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 Mixed Emotions

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Goddess Yami
Lotus Crystal

Goddess Yami

Lotus Crystal

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Mixed Emotions  Empty
PostSubject: Mixed Emotions    Mixed Emotions  I_icon_minitime27th October 2011, 12:15 pm

Hey I thought I share some fanfictions. My penname on fanfiction is Mew Ami. It was my first internet account and at the time I was huge Tokyo Mew Mew fan.

Here's my first pokemon fic!

Title: Mixed Emotions
Summary:N always thought that Pokemon feared humans until he met a girl name
Touko. She was a complete mystery to him because for some reason her
pokemon were happy to be with her. So to end the mystery N will disguise
himself and join her on her journey.
Paring: NxTouko
rated:T (Rated it T because their may be some language in future chapters. Nothing bad though. It's just be safe. )

Dear Diary,
Hello! This is so
exciting! I have never had a diary before…..what should I write? Oh, I
know! I'll write an introduction just because I can! My name is Touko
White and I'm thirteen years old, but not for long! Tomorrow is my
fourteen birthday! Let's see what else can I say about myself? Oh! I'm a
cheerful girl and I always look on the bright side of things. However, I
can have a temper especially if things don't go my way. I'm also very
competitive and I can be clumsy. I love to sing, hum, play sports, read,
and the list can go on! Well, that's me in a nutshell now, lets talk
about my birthday.

Tomorrow is a very special day because
I'll finally get my first Pokémon! Usually people get their Pokémon when
they turn ten, but Professor Juniper thought we weren't ready yet. As
in we I'm referring to my best friends Cheren and Bianca. Today is
Bianca's fourteen birthday and yesterday Cheren also turned fourteen.
Now, that we're all 14 (or I will be) she believes that we're
responsible enough to go off and train Pokémon. I'm so excited and yet
nervous at the same time! Because you see, Diary I can't make up my mind
about what starter I want! I hope I pick the right one tomorrow. Well,
that's it for now. I have to go to bed early because I'm leaving in the
morning for my journey. I'll write in you later! Bye!

closes it and puts it in on top of the nightstand next to her bed. She
then sets her alarm clock and turns off the lamp that's also on the
nightstand. She quickly lays her head down on her pillow and covers
herself up with a blanket. She then closes her eyes and falls asleep.
night passes by and it's finally morning. The sunlight goes through the
window and hits Touko in the face. It somewhat wakes her up so she
covers her face with her blanket. Pretty soon her alarm clock starts to
go off.
Bring, Bring, Bring
"Hmmm," says the young
girl who's still half sleep. She sits up and stares at her alarm clock
wondering why it's going off. She soon realizes that's morning and leans
over and turns the clock off. She then gets out of bed and heads over
to her closet.
The girl opens her closet and grabs a black
jacket without sleeves and white T-shirt. She then closes the door and
goes over to her dresser. The girl opens the bottom drawer and pulls out
a pair of jean shorts. After she closes the drawer, she opens the top
one and pulls out a fresh pair of clean underwear. The girl then closes
it and gets dress. Once dress, she throws her PJs in a hamper that's
next to her dresser. The girl then grabs a brush off her dresser and
brushes her long brown hair.
After brushing out her hair, Touko
grabs a hair tie off of her dresser and starts to put up her hair. As
she's putting up her hair there's a knock at the door.
"Come in," she says.
"Good morning, birthday girl!" says a woman's voice, when the door opens up.


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Mixed Emotions

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