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 [Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge!

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

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[Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge! Empty
PostSubject: [Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge!   [Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge! I_icon_minitime8th June 2014, 3:34 pm

[Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge! 2ut20jn
Shhh, it says "June" now, yes? Yes.

Okay, Writing Guild, it's that time again! Are you having trouble with getting motivated? Procrastinating like it's your full time job? Scrolling down your tumblr dash thinking "I should write something," only to just keep scrolling? 


TIME TO BUCK UP, OPEN THAT WORD DOC, AND GET TO WRITING. You've got some stories in you that people need to read, and the only way to get them out there is to just start writing! THEREFORE: The Writing Guild has issues another 

A challenge from us to you to get you writing. We want your word count, writer, and we want it updated at least twice a week!

Oh. Um, what counts?
Anything narrative or explanatory. Gotta write an essay? That counts. Inspired and going for a one-shot? Perfect. Other examples:
-role play posts
-one shots
-anything counts!

What do I get if I reach my goal?
And a little graphic. Yaaaay! Show the rest of the forums how wordly-enhanced you are! XD

Pssh, 'tis no challenge to me!
Aha! So you think so? BONUS CHALLENGE: Only counting the words from one work throughout the Accountability Challenge period! 

Technical Details time:

To keep track of your words, everyone in the challenge is recommended to update their word count on a daily basis in the thread using a Nanowrimo word count tracker.
To keep track of your words, I'd suggest one of two things:
A.) Post here every so often with a note to yourself stating what you wrote and how many words.
Example wrote:
(Nanowrimo Meter)
Quote :

500 words from One Shot "Boron the Boronator"
453 words from story "Usagi's List", ending on "and so she skipped to the market".
B.) Have a word document open with the purpose of dumping a copy of everything you've written into it. It'll be a jumbled mess when you finished, but it'd be completely accurate word-wise. xD

What do I do with my beautiful new works?
Post 'em! Post them in the Guild if you wanted help with tweaking or proofing, post them in the Writing forum if you're happy with it the way it is!

This challenge will go from June 8 - July 15.
(I'll be out of the country from the 27th to 11th, so I made it longer ^^')

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[Sanctioned][Challenge] 2014 Accountability Challenge!

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