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 Chibiusa- The Beginning

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Chibiusa- The Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Chibiusa- The Beginning   Chibiusa- The Beginning I_icon_minitime20th November 2011, 9:49 am

Exactly one year after the completion of Crystal Tokyo King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity found out they were pregnant.

“I’m excited, I’ve always wondered what Chibi-usa looked like as a baby.” Usagi said playing with a throw pillow.
“Your not worried at all? You’ve never taken care of a baby before have you Usagi?” Rei asked fixing her dress.
“No I haven’t but Luna offered to teach me. She offered to be my midwife as well.”
“Are you sure your ready Usagi, Pregnancy can be very draining. Especially for a queen.” Ami said.
“Ami, I really don’t have any other choice.”

After Crystal Tokyo was finished Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion took the throne in the Crystal Palace where they are rarely seen outside the gates of. The senshi now defend their own kingdom and planets as well as earth with King Endymion. Luna, Artemis and Diana live in the East Wing of the Palace. Sailor Pluto Went on to guard the Space-Time Door.

“Are you having a shower or any type of party to celebrate the pregnancy?” Minako asked flipping through a baby magazine. “There are so many cute things we could get for Small Lady.”
“I’m not sure yet. Mamoru does not seem excited.”
All the girls looked at Usagi in wonder.
“Really? What happened when you told him?” Mako asked.
“He smirked and acted happy but I knew better.”
“Maybe he is scared. You and Mamoru took care of Chibi-usa as a child but not a newborn.” Rei said.
“Maybe he is just nervous.” Usagi said looking out the window.

Later at the royal table
“Luna, This is a lovely dinner you’ve made.” Usagi said.
“Thank you. I made sure it was mild enough for you and the baby.”
“I don’t like it.” Diana pouted to herself.
“Diana if you don’t eat your dinner you won’t be able to go outside and watch the stars tonight.” Artemis whispered to little Diana.
“Yes Diana, Chibi-usa likes the food very much.” Usagi said rubbing her stomach.
Diana smiled and started to eat again.
“Mamoru? You have barely touched your food.”
On the other side of the table King Endymion sat there staring at his food and playing with it with his fork.
“Oh I’m sorry, Excuse me.” He said standing up and leaving the table.
“I think my pregnancy scared him a little.” Usagi whispered.
“Really?” Artemis asked.
“Yes, He has been like this all day. After I told him on Monday he has been acting strange. We think he may be afraid of being a father so soon after Crystal Tokyo has been built.”
“Why would he be worried about this so….Diana?” Luna asked. “How about you go play in the play room?”
Diana nodded and skipped out of the room.
“Does he think Crystal Tokyo is prone to attack?” Artemis asked.
“Possibly. Anything is possible. I guess he didn’t think Chibi-usa would be here so soon either.” Usagi said sipping her soup.
“Do any of the other girls know anything about a threat or attack?”
“I’m not sure Artemis.” I talked to them earlier but they were too busy talking about a baby shower.
“I forgot about that!” Luna exclaimed. ”You need to have a shower…I will schedule a shower and have everyone there.”
“Luna please don’t. If Mamoru is having a problem I don’t want all those people in the palace.”
“It will be after he gets straightened out! But we need to prepare for Small Lady.”

Later that night in the royal bedroom.
“Mamo? Are you feeling alright?” Usagi asked brushing her hair.
“Yes, Why do you ask?”
“You’ve been acting strange ever since I told you I was pregnant and I’m worried.”
“There is nothing wrong.”
“Usako there is nothing wrong ok? So how was your day?”
Usagi walked over to the bed and sat down.
“It was fine. The girls and even Luna want to throw me a shower.”
“I WILL NOT HAVE THAT HAPPEN IN THIS PALACE!” Mamoru stood up out of bed.
“Mamo? What is wrong? Why can’t we have the shower here?”
“All those people? Usako we have been through this!”
“Why is it such a big deal? I want to have a shower! We do need to start preparing for Chibi-usa!”
“Why is it such a big deal? Because it’s a big target right at the palace! Where will we raise Chibi-usa if the palace is destroyed?”
“Mamo…there is something your not telling me. Is there a threat in Crystal Tokyo? Or on the Palace?”
“No. I just don’t want to give someone the chance to attack and wipe out everyone at once.”
“But we have all the senshi! The starlights! And you and I. We don’t have anything to worry about.”
“I don’t want to have to be on guard during the whole shower.” Mamoru said turning away from Usagi.
“We have guards and we have plenty of power to keep the palace from taking too much damage.”
“Your right.” Mamoru turned back to Usagi and hugged her. “Let’s go to bed.”

Usagi and Mamoru crawled into bed, kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep.
The next morning Mamoru was more social at breakfast. After breakfast Mamoru went out to the garden with Diana to water the flowers. Usagi, Artemis and Luna went into the library to talk.

“So I noticed Mamoru is in better spirits.” Artemis said sipping his tea. “Did you two talk last night?”
“Yes, He was all worked up about the palace being attacked and I being hurt if we had a shower.”
“Well at least you two figured this situation out. So are we having the shower here?” Luna asked.
“Yes we are having the shower here.”
“When?” Artemis asked.
“Tomorrow.” Usagi said standing up from her chair.
“Tomorrow?” Artemis asked.
“We already know it’s a girl. So why not?” Usagi walked towards the door and turned around. “Invite everyone.”

Usagi walked outside to join Diana and Mamoru who were now sitting on a swing that was tied to a tree branch. Usagi eavesdropped on Mamoru’s story.

“When I met Usako? At first I thought she was a crybaby freak. I grew to love her and now I can’t picture a life without her. Actually…I can picture a life without her.”
Usagi’s heart dropped and she felt as if she couldn’t breathe.
“That life would be worse than death, My own personal hell. A day when the sun didn’t shine and neither did the moon or stars.”
Usagi could breathe again. She started to walk over to Diana and Mamoru.
“Mamo? We decided to have the shower tomorrow.”
“Can I go?” Diana asked hopping off the swing and over to Usagi.
“Yes you will help me open the presents.”
Diana smiled, hugged Usagi and ran into the palace.
“Tomorrow?” Mamoru asked standing up.
“Yes, We already know it’s a girl. Plus you would like to get it over with right?”
“Yes…But tomorrow?”
“Is there a problem?” Usagi asked grabbing Mamoru’s hand and leading him towards the bench.
“Well, I have to assemble all the guards and make sure everyone comes ready for battle just in case.” Mamoru let go of Usagi’s hand and ran into the palace.

Usagi walked into the grand ballroom to see the perfect baby shower set up. A large chair overlooking the whole room that had a pink canopy behind and around it sat in the middle while many chairs and love seats were scattered around the room. All against the walls were tables with pink favors and pink table cloths draped on them. A large picture drawn with crayons was taped up on the wall next to the door. It read. “it’s a girl!” It had everyone in the picture and at the bottom there was a little signature that said “By Diana.” Usagi smiled to herself and walked in and sat on her chair.

“Luna and Diana did a nice job.”
Usagi looked up to see Mamoru standing in the doorway.
“Yes they did. I’m excited for tomorrow.”
Artemis entered the room from the other door.
“Your Majesty, The shower is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. Is that alright?” Artemis said flipping through a planner.
“Yes that is wonderful.” Usagi said.

The next morning Usagi got up and looked in the mirror and screamed.
Everyone in the palace got up and ran into the royal bedroom. All clad in sleepwear.
“Whats wrong?” Mamoru asked worried.
“I’ve grown ten times the size I was yesterday!” Usagi remarked about her enlarged stomach.
Luna ran into the room still in a night gown with a doctors bag in her hand.
“Usagi, Lie down.” Luna said setting her bag on the bed.
Usagi lied down on her back and looked at Luna.
“Why am I so big?” Usagi asked holding onto a pillow. “Doesn’t this process take nine months?”
“Everyone please leave.” Luna said.
Everyone in the room except Mamoru left and closed the door.
“Usagi take your night gown off please.”
“WHAT? WHY?!” Usagi exclaimed standing up from her bed.
“Because I can’t use the stethoscope if you have a night gown on.”
Usagi sighed a pulled off her nightgown and lifted up her camisole.
“Why do I have stretch marks?” Usagi exclaimed. Mamoru climbed onto the other side of the bed and held Usagi’s hand. Luna put the diaphragm up against Usagi’s bare stomach.
“Luna that’s so cold!”
“I know Usagi, Now be quiet, I can’t hear when you talk so much.”
Luna listened for a minute or so then took out the ear pieces and put the stethoscope away.
“And?” Usagi asked about to cry.
“She’s fine, Just growing is all.” Luna said.
“Babies don’t grow like that over night Luna.” Mamoru said staring at Usagi’s stomach.
“The baby is fine. Since you two are ‘magical’ Chibi-usa will grow at twice the speed as a regular human baby. You conceived in April correct?”
“We think so, yes” Usagi said pulling her camisole back down.
“Well its Now June and Chibi-usa should be ready to come out around August.”
“But that’s only 4 months!” Usagi said.
“As I said, ‘magical’ babies grow at fast rates.” Luna said. “I will see you both at breakfast.”
Usagi and Mamoru got dressed and Usagi noticed her dress no longer fit.
“Could you go get Luna please?” Usagi said looking at her dress that had a large rip in the back now that she forced it on and no longer could get it off.
Mamoru left and Luna walked upstairs with a pink dress in her hand.
“This is the dress I wore while pregnant with Diana.” Luna held up the dress.

The dress was long and flowing like Usagi’s but with a rose colored embroidered design on the chest. It wasn’t as formal but it fit and gave Usagi some extra breathing space. Luna and Usagi went down stairs for breakfast and then went into the Grand Ballroom. The tables were filled with finger sandwiches and miscellaneous foods for the guests. A large wrapped gift sat beside the throne with a small tag on it. It was wrapped in shiny pink paper that had yellow crescent moons all over it.
“To our dearest Usagi and future Princess Small Lady. Love Luna, Artemis, and Diana.”
Usagi smiled and walked over to her throne and sat down.
“Carrying a baby is a lot of work.” She said out of breath. “Luna how did you do it?”
“I just did. It will be over before you know it. Then Small Lady will be in your arms.”
“What time is it Luna?” Usagi asked holding her stomach.
“Almost eleven.”
“I should go freshen up before people start arriving.”
“As you wish.”

Usagi walked upstairs to her bathroom where she closed and locked the door. She slipped off her dress and camisole and looked at her protruding stomach and sighed. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and rubbed the lotion on her stretch marks.
“Stretch marks please go away.” Usagi started to cry. “I don’t like being this big.”
She sat on the floor and cried into her hands. There was a knock at the door.
“Usagi? Are you in there? It’s me Diana!”
Usagi got up and opened the door.
“WHOA!” Diana Exclaimed. “Look at that belly! There’s a big baby in there!”
Usagi Laughed and wiped her tears away.
“I think she’s kicking” Usagi got down on her knees and put Diana’s hand on her stomach.
“Wow! She is!” Diana said her eyes filled up with glee.
“I think she likes you Diana, I think you two will be great friends.”
“I hope so.” Diana said moving her hand. “Oh, Mom said that some people are starting to arrive and that you should come down stairs.”
“Ok Diana, You go help your mother.”
Usagi kissed Diana on the forehead and Diana ran out of the room. Usagi got up and slipped her dress back on and sprayed some perfume on. She fixed her hair and walked downstairs. Standing in the foyer were the starlights and princess Kakyuu. Usagi ran down the stairs to them.
“Dumpling!” Seiya exclaimed setting down her wrapped present. “Where is this party?”
“Inside the ballroom.” Usagi hugged Seiya in a warm embrace. “I’ve missed you all very much.”
Taiki,Yaten and Princess Kakyuu walked into the ballroom with their presents and left Seiya in the foyer.
“How’s Crystal Tokyo?” Seiya asked picking her present up off the ground.
“Fine, Construction just ended a few months ago.” Usagi fixed her dress. “Why don’t you join everyone else inside. I see more people coming in.”
“Alright dumpling.”
Seiya walked into the ballroom and more guest came in. Uranus and Neptune came in with a basket of baby clothes and needs, Pluto walked in with a box and a bag overflowing with baby toys. Rei and Mako came in with at least 10 bags. Ami came in with a few boxes and Minako came with so many presents that she had to make multiple trips.
Usagi walked into the ballroom to an astonishing amount of people and a mountain of gifts just waiting to be opened.

“Usako!” Mamoru called from beside Usagi’s throne. “You want to open the presents?”
Everyone looked at Usagi and the room fell under a complete silence. They all looked at her waiting for an answer. She nodded her head and everyone moved and sat to let her through. She walked slowly up to her throne and sat. She adjusted her dress and patted her stomach. Mamoru handed her the first box. It was wrapped in a pink wrapping paper that were covered in small pink bunnies.
“Its From Minako. So is the whole pile behind me.” Mamoru moved to reveal a large pile of about 12 boxes and 23 bags.
“I over shopped a little…The princess deserves it all.” Minako said.
Usagi smiled and finished opening the box. It was a toy wand that lit up and made noise. The next 35 presents were all from Minako. Consisting of clothes, toys and basic needs for the baby. Next Usagi opened the boxes from Ami. The boxes were overfilled with storybooks and a small educational toy. Rei and Mako brought baby needs like diapers and powder. Pluto brought many toys. Uranus and Neptune brought many little outfits, shoes and diapers. Then Saturn came up to Usagi’s thrown and handed her a pink teddy bear with a crescent moon on his stomach.
“I guess that is all for presents…Thank you..”
“Usako!” Mamoru called. “There is still one more. You have to come with me.”
Usagi looked at him with confusion and got up from her thrown. Luna and Rei followed behind them as they walked out of the Ballroom. They went up the stairs and into the west wing. They led Usagi to the door beside their bedroom. Mamoru opened the door and walked in. The room had been fixed up into a nursery. The room had been painted light pink and had already been set up with a changing table, crib and many other presents from Luna and Mamoru.
“We worked on this all night while you slept.” Rei said walking over to the window.
“It was a lot of work, But it was worth every minute for our dear Small Lady.” Luna said.
Usagi walked over to the rocking chair beside the crib and sat down. It rocked back and forth smoothly.
“I can sing and read to her hear.” Usagi began to smile. “Thank you everyone.”
“We should go back downstairs.” Mamoru said.

They traveled back downstairs and joined the party. Everyone ate and laughed and congratulated the soon to be parents. Out of nowhere the doors to the ballroom swung open to reveal 4 silhouettes. The senshi ran in front of Usagi to protect her and the baby. They walked in to reveal that they were the Sailor Quartet. The senshi backed down and the quartet approached the throne and bowed.

“Queen Serenity. We are here to serve as guardians to small lady. To protect and serve the moon kingdom. “ Sailor Ceres said standing up. The others followed.
“How did you awaken?” Usagi asked puzzled. “I never awoke you.”
“We awoke after the conception of Small Lady.” Sailor Vesta said.
“I see.” Mamoru said. “Why are you just now showing up if you’ve been awake for 5 months?”
“It took us 5 months to get here.” Sailor Ceres said. “We traveled the galaxy trying to find the kingdom.”
“I see. Well you won’t be needed until she is old enough to go into Crystal Tokyo. That won’t be for awhile so you can go back where you came from!” Mamoru exclaimed slamming his fist on the throne.
“Were here to guard the kingdoms four walls as well.” Sailor Juno said. “We are here to protect you two as well as Small Lady.”
“Fine.” Mamoru said. “You will be under strict surveillance though.”
“Mamo-chan? What are you doing?” Usagi asked looking up at him.
“King Endymion, These girls are fine. They were to be awoken to serve the Moon Kingdom and Small Lady. They are safe. No need to worry.” Pluto said standing up.

Mamoru got up and walked out of the room. Usagi got up and ran after him. She got out of the ballroom and saw that he was already gone. She started to cry and she sat down on a small chair beside the stairs.

“Dumpling?” Seiya called from beside her. She was her present to the baby in her hands.
“You never opened my present.” Seiya hand Usagi the small circular device.
“What is it?” Usagi asked wiping away her tears.
Seiya pushed a button on the side and a hologram projected all around them of all the planets and stars.
“Wow this is amazing Seiya!”
‘She has to know her planets and stars and the whole galaxy. I think this will catch her attention.”
“Thank you Seiya.”
“No Problem. Look I think he is just intimidated. He’s never been a father before.”
“But we took care of her before.”
“Yes, But you didn’t take care of her as a newborn or a toddler.”
“Yes your right, Chibi usa was older when we got her.”
“Just let him blow off some steam and talk to him tonight.”
“Thanks Seiya. You’re a great help.”

They hugged and went back into the party where people started to depart. The Quartet went to their posts outside the walls. Luna, Artemis and Diana started to clean up.
Later that night Usagi and Mamoru were getting ready for bed and Usagi was feeling apprehensive about asking him about earlier.
“So Seiya gave us a holographic planetarium thing for Chibi-usa. She can use it to learn all her planets and stars.” Usagi said brushing her hair.
“That’s nice.” Mamoru said lying in bed.
“Whats wrong Mamo-chan?” Usagi asked lying the brush down.
“I’m not sure. I’m just a little scarred.”

Usagi was about to say something before she froze. The only part of her that moved were her eyes. Mamoru stood up in bed with fright in his eyes. Usagi unfroze and stood up straight. Her eyes started to tear up.

“Go Get Luna.” Usagi said.
“What why? What’s wrong?” Mamoru said hopping out of bed.
“My water just broke. I think.”

Mamoru’s eyes grew and he sprinted out of the room. He ran into the east wing and barged into Luna and Artemis’s room. They both were in bed reading. They both looked up at Mamoru whom was out of breath.

“Usagi…Is going into labor…Her water…just broke.” He said.

Luna put her book down and climbed out of bed and grabbed a small black bag from beside her nightstand. They both ran out of the room back to the West wing. Usagi was lying in bed when they got in there. Luna closed the door and ran into the bathroom. She brought a few towels out and a bucket of water. She also had a blanket from the nursery to swaddle the baby in. Mamoru went up onto the bed and lied beside Usagi and held her hand. Luna put her hands on Usagi’s knees and tried to pull them apart.

“Usagi, I can’t get the baby out if you clench your legs like that.” Luna said.

Usagi let our a sigh and relaxed. Before she knew it, it was time to push. Luna directed her in pushing and once Usagi closed her eyes and pushed she heard a babies cry. She opened her eyes and didn’t see the baby.

“Where’s my baby?” Usagi asked.
“Luna is cleaning her up and wrapping her up.” Mamoru said.

Luna came up from behind Usagi’s legs and walked over to Usagi who held out her arms. Luna sat the Baby, who had stopped crying, In Usagi’s arms. There she was. The infant that everyone was waiting for. She had a little head of pink hair and a button nose.

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Chibiusa- The Beginning

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