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 [Relaxed] The Choosing

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Alyssa ~ Frappucino Enthusiast and Feels Expert
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime27th October 2018, 9:43 am

[Relaxed] The Choosing Mhlcv2h

Storyline Name: The Choosing

Creator(s): Lyssarie

Forum: Free Form

Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: After World War IV, the countries of China, Japan, North and South Korea joined together to create one nation: New Asia. New Asia is ruled by one monarchy and a committee of ambassadors. The people of New Asia are split based on their occupations and incomes, with those of higher standing being ranked as Ones, and those of the lowest standing ranked as Eights. This split became known as the castes. In addition to the turmoil caused by the castes, rebels began to assemble, some in the North, and some in the South. This is the way New Asia currently stands.

It is tradition in New Asia for the country's crowned prince to host a process known as The Choosing when he comes of age. During the Choosing, all young ladies between the ages of 16 and 18 living in New Asia enter their name into a lottery pool. Randomly, 35 ladies are Chosen and sent to live in the New Asian imperial palace. Over the course of the next several months, the Chosen ladies compete for the prince's heart. As he gets to know each lady more and more, the prince gradually sends the Unchosen home. The process continues until there is one girl left, and she becomes the next princess, and future queen, of New Asia.

The Choosing has been tradition for centuries, but now times are changing. Rebels are more ruthless and restless. Foreign allies are being strained. The economy is crashing, and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it.

It is the year 2670, and Crown Prince Endymion of New Asia has finally come of age. It is time for The Choosing to begin.

Usagi Tsukino, a young girl living as a Six, received a letter inviting her to enter in The Choosing. Most girls would jump at the chance to be in The Choosing and be courted by Prince Endymion, but Usagi is quite the opposite. In fact, she doesn't want to enter. Why? Because she's already in love with a man back home: Seiya Kou.

Seiya is a Five, and he has been a big part of Usagi's life for as long as she could remember. He would provide food for her on those days where she had to sacrifice her own share for her little brother. He would hold her on those days when the family had to make yet another sacrifice. He would kiss her when all of the weight on her shoulders was pulling her down. He was her rock, her foundation, her everything. So she couldn't have been more surprised when Seiya urged her to join The Choosing. Why? Because all women who are Chosen get money sent to their families; everyone knew that the Tsukino family needed money.

So Usagi entered, and to her shock, she was Chosen. Everything in her life suddenly changed, and Usagi went from living the destitute life of a Six to living the luxurious life of a Two.

The competition is high, but Usagi doesn't care. She just wants to quickly get back home and back to Seiya where she belongs. But before she knows what hit her, Usagi begins to see something in Endymion that she didn't see in anyone else. Slowly but surely, she began to fall for him.

Details on any necessary information: The caste system qualifications are found here. The other senshi will all be girls Chosen, and will be competing against Usagi. Their castes are as follows:

Ami - Three
Rei - Three
Makoto - Four
Minako - Two
Haruka - Two
Michiru - Five
Setsuna - Six
Hotaru - Three

My plan is for Usagi to have to choose between Endymion or Seiya. The four inner senshi have unknown futures, depending on how the roleplay plays out. Haruka and Michiru will fall in love. Setsuna and Hotaru have unknown futures as well. Seiya will become a member of the palace guard - thus allowing him to be involved in the roleplay. Otakus are also welcome in this roleplay.

Roleplayers will be able to choose the exact age (between 16 and 18) of their characters. All profiles for this roleplay will need to be crossover, because I am using the universe from The Selection.

Restrictions: N/A

OOC Thread: Click here

Member to Character List:
Usagi Tsukino - Lyssarie
Prince Endymion - Princess Luna
Stephanie Sanders - sportsnutd
Haruka Tenoh - Sailor Mercury
Michiru Kaioh - Sailor Neptune
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Dark Mercury.RAINBOW DASH BEST PONY!
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime28th October 2018, 8:39 am

Stephanie Sanders

Stephanie had just gotten her mail for the day and she saw a special letter and put the rest and opened it. She was one of the chosen! "Wait really? Om my gosh I can't believe this...I need to pack or something..." 


Stephaine heard someone at her door and hoped it wasn't that bratty kid she met at the pool last week as she went to the door and was met by the palace guards and they ordered Stephaine to come with them at once and without question.

Who was Stephanie to get on the bad side of the Palace Guards and went with them and was taken to the Palace courtyard and asked to wait there. Stephanie stood there alone at the moment and looked around at the beauty of the area.
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Professor Tomoe
Inner Senshi Admin
Activities Director

Professor Tomoe

Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

Title : Formerly Aurae; The Galaxy Cauldron Forums' Official Professor Tomoe
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime29th October 2018, 7:12 am

♅ Haruka Tenoh ♅

Perhaps if she didn't open the letter, it wouldn't exist. Her conversation with her aunt still rang in her ears, the ghosts of what had been said still haunting her. It left a sour taste in her mouth. This lottery... she never should have entered it.

What she couldn't have told her aunt was that she didn't want to marry a Prince. She didn't want to marry a King, or an Emperor, or any man of power. She didn't want to marry a man. Haruka had known for a long time now that she didn't care for men, not romantically. The promise of political and societal power meant very little to her—didn't she have enough of it already, thanks to her prominence as a driver, athlete, and model?

Why couldn't any of that have been enough?

Not opening the letter did not stop the guards from arriving. It did not stop them from forcing her to abandon the small, lonely home that was uniquely hers. She could hear the ring of the phone as the door closed behind them, but there was no time for goodbyes now. Haruka could only hope that she could learn to navigate this ridiculous "contest" as best she could. It would be a new sport, but this time she wasn't aiming to win—she just wanted to lose gracefully.
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Princess Luna
Lotus Crystal

Princess Luna

Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's official Luna.
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime29th October 2018, 6:53 pm

[Relaxed] The Choosing WbvGYc9_zpsye6p4qan

Endymion paced in his room. He knew the reason for The Choosing, her knew why now was the time, but he was very nervous. This was how he would meet his wife, hopefully, his soulmate. His father and mother met in this same exact arrangement all those years ago. Seeing her as she was now, he knew that The Choosing worked, but he also knew it wouldn't be as simple as it may seem to some. He would have to take not only his feelings into account, but his parent's feelings and opinions, as well as those of the public. This whole process was to appease the public or give them a glimpse of the inner workings of the royal family, more so than what they usually saw.

This was Endymion's one and only chance to fall in love. To find the one. That in and of itself was so daunting, but to do that with the entire country watching was worse. He was a poised and stoic prince, would a woman really like him if he showed her more than that? How many women would just be after the crown and title that came with his proposal? Endymion had no idea. He knew that on top of pretty much everything, he was scared to be hopeful and to open up.
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Sailor Neptune
Outer Senshi Admin
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Sailor Neptune

Outer Senshi Admin  RP Graphics & Canon Admin

Title : Drinker of Roleplayers' Tears ~ The Internationaliest™
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime30th October 2018, 1:18 am

[Relaxed] The Choosing Skkt7Dj

When she opened the letter that informed her that she had been Chosen, Michiru could not believe it. The chances were very slim that a Five would make it, but the hours she spent on making sure she looked perfect for the picture taken for the application form must have paid off. Her parents had immediately cheered in utter joy, and Michiru smiled as she watched their happy faces. She was going to make them proud.

Thoughts of the castle and all of its luxury made her feel as if she were floating. At last, she was going to become one of the people she had envied all her life. She knew she truly belonged there, among all of them. Even if she didn’t win, even if she didn’t become a princess… she would be able to bring even more money for her family and gain a new status. She had no interest whatsoever on the prince himself, and should he happen to be interested in her, well… she didn’t know what she would do yet. Maybe she’d steer his heart elsewhere. But if he insisted on making her the princess… maybe that wouldn’t be so bad either.

The packing had to be done in a rush, the goodbyes even more so, but if there had been tears, they were only tears of joy. After all, this goodbye was not forever, and she was going to make her life and her family's life better. This was a good journey, and she was excited to be seeing and living in the palace besides. She hoped her meagre belongings and simple dresses would not be cause of embarrassment, but the palace probably would provide her with the appropriate attire for official events, right? She hoped so, anyway.

Michiru arrived at the courtyard and was immediately taken in by the beauty and the grandness of the palace. Looking up at it, she felt her breath taken away. Nerves and butterflies filled her stomach; anxiety mixed with excitement, but above all she reminded herself to keep her manners perfect, now more than ever. She had trained her whole life for this. She hadn't known it at the time, but everything in her life had led to this. The royal palace.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Alyssa ~ Frappucino Enthusiast and Feels Expert
Posts : 6422
Join date : 2013-12-07
Age : 24
Location : United States

[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime25th November 2018, 5:14 pm

[Relaxed] The Choosing 4011577294 Usagi Tsukino [Relaxed] The Choosing 4011577294

It all happened so fast, Usagi barely had time to shed a tear. 

One minute, she was trying to scrounge for some bread to give her little brother, and the next, a pair of palace guards were escorting her out of her home and into the unknown - possibly forever. 

Her mother was full of joy when the guards arrived; her precious daughter actually had a chance to escape the brutal world of the Sixes and live the luxurious life of a Two, and possible even a One. Her father was worried for the fate of his obnoxious, scatterbrained daughter, but the financial benefits would help their family immensely. Her brother had no idea what was happening to his older sister, and his cries could be heard all the way down the street as Usagi rode towards the palace. 

She seemed to be one of the last ones to arrive, and as she stepped from the carriage, she couldn't help but feel immensely intimidated. There she was, with her dirt-stained clothes and matted hair, standing among some of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. She just wanted to melt into the ground and drop out of this competition, but the knowledge of how her time at the palace would serve her family financially pushed her forward. 

She approached a stunning woman with teal-colored hair and smiled as bright as she could, holding out her hand. "Hi! I'm Tsukino Usagi, who are you? Your hair is beautiful - can I touch it?"

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Usagi wanted to smack herself in the face. That was one potential friend that she had completely lost chances of making.
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[Relaxed] The Choosing Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Choosing   [Relaxed] The Choosing I_icon_minitime

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[Relaxed] The Choosing

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