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 Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC Empty
PostSubject: Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC   Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC I_icon_minitime13th March 2016, 11:52 am

Welcome to our new OOC thread! Hope you can join us. In this story, the powers that the senshi and shitennou wield will be translated into mutant abilities.

Children born with mutant abilities are at an all time high. Public opinion on mutants is extremely varied, from fascination to hatred. Charles Xavier has his hands full with all the new students he has been bringing to the Xavier Institute,  but he has not won them all. Some have gone over to the side of Magneto and Mystique, whose philosophy is much different than Xavier's. Rather than trying to learn to integrate into human society and work alongside people to foster understanding and trust, Magneto and Mystique are distrustful, or even hateful of ordinary humans and have a "take what you can, we are far superior anyway" mentality. Many of those that join their ranks have had rough pasts and have experienced prejudice for their mutant abilities which have made them resentful and angry. In a world where mutant-born are increasing it s becoming harder and harder to hide it.

It is a race between Magneto and Xavier to find these children, Xavier to protect and help them, and Magneto to build his mutant army.

Leading the forefront of anti-mutant sentiment is millionaire Princeton Diamond who is the founder of Diamond Corp, a techno-conglomerate that develops new tech for the government. His wife Esmeraude was out shopping when a young mutant, whose newfound powers had emerged out of control, had caused massive injuries and now his wife remains in a coma. Though the mutant died in the resulting explosion, it is little comfort for Diamond who has vowed to wipe out mutant-kind.

He and his younger super-hacker brother who goes by the hacker nickname Sapphyre are developing super robots called Sentinels who will be able to fight even the most powerful mutant. But can e get enough support from the people and from the US government to put his plan into action? At the moment, outright killing, even of mutants, wound not be sanctioned. But as more and more incidents happen, and as his vast P.R. budget allows, can he turn their hearts completely against mutant-kind?

Five young girls are living at Xavier's mansion, learning to control their abilities while also attending the public high school along with five new boys, currently living at the Brotherhood with Wanda and Pietro, two of Magneto's team. Little do the girls know that the cute students they find themselves falling in love with are the enemy, nor do they know that Mystique is currently the school principal.

As their romance grows, they will find out about each other and find themselves in situation where they must fight each other. But can they overcome their differences as the launch of project SENTIMEL nears? And can the two mutants with healing powers do something to sway Diamond's heart?

All five senshi will be playable as well as the four shitennou and Mamoru. Names can be changed.
X-Men and the Brotherhood will be NPCed unless someone wants to. Very Happy
Diamond and Sapphyre are playable.

Format is (Senshi Name for reference only - Civilian RP Name - Player)

Sailor Mercury - ??? - Sportsnutd

Additional ideas:
Since both Usagi and Mamoru have healing abilities, I am toying with the idea that as the crap hits the fan, they may be able to help Esmeraude, thus changing Diamond's heart, but this would be at the very end.
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Roleplaying Moderator


Roleplaying Moderator

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Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC   Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC I_icon_minitime8th December 2016, 5:55 am

This OOC has been moved to the OOC Graveyard as there has been no activity in a long time. If you wish to give the idea another shot in the future, please feel free to request this moved back! Smile
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Moonlight romance at Mutant High OOC

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