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 The Perfect Gift

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Goddess Yami
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Goddess Yami

Lotus Crystal

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The Perfect Gift Empty
PostSubject: The Perfect Gift   The Perfect Gift I_icon_minitime6th October 2012, 6:29 pm

I wrote this as my RP sample for applying to be a RP mod. I thought I share this guys with you because it can be treated as one shot.

Summary: Mamoru is out shopping for Usagi’s birthday gift and crazy events ensue. This takes place during the SuperS season.

Mamoru rushed out his apartment one morning. He just remembered that tomorrow is his girlfriend’s birthday. Last year Usagi claimed he forgotten about it, but it was huge misunderstanding because she never told him when her birthday was. Mamoru was happy that he remembered when he got up because otherwise he would have gotten a slap to a face like last year.

He left his apartment complex and headed to the east part of the city. There was a huge department store so he’ll probably find something there that Usgai would like. As he walked down the sidewalk he noticed a clothing store to the side of him. He looked at the window and noticed it was a men’s clothing store. He came to a stop when he noticed a manikin wearing a leather jacket. Mamoru gazed at it for a long time and was tempted to go buy it. The jacket would be nice to wear while riding on his motorcycle. Plus it didn’t look that bad. Usagi always teased him about his clothes.

Mamoru then grabbed his wallet out and counted his money. He let out a heavy sigh because he only had enough to buy his girlfriend a present. Mamoru could just use his credit card, but he only liked using that for emergencies. So he carried on and headed to the department store. Once he got there, he headed up the escalator to the women’s area and saw it was crowded. Mamoru then noticed a sign which said, “Summer Kick Off Sale.”

He walked over to some plaid skirts that got his eye. There was a huge selection to pick from so Mamoru could not make up his minded. He went through the rack and saw a pink plaid skirt with white stripes on it. Mamoru imaged what it would like on Usagi and to him he thought it would look cute on her. So he headed over to the counter to pay for it.

At the counter Mamoru handed it over to the cashier. She looked at the skirt and shook her head.

“Is there something wrong?” Mamoru asked.

“Sweetie, is this skirt a gift?” she asked him.

“Why yes. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow so I’m getting it for her.”

“Oh, well plaid skirts are so last month. Why do you think they are sale, doll?”

“Do you have any suggestions then?” he asked her. He didn’t want to give Usagi a skirt that was out of style. She would probably tease him if he got this skirt.

“Well,” said the cashier and pointed to a display near the register. “Those are summer skirts that your girlfriend might like.”

“Are they on sale?”

“No, they’re not.”

Mamoru slightly frowned. He was a college student after all and was not made of money. “Is there any skirts that are in style that are on sale?”

“Well, there are those skirts,” she said and pointed to another display that was near the plaid skirts.

“Thanks,” said Mamoru and took the plaid skirt with him and put it back where he got it. He then went over to the other display and found a cute skirt for his girlfriend.

After he bought the skirt, Mamoru left the department store. Once outside he heard several screams. He rushed toward the screams and saw the oldest Amazon Quartets shooting people with her magic ball. Then pink mirrors popped out of the people’s chests.

“No golden mirror,” said a frustrated CereCere. “Oh well, lemures!” CereCere’s shadow grew big and a clown
lemures appeared. “Get rid of these people’s dreams.” She then walked away.

Mamoru hid behind the corner of a building. This was not good. The Usagi and her friends went to a spa for
her birthday. Mamoru had no choice he had to battle this monster on his own. He looked around and saw no one and sight so closed his eyes and transformed into Tuxedo Mask. He then placed Usgai’s gift behind a lamp post.

He ran over to the lemures and pulled out a rose. Tuxedo Mask then threw it at the lemures and it hit it in its eyes. The lemures turned around and pulled the rose out of its eye. It then pulled a horn from its back and blew hard into it. As the lemures was blowing its horn, bombs were spitting out of it. Tuxedo Mask quickly jumped out the way and the lemures kept on blowing its horn. He kept on dodging and eventually jumped on to the lamp post to get out of the way.

The monster stopped blowing its horn and ran over toward the lamp post. When it got to the lamp post,
it pulled a saw out of its pocket. The monster began sawing away the lamp post and it actually was slicing the lamp post in half! Tuxedo Mask jumped before it hit the ground. The monster then noticed the bag sitting on the ground and stared at it curiously.

Tuxedo Mask pulled out his staff and lugged at the lemures. It dodged and it him on the back with its horn. Tuxedo Mask fell to the ground and quickly stood up. He turned around and saw the lemures holding his gift to Usagi. He slammed into it trying to make it drop the gift, but it had a firm grip on the bag. It laughed at him and ran off with the bag.

“Prefect,” Tuxedo Mask mutter angrily to himself and chased after the lemures.

The monster glanced behind it and saw Tuxedo Mask was closing in on it. So it picked up its pace and leaped on to a car. It then jumped on to a small roof that was above a store’s doors. The monster then leaped up into the air onto the rooftop of the store.

Tuxedo Mask followed it and kept on chasing after it. The lemures was too fast for him and kept was dodging his roses. He grew tire of this chase so Tuxedo Mask pulled out his staff and allowed it to grow long enough to
reach the lemures. The staff hit its back causing it to fall to the ground. Tuxedo Mask land next to it and grabbed the bag from it.

The lemures jumped up and quickly leaped up onto a building’s rooftop. Tuxedo Mask followed it and landed on the rooftop. Then there was a bit of a stare down between the lemures and Tuxedo Mask. The lemures then just laughed at him and fled for its life. Tuxedo Mask remained on the roof until he couldn’t see it anymore.
He then left the area and went to check on the people who got their dream mirrors ripped out of them. When he got to the scene, he saw the people waking up. He smiled knowing that everyone was going to be okay. So he left the area to turn back to normal.

After returning to his street clothes, Mamoru headed on home. On his way back to his apartment Mamoru saw that men’s clothing store again. The jacket was still in the mirror and he stopped to look at it again. He stared at it for a while and came to the decision to use his credit card. He just saved some people from getting their dreams destroy so why not treat himself? So Mamoru headed into the store to buy the jacket.


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The Perfect Gift

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