, but very directly; given the opportunity to study in Germany, she gets as far as the airport before deciding to stay in Japan and fight evil alongside her friends.
Ami has great appreciation for art as well as science, and, contrary to the usual depiction of a bookworm, enjoys pop culture and romance novels (though she is usually embarrassed to admit it). Ami's diligence in her studies becomes a running gag; she often comically scolds Usagi and the others for not doing their homework, and she can become obsessive about being the best student. Her character has been interpreted as a political commentary on the education system of Japan. She sometimes displays attraction to boys her age, and other times aversion to the idea. Love letters are listed as the one thing she has most trouble with. When she later receives one, it gives her a rash. A classmate named Ryo Urawa learns her identity and expresses attraction to her, but this is never resolved, as he disappears.
Besides reading, Ami is shown playing chess and swimming in order to relax. As the team scholar, computers are listed her strong point; she even belongs to the club at school. She loves all her classes, especially mathematics. Her favorite foods are  sandwiches and anmitsu, with her least favorite being yellowtail. Other loves include cats, the colors aquamarine and blue, the flower Water Lily, and the gemstone sapphire.

Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother, a busy doctor who is not home very often. They look very similar, and Ami admires her mother and longs to live up to her example. Besides her workaholic tendencies, Dr. Mizuno is portrayed as a good person who openly resents not having more time to spend with her daughter. Ami's father is never named, but is stated in the manga and anime to be a painter. He never visits them, having decided one day not to come home from the forest where he was relaxing and painting, but he sends her postcards on her birthday. Thinking about this, Ami sometimes resents her parents' selfishness in separating, partly because divorce in Japan is taboo. However, in the anime Ami seems to appreciate her father and seems to share some of his artistic traits, at one point even composing matching lyrics for a tune that had none. Ami's mother is revealed to be fairly rich, as they live in a condominium. Ami is shown testing the strength of a sword that the Sailor Senshi received on the moon by using it to chip a diamond ring. (Classically, a diamond is the hardest mineral.) When the girls panic, she calms them by saying that her mother has many more. Ami is especially shy and usually wears glasses while in public.

At her middle school, she has no friends before meeting Usagi and always eats lunch alone on the roof so she can study. Usagi seems to be the only one to realize that Ami is merely shy, not truly standoffish, and in befriending her gradually helps Ami to learn that she is more than just a bookworm. When Ami's mother attempts to transfer her to another school because she thinks Ami's friends are bad influences, Ami rebels, avoiding the admission interview and spending the night at the Senshi hideout with Rei Hino. Later she tells her mother that what she's doing in her life right now is more important than studying, and her mother understands.

Ami was a kind and gentle person who disliked quarrels and abhorred harming innocent people. This trait was best shown when she persuaded Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune not to kill Hotaru. Like her comrades, her loyalty to Sailor Moon was unwavering, and she would sacrifice her life for her princess if necessary.

Storyline Specific Information:

Batteries- Ami is 19 in this storyline her hair had grown a little and now sat just below her shoulder. She often wears it up in a fashion after Jupiter’s ponytail, but shorter. She needs her glasses or contacts to see, which she is without after being captured.

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Merucry and Eternal Sailor Mercury.

Senshi Fuku:

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury was the first Senshi form Ami was able to transform into.
As Sailor Mercury, she wore the standard Senshi fuku without sleeves and the dominant color of the fuku was blue while the accent color was light blue. Her earrings, the gem on her tiara, choker, collar, the center of her front bow, skirt, the elbow fittings on her gloves, and her boots/shoes were blue, and her front bow and back bow were light blue. Her collar had two stripes, her earrings were small blue studs (which could activate her special visor when pressed), and her boots were similar to Sailor Moon's, except were blue and did not have a symbol on them. Ami uses her Transformation Pen to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Super Sailor Mercury
Super Sailor Mercury was the second form. When she received the "Super" upgrade, her choker had a five-pointed golden star on it, the bottom of her sleeves became transparent, the center of her front bow became a heart, and her back bow was enlarged and lengthened. Her earrings were three blue studs like her earrings in the other incarnations.
Ami uses the Mercury Crystal that she receives from her Sailor Power Guardian, Guardian Mercury, in order to transform into Super Sailor Mercury.

Eternal Sailor Mercury
Eternal Sailor Mercury was the third and final Senshi form Ami was able to transform into.. When she was in her Eternal form, her uniform underwent a radical change. Her choker is now V-shaped and her brooch is a blue five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads became transparent blue puffs with two patches of blue fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves became longer, reaching to her upper arms. Her belt consisted of two blue ribbons, dark blue one and a light blue one, with two long and thin black ribbons, clipped together by a five-pointed star. Her back bow was light blue. Her skirt became two-tiered, the top layer being blue and the bottom layer light blue. Her boots were knee-length and white, and each had a blue V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top, Her tiara gem was a blue five-pointed star and her earrings were blue, dangling five-pointed stars.

Mercury Power, Make Up was the first command used by Ami Mizuno to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Star Power, Make Up was the second phrase used by Ami Mizuno which allowed her to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Planet Power, Make Up was the third transformation phrase used by Ami Mizuno to transform into Sailor Mercury. It was given to her by Neo-Queen Serenity.

Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up was the phrase used by Ami Mizuno to transform into a super version of Sailor Mercury.
Ami also used this transformation phrase in order to transform into her third and final Senshi form (her "Eternal" form).

Sabão Spray - Sailor Mercury's first technique produced a thick fog that obscured the area, but in which the Senshi could see clearly. It was a support ability, incapable of directly harming enemies.

Sabão Spray Freezing - A more powerful form of Sabão Spray that could actually harm, or at least immobilize, enemies.

Double Sabão Spray Freezing - An enhanced form of Sabão Spray Freezing.

Shine Aqua Illusion - Mercury's first purely offensive ability. She fired a water blast that could destroy or freeze its target.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody - Mercury's most powerful attack; she materialized and played a watery lyre, firing a water blast at the enemy. She received this ability in the SuperS season.

Mercury Aqua Mirage - it engulfes the target in a globe of water which then burst, leaving the target destroyed.

Weapons or Magical Items:

Transformation Pens were the first transformation devices that the Inner Senshi. The term "transformation pen" can also be used to refer to any other pen-type transformation devices. All the Inner Senshi had identical transformation pens (except for the color and sign), but Sailor Venus had a different pen that came from her Sailor V times. These pens were eventually replaced by the Star Power Sticks.

The Communicators were special devices used by the Sailor Senshi to keep in touch with each other.

The Super Computer was a compact computer that Sailor Mercury owned which could be used to scan surroundings and analyze data, proving very useful in battle. The computer was given to her by Luna. It can be used to analyze enemies and other objects upon which data is needed, enabling her to find weak points in her enemies. Ami can also use the computer to communicate with the other senshi through their communication devices.

The Mercury Goggle(also called the Virtual Reality Visor or the VR Visor for short) was a transparent blue visor sometimes worn by Sailor Mercury. She could make it appear or disappear by touching one of her earrings, and used this item to scan and make analysis of enemies and phenomena in battle, as well as make calculations.

Star Power Sticks were the second transformation items the Sailor Senshi, used to transform that were provided to them by Luna.

The Crystal Change Rod was the collective name for the transformation devices given to the four Inner Senshi by Pegasus which allowed them to transform into their second senshi uniforms. They replaced the Sailor Crystals used in order for the Senshi to transform.(anime)

Mercury Crystal was the Sailor Crystal that Ami Mizuno used to transform into Super Sailor Mercury in the manga. She received the item from Guardian Mercury, her Sailor Power Guardian.(Manga)

The Mercury Harp was an item Sailor Mercury used to perform Mercury Aqua Rhapsody. The harp was either made out of water or was a physical weapon.

Guardian: Luna is the Guardian of all the Inner Senshi.

RP Sample:

Ami stood in the moonlight gazing up at the stars, she could feel something coming but she couldn’t tell what. She knew the little bit of peace they had was coming to an end all too soon. She felt the water rise in response to her call, “Tell me your secrets.” She whispered into the night. For one so young she was felt so old, she remembered her old life before her rebirth and she felt the weariness of it on her now more than ever. She sighed and looked out to her star once more and hoped that things would hold just a little longer. She wanted to just be a teenaged girl for once in all her lives. So many had passed, but the one that mattered was the one she was living now. No one believed the Moon Kingdom ever existed and therefore didn’t know that a bunch of high school girls protected them from so much. A bunch of high school girls who just wanted to set aside their wands and powers and be normal for a while, but evil had this way of seeing to it that they earn their Silver Kingdom, their Crystal Tokyo, and damned if they weren’t earing it. When their peace did come they would have earned it and the peace of all the generations to come after them. Ami just wanted the peace to know that her children would never have to lift a finger against evil. She wanted to make sure it was all wiped out. She didn’t want her future children to be in danger. She didn’t know why but her thoughts turned to children every time she thought about the way the waters were restless. Maybe that was part of her power, that she could see the future when the water was restless. Thoughts of children always turned her thoughts to Greg and how she missed him. She wished he was here so maybe she could have a little more comfort. She sometimes envied Usagi for the love she and Mamoru had. She wanted something like that for herself, but she’d never say anything to the others, her problems as far as they were concerned were her grades. If the others ever found out that she was lovesick, the balance would shift and she would loose the already minimal control over their studies than she already had. Then they’d all fail. Ami wouldn’t of course but the others might and Ami didn’t want to leave her only friends behind. She would never leave anyone behind. No matter the cost to herself she would always keep her friends by her.
What she needed was to go to the pool. She needed to swim to clear her head. She needed to be surrounded by the water, that way she could listen better. She hoped she could find something more about her feelings. She hoped that they were just a false alarm but she doubted that.
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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno   Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno I_icon_minitime8th February 2013, 1:24 pm

I love how you used the real name of ’Shabão Spray’ attack instead of 'Bubble Spray' ^^



Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Tsukino
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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno   Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno I_icon_minitime8th February 2013, 2:19 pm

Wow I was expecting to add or change something, Thanks Tsuki!
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RP Admin  Neptune Emeritus

Title : Myuteer ~ GC's official Harumichitic
Posts : 10050
Join date : 2012-07-06
Age : 25
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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno   Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno I_icon_minitime8th February 2013, 3:22 pm

You could've mentioned her senshi form in the Forms of Mercury section but you had that information in the senshi part Wink .

I will be deleting your old Mercury profile since you asked for it.


Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Tsukino
“Can you hear it; the sound of the deep sea's waves?"
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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno Empty
PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno   Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno I_icon_minitime

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Senshi: Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno

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