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 ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot Empty
PostSubject: ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot   ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot I_icon_minitime4th April 2013, 2:41 pm

ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot CrashBandicootLogo

Crash Bandicoot is a video
game franchise formerly developed by Naughty Dog and published by
Universal Interactive Studios and exclusively for the Sony
PlayStation. Later on when the games were moved to other publishers
it would cease being a PlayStation exclusive and be available on
multiple platforms. Once upon a time Crash Bandicoot was basically
the PlayStation’s equivalent of Mario and Sonic for the Nintendo
and Sega respectively.

ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot Crash_Bandicoot_Cover

Today we look at the game
where our loveable Bandicoot ‘crash’ onto the scene in late
August of 96. In case you haven’t figured it out already you play
as Crash Bandicoot, an evolved Eastern Barred Bandicoot created by
the evil Doctor Neo Cortex who planned to use him as his General for
world conquest, but was dubbed a failure and escaped the laboratory
he was created in, leaving Cortex to fall back on his companion,
Tawna and our hero must embark on a quest to save her (the things we
do for women).

Controls: You jump with the X button, can spin
to attack your enemies with either the Square or Circle button and
the Triangle button displays your Inventory. In each level you
collect Wumpa Fruit, collect 100 and you earn an extra life. You can
find some on the ground but they’re usually in crates that Crash
can open by either jumping on them or with his spin attack. Some
crates contain an extra life and a witch doctor mask called Aku Aku,
who always sounds like he’s in the middle of a really complicated
tongue twister when you summon him, which protects Crash allowing him
to take an extra hit by enemies. Collect three and you become
invincible temporarily, laying waste to your enemies and collecting
items by simply approaching them. Some levels contains three crates
with a picture of Tawna. Finding all three will bring you to a bonus
stage where you can add to your Inventory.

There are over 30
levels in the game total, with some reoccurring themes, not just in
the game itself but the franchise as a whole. The earliest example of
this comes in level 4, 5 and 8. Level 4 introduces the Boulder Chase
stages where you have to run away from a giant boulder that chase you
through most of the level, and of course they add some crates on the
road you’re running down, like you’re really going to go for them
with impending death behind you. Level 5 is a water world level which
will make a return in the sequel and level 9, Hog Wild, is where you
ride on an animal for the remainder of the level.

Cons: I
think the most annoying part about this game is saving data. Instead
of just being able to save in-between stages you can only save if you
complete the bonus levels, the problem in this is they aren’t in
every stage available and should you overlook the crates you need to
unlock it or fail, you won’t be able to save. But Naughty Dog did
rectify this problem in future titles and there are various passwords
you can input for this so I guess it all worked out in the

Another thing, which is rather small in itself, is that
the intro does not start when you begin the game. Instead it runs
when you leave the main menu screen on for too long so a lot of
people are probably going to miss the intro their first time playing
this and not know what’s going on. Granted, that was always the
case in video games back in the 80s, especially platformers, but for
1996? Even the game’s rival platform Super Mario 64 had the opening
intro when you start the game and other video games in that time
frame too so it is a small inconvenient for those expecting to see a
cut scene. Not to mention it’s just plain weird to have it only
cone on during the main title screen.

Crash Bandicoot doesn’t
offer anything revolutionary for platformers of its time but I don’t
think that what the game was going for. All this game is trying to be
is a fun platformer game and it excels at that perfectly. So if
you’re a fan of platformer games I would definitely recommend Crash
Bandicoot for your gaming pleasure. A solid 7/10 for Naughty Dog’s
favorite Bandicoot.


ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot SailorVSig2
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Star Seed

Star Seed

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ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot Empty
PostSubject: Re: ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot   ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot I_icon_minitime4th April 2013, 3:48 pm

Ah... sweet nostalgia. I totally agree on how crappy the save system was. >.<
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ToriJ's Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot

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