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 Order of the Moon Lady

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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Order of the Moon Lady Empty
PostSubject: Order of the Moon Lady   Order of the Moon Lady I_icon_minitime7th April 2013, 12:21 pm

Order of the Moon Lady.

Based on the galactic north, in Subsector Kakyuu, The order of the Moon Lady was originally a small Order of the Sacred Rose preceptory on the civilized world of Naoko II, estabilished in 375. M40. They harbored a friendly relationship with the space marines of the Iron Knights chapter in the neighbouring subsector, and both organizations often acted in concert with each other.

They became a major order, when a splinter fleet of Moloch entered the subsector. Given early warning by seismic disturbances and scout ships, the sisters of battle prepared a spirited defense. An iron knights space marine company was sent to bolster Kakyuu's defenses, and the Adeptus Mechanicus sent a whole set of two hundred sororitas power armor, as well as a plentiful supply of the sisters' favored weapon trinity, guarded by a skitaari tech guard regiment.

During the war, the sisters, caretakers of the subsector, suffered the worst of the war against the tyranids. The Agri-world of Kakyuu Tertius, which had a good half of it's biosphere changed, would be reclassified as a death world, and breed deadly jungle fighters and space marines alike. Similarly, the forge-world of Zirconia was wrecked in battles not unlike the one witnessed on Gryphonne IV: The imperials have hung onto victory with barely the edge of their teeth, and many of the sacred technology was lost. The sisters fought on each world with missions twofold: To eliminate high-priority targets with their seraphim jump troops, and to bolster key defensive positions by keeping the faith of the guardsmen high.

Despite the stalwart efforts to contain the hive fleet in the outer systems, the lashing tendril of the swarm eventually reached Naoko II. But it was there, where the bulk of the sororitas and astartes concentrated their forces. Taking a page out of Marneus Calgar's book, Canoness Serenity led the defenses of the monastery personally. They drew the hive fleet deep into the Naoko system by harassing tendrils threatening other worlds, and the fleet took the bait.

Eventually, the swarm clashed on the concentrated defense of the imperials, and was battered thoroughly before making planetfall on Naoko II. This maneuver however was costly to the imperium, as it saw the half of the assembled fleet destroyed, and the space stations dismantled to the last one. Still, it brought time to the other worlds to bring in ships that would flank the hive fleet, delivering hit and run attacks as it tightened it's grip on Naoko II, tipping the scales a bit more to the favor of the defenders.

But the hive fleet was still winning, as it already crippled the strongest bombardment ordnance the imperials possessed, and has dislodged the resistance from several cities on the ground, despite the sisters putting up a defense so valiant that even the space marines were amazed. But alas, the hive spawned forth the Swarmlord, which quickly turned the ground battle into a rout to the sisters' monastery. There, it was only a matter of time, until Serenity and the ancient tyrant clashed. The events strangely mirrored that of Behemoth's defeat in ultramar, and the canoness was struck down by the alien blades of the monstrosity. There was no honor guard strong enough to keep the tyranids at bay, and they, guardsmen, space marines and sisters of battle, watched in horror as the beasts prepared to devour their martyred leader.

Then, when it was all lost, Serenity somehow recovered, and an artifact: The silver crystal, said to originate from Holy Terra's moon, glowed brightly on her chest. No tyranid would approach it's light, despite the woman no longer wearing power armor, but a dress fitting for a queen. A golden crown was on her head, and she stared down the swarmlord. At that moment, every imperial soul on the planet felt her presence, and in one unified act, the silver crystal focused their will into a single act, and thus, the swarmlord was destroyed.

Her rebirth, and the death of the swarmlord allowed the imperials to turn the tide back on the hive fleet, and after a long and grueling battle that lasted for weeks, the splinter fleet was at last defeated. Serenity was later accepted as a living saint, and clad in golden armor, would be the sign of hope on any battlefield she visited. The subsector was rebuilt, and the iron knights who survived the war became the living saint's elite praetorian guard.

The preceptory could not fail to rise beyond the role of a small detachment in time, and with the influx of pilgrims and sisters of battle, their numbers were swelled in the following century, and became a separate, albeit minor order in 960, m41.

Alas, such divine streaks of success always come to an, end Living Saint Serenity was no exception. In 990. m41, she, along with the praetorian champion, disappeared from sight, never to be heard from again, after describing an ominous shadow on the horizon beyond. This was strangely prophetic, as in 993, the second tyrannic war began. Canoness Superior "Small Lady" Camille, the last person to speak to her personally, said that the saint was seeking the "Light of Hope", and should she return again, she would bring salvation to the tyranid menace.

And so do the sisters await her return, and fight with bolter, melta and flamer, so that there will be an imperium for her to return into. But sometimes, on words besieged by tyranids, or chaos, there are tales of a winged angelic woman and a black clad astartes with a white mask bringing back hope to the beleaguered defenders.

Camille now bears the silver crystal, and she has deepened the ties to the iron knights, so that ten chosen space marines are always detached to the order, and their leader is ritually clad in pitch black armor, wearing a symbolic red rose on his armor, a long black cape, and a white outline of a mask painted on his helmet, around his eyes.


And the tabletop rules for fielding Sailor Moon:

Living Saint Serenity: 220 points: WS7 BS5 S5 T5 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/3++ Jump infantry.
Special Rules: Eternal Warrior. Furious charge, Counter attack, Faithful (adds +3 points to the faith counter total), It Will Not Die, "I shall return", Divine Will.
Wargear: Crescent Moon Staff, Armor of Mars, Tiara of Light, Primal Silver Crystal.

Black Knight (must be fielded alongside Serenity. Don't be fooled, it's Endymion/Mamoru): 70 points: WS5 BS5 S5 T4 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/4++
Jump Infantry.
Special rules: Eternal Warrior, Furious charge, Counter attack, Eternal Protector, Divine Will.
Wargear: Power Sword, Boltgun and Inferno Pistol, Artificer Armour, Jump Packs, Iron Halo.(4++ inv save)

"I shall return": When Serenity is slain, roll a d6. On a roll of 3 or higher, place Serenity back where she died with d3 wounds. On a roll of 1 or 2, place a counter in her place. In the beginning of each turn's movement phase, you may attempt to revive the living saint with the same roll. Each attempt to return uses a faith point.

Divine Will: Both Serenity and her knight succeed their Deny the Witch! rolls on 4+.

Eternal Protector: The first time Serenity would suffer a wound, you may allocate it to the Black Knight.

Crescent Moon Staff: Counts as a two handed AP2 power sword, It can be either fired as a S4 AP2 assault 1 template weapon, or a 18" S8 AP1 Assault 2 attack in the shooting phase.

Armor of Mars: This ancient armor was gifted to Serenity after her victory over Hive Fleet Moloch. It has a 2+ armor save, houses sophisticated shield generators that project a protective energy field for a 3+ invulnerable save, and has an inbuilt jump pack.

Tiara of Light: The gem on Serenity's Tiara can emit a blinding light, if circumstances are dire. On the first turn she is in close combat, the enemy must make an initiative check before any to-hit rolls are made. If they fail, they are blinded for a turn.

Primal Silver Crystal: Serenity wields the first and strongest silver crystal. Serenity counts as a mastery level 2 psyker, and her warp charges can be used by any unit within the line of sight, as a faith point. In addition, she may never be turned into a chaos spawn, and gains a 2++ invulnerable save against perils of the warp.

Acts of Faith:
Serenity may perform up to two acts of faith successfully each turn.

Miracle of Loyalty: Expending three faith points, Serenity may attempt to revive the black knight. Make a leadership test with -1 penalty for each wound she suffered at the beginning of your movement phase. On a success, the black knight is returned with d3 wounds. This act of faith may only be attempted once per turn, regardless of how many faith points the player has. Neither Serenity nor the Black Knight may assault on the turn he is returned.

Strength of Unity: Expending two faith poins, Serenity draws upon the power of her fellow sisters. On a successful leadership test at the beginning of her shooting phase, Serenity's strength is increased by 1 for every unit within a 18" radius of her. This applies to the strength of her shooting attacks made by the Crescent Staff as well.

Faith in All of you: Expending three faith points, Serenity places her faith in those who stand beside her. On a successful leadership test, every unit within 12" of her, including the Black Knight (but not Serenity) gains +1WS, +1BS, +1S, and +1T for a turn.

Divine Shield: Serenity may grant an unit a divine shield. On a successful leadership test (at the beginning of the movement phase), the target unit gains a 3+ invulnerable save, and Eternal Warrior for a turn.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Order of the Moon Lady Empty
PostSubject: Re: Order of the Moon Lady   Order of the Moon Lady I_icon_minitime8th April 2013, 4:33 pm

I'm always amazed by the amount of detail you place into battle strategies. I could never pull that off.


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Order of the Moon Lady

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