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 Radical Edward's story/book thing

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Radical Edward's story/book thing Empty
PostSubject: Radical Edward's story/book thing   Radical Edward's story/book thing I_icon_minitime23rd August 2012, 6:39 pm

Ok so here is chapter one , sorry it's so long. please anyone comment especially if you liked it. This is copyrighted work i own the copyright. it's all me, and some of the voices in my head. they all have such wonderful stories to tell. don't worry about hurting my feeling if you don't like it please let me know why maybe i can do something about it. if you liked it please let me know why, i love that kind of feed back to know what i did right. i don't usually put my writing out there but i feel that it's about time. so for your enjoyment Bringing Chaos Chapter One!

Before time was time, in the place where all came there was creation. From that creation sprang two, one a god, Order, and the other a goddess, Chaos. Order, despite his name is of the destructive, his followers believing that only when all is gone can there exist true and complete order. Chaos is the other, a force of pure creation her followers falling for love and life, living as if they have no tomorrow to live. This is where the battle for all the worlds begins.

When time became Time and the worlds started to form and life began to grow, Chaos nurtured this small thing, this new growth of life across the worlds. While her brother Order, sought to destroy it all. This they fought over for many years, until one day Order, in his wickedness, shattered Chaos's soul, causing it to be scattered across the worlds she so dearly loved. With Chaos gone for good, he thought he would be able to bring his complete order to the universe, however his plans were run afoul. The goddess Chaos of creation had in her pieces all converged on a newborn soul and made a pact with her, that when ever all the parts of her soul are in one body Chaos would be allowed to occupy the body the soul inhabited, thus effectively stopping her brother from being able to destroy the entity of reality.

Our story is only one in Chaos's eternal existence. One that is something now. This is a story of what happens when the battle for all reality is fought, by one girl who's heard the voice of chaos all her life and who never knew that the greatest power of creation was sleeping inside her waiting to wake. This is the story of Eres, a goddess incarnate and heir to all that Chaos left the worlds.

The voice in her head wouldn't shut up again and she was trying to study for her finals. “Please just shut up and let me study!”. That didn't work, like usual in addition the things she saw were growing in number the closer to the end of term she got. It was weird, and in truth she didn't care, all she wanted to do was study and pass this her last final high school exam. She leaned back from her desk, and stretched. “Tell you what if you quite down and let me study, I'll try listening after exams. How's that strike you?”. It must have worked cause the voice grew to a soft whisper just so she wouldn't forget it was there. “Thanks.” she said and got back to her books and notes. “ Man! Math is a real pain this time! Ugh!” she threw her self into her studies and didn't stop till she was called for dinner.

“Don't forget your promise”

“You must remember before it's too late.”

“You must remember who you are.”

“Remember.......remember..........remember who you are.....”

“Don't forget......don't forget.” Damn her dreams were getting weird. She was used to strange dreams but this was like nothing she'd ever experienced. She was always floating and it was always dark, then a brilliant flash of light that swallowed her entire being. She felt like it washed her and left her felling new again. She reveled in the feeling. She watched as bright colors formed in the darkness and she could feel something inside her grow, as the colors got more and more vibrant. She could feel something growing in her as if she was with child, something that at any moment might rip her in two to get out and be on it's own. She delighted in the feeling and wished it to last forever.

Then the blinding pain that felt as if it shattered her to the core. She felt as if she was being drawn back to that darkness of the beginning. She wanted to live she wanted to stay among the bright colors and the soft warm lights that were taking shape on the colors. She needed to be near them and with then in their plane of being. She fought the darkness with all she had and in the end she was holding on to a light..............then she'd wake with nothing more that the voice echoing “Don't must remember...........don't forget......” Yay, just the way to start the day, with creepy reminders to 'remember' and to 'not forget her promise' yippee, as if her life wasn't messed up enough now a disembodied voice in her head was playing at being her personal sticky note. The voice giggled, as it did from time to time, as if it found the idea of being a sticky note funny. Eres suddenly wondered what it would be like to be a said sticky note, but shook it out of her head. She had other things to worry about. Most importantly her exams were today. “Don’t forget your promise.” the voice whispered.

Eres hurried and dressed then headed to school for her final exams of her senior year. She had been accepted to the college of her choice and was all set to start the rest of her life. As long as she didn’t forget her promise to the creepy voice in her head. Somehow she knew that this wasn't going to be a good thing. Something deep inside her told her that keeping her promise to the voice was going to bring more trouble than it was worth, but she had always kept her promises. Shaking her head as if to clear it of the weird thoughts she was having, she grabbed her keys and headed to school.

Chaos was pushed to the back of the girl's mind yet again. She was always pushing Chaos away as if she didn't want what Chaos could give. It was strange. This had never happened before, in every other lifetime that Chaos had lived, her host soul had been more than happy to accept the gifts Chaos had to offer in exchange for the sometime use of their bodies. She couldn't understand this one. Maybe this was the last time Chaos would ever again be in the mortal world. The thought frightened her. She had always loved seeing the new colors life took on as it aged, forming new and wonderful things for her to touch, see and feel. She loved everything about the human world, well almost everything. She hated that her brother, Order, had his hands in the palette that is the universe. The ruins of his work was all around, in the histories of wars and in the violence of what had become life in the thousands of years between her incarnations. She knew that she had to do something to better contain her brother's power before this soul left the plane it currently inhabited. Chaos had to make a plan and she needed this girl's corporation.

At the end of the school day Eres threw her bag in her car and took off. She had to get away from that place and fast. She always felt drained after leaving campus, but that must be because it's school. Little did she know that her weariness was caused by Order. He had created the schools to be able to spot his sister when she came back to “life” so to speak. He needed her dead this time and for good. His plans couldn't move forward as long as his sister lived. He would see to her destruction personally, his sister deserved as much. His laugh echoed through his empty hall.

Eres had been doing her best to ignore the voice in her head, but when it wouldn't let her sleep because it was practically yelling at her, accusing her of forgetting her promise. She hadn't actually, she just hadn't said when after exams she'd listen to it. That made it mad. She had a headache that felt like the thing was trying to rip her skull apart. “FINE!!! You win, what is it?” Eres asked the pesky thing in her head.

“ I am that which all begins and to which all shall end.” the voice said. Shocked Eres didn't know what to do but keep listening.” I am that which was there at the being and that which shall be there when all returns to the void.” it paused, as if gathering its courage to say what it had to. “ I am Chaos, and you are heir to all I left to eternity. You,” It whispered “ are my bonded sister.”

Eres was stunned. What was the voice going on about? What was it talking about anyway? She was the heir to
Chaos? That was ridiculous, just cause she was named for a goddess of chaos didn't make her heir to one. “Okay then, what do you want?” Eres asked.

“To teach you the ways of those that came before you.” the voice said. “It is a story that shall be told in your dreams and one that will take you across all time and space, for you are an old soul. One of a few that were made at the beginning of all creation.”.

“Kay, so what does that mean?”

“Great goddesses above!” the voice gasped in frustration. “ I want to teach you about your past lives. By doing so I hope to awaken the power that lies buried deep within you, and I have a name, you could use it.”

Again Eres didn't know what to say or do. “Okay.” she stood and began to pace her bare feet slapping the wood flooring of her room. “Okay” she repeated. She was listening to a disembodied voice named Chaos that somehow she was tied to. Boy this wasn't getting less weird at all. “ So, Chaos, what does this mean in junction with me?”

“I need you to help me defeat my brother, who wants to kill off all life so that he can bring his 'Ultimate Order' to the universe.”

Eres shook her head. “No. Not happening. I am not getting in the middle of a family feud like this.” Eres kept shaking her head “No way sister.”

“If you're my sister then it's your duty to help me against 'our' brother. So if you won't willingly help me then, I'll just make you see my way.” Suddenly Eres' body convulsed violently and she found herself on the floor in the most excruciating pain of her life. She writhed on the floor, wanting to scream out but unable to use her vocal cords. “See? I can be a real pain. Literally.” Chaos laugh. “Or I could just “take over” and then you wouldn't have a choice, you'd have to help me.” Chaos stopped talking for a moment. “ I'm going to stop the pain now and we're going to play nice or I'm going to take control of your, I mean our body, and handle things myself.” She paused for a moment, “are we agreed?”

Eres nodded vigorously, thinking to herself that this was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to her. “Okay, Okay, you win. I'll do what I can. Alright? So let me go!” the pain stopped as suddenly as it started. Eres breathed a sigh of relief as the torment that she'd experienced faded to an all too potent memory. “So what do I have to do?”

“For the moment, nothing, but soon you'll begin to feel your power growing and then you'll be ready to start working on control of that power.” Chaos' voice was getting softer as she spoke, as if she was being swept away by a tide. “ I must sleep now, we've had quite a day.” Her voice was nothing more that a whisper now and getting softer still. “Rest well, Eres, soon all will be understood.”

“Yeah if you say so.” Eres pushed herself off the floor of her room. She sat down on her bed and looked around her. She would be leaving for college at the end of the summer, and she was looking forward to being on her own. But this just might throw a curve ball into her carefully laid plans for her life.

She'd never thought that something like an ancient goddess of chaos would be sharing her body, or that that same goddess would be threatening to take over her body whether or not she liked it. So one way or another this was going to mess everything up, all the plans she'd had for her life after high school. Oh this was not something she was going to post on her profiles. 

Order sat watching the girl that housed his sister's soul. He knew that he couldn't get to the girl without his sister interfering, the girl was too well guarded. His sister would see to it that followers of the Chaotic way would be all around the girl to protect her at all times. These 'Guardians' would cause all kinds of trouble for him. His people would have to get rid of them, so that he could destroy the girl and his sister with her. “This time sister, dearest, I will destroy you, and you won't be able to come back.” He called up a close up of the girl. This Eres was actually a gorgeous creature. It will be a shame to waste such beauty. Maybe after he sealed his sister, before he destroyed her, he would use this girl for personal pleasures. He let the image of the girl go, and sat back in his throne. He could feel that this might be the last time he fought his sister for the fate of the worlds. This time he would win. He would see that the universes received his ultimate order. He laughed to himself and his servants scattered into the darkness.

Eres was dreaming. She was deep in an ancient jungle. The world was dim with spotted places of sunlight slipping in between the pregnant branches of the great jungle trees. She was running, slipping and darting though the trees and undergrowth. She was in a race, with her mother. She was just slightly behind. This time she would win and earn the right to take the trial and join her sisters as a warrior. She wanted nothing more than to be an Amazon, like her older sister, mother, grandmother and every other woman in her family. “ Come on now, Acacia! If you can't catch me, you'll never make it to the trial,” her mother taunted from ahead of her. She let out her reserve of speed and overtook her mother in a short distance. She saw the finish line of their race and headed towards it with all her might, she was going to win this time, she just knew it. As she crossed the finish line, her youngest sister greeted her.

“You did it, Aci! You beat mitera!” Chrysanthe screamed, jumping up and down in excitement. “ You finally beat mitera! You're going to become an Amazon warrior!”

“Yes, my little one, your sister finally beat me in a footrace.” Her mother said coming up behind them, short of breath. “I am proud of you.” Their mother said turning to her. “You will be a fine warrior.”

Acacia blushed. “Thank you, mitera.” She had been waiting for her mother to say those words all her life, ever since she decided to walk the path of the Amazons. “ I am glad you think so.”

Her older sister joined them. “So you finally beat mitera, huh? I beat her the first time I raced her.” she scoffed.

“Now, now, Kassandra, you're lying and you know it to be true.” their mother said gently. “It took you twice as many tries as it did Acacia to beat me.” Their mother turned and scooped up Chrysanthe, “Come now, girls, evening meal should be ready soon, and we must tell the others in the tribe of your sister's good fortune.”

Eres woke from her dream full of pride for the girl in her dream. She felt that when the girl finally became an Amazon, she was one of the greatest. “You're right.” Chaos said. “ She was.”

“Good morning, annoying disembodied voice in my head. How did you sleep?” Eres asked sarcastically.

“Rather well actually, thanks for asking.” Chaos responded.

“I was being sarcastic,” she said as she threw back the covers and got out of bed.

“That's not a very good way to start the day, Eres. Being sarcastic to a goddess in your head.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Phenomenal cosmic powers and all that.” She shrugged on her robe and headed downstairs to breakfast.

“After we eat, there's someone I'd like you to meet. He's going to prove to be a great asset to you later.”

“Alright, as long as you behave at breakfast. I don't want my parents knowing I have a ancient goddess of chaos living in my head.”

“Deal.” Chaos said and was quiet all through the meal.

Later after Eres had showered and changed, Chaos had her sit on her bed. “Now don't freak out and run screaming. He's here to protect you until you can defend yourself.”

“Umm, what exactly do I need protection from, again?”

Chaos made a rude sound and huffed. “My brother, Order.”

“Oh, right, right, Order.” Eres said, disbelieving. “OK so how am I gonna meet anyone by sitting in my bedroom on a Saturday in the middle of summer?”

“ By using your 'third eye.'”

“You mean that visualization thingy where you imagine an eye in the middle of your forehead?”

Chaos was silent for a moment. “Uh, yeah that thingy. So you know about 'third sight'?”

“A little, but no, not really.”

“Well this time I'm going to open your third eye for you, until you learn to do so on your own, however you will, from this point on, always be able to see Jared.”

“Who's Jared?”

“I am,” a deep dark voice answered from the corner of the room. Eres jumped and spun to face the owner of the voice. “I’ve been watching over you since you were small.” He was tall and was dressed in a dark cloak of some kind. Jared threw back his hood to revel a handsome face with eyes that were bluer than glacial waters, set in features that were so perfect that his face could have been chiseled from the whitest marble.

Taking deep breaths to calm herself, Eres looked at the man standing in her bedroom. “How did you get in here?” she demanded. In response Jared just laughed a deep, velvet laugh, like that of a suave villain from the movies.

“He's always been with you. He's your Guardian.” Chaos said. “and he can hear me too, when I want him to, so don't worry about repeating what I say.” she paused. “Say hello to Jared. He's waited along time for this, don't spoil it for him.”

“H-ello.” Eres stuttered. “It's nice to meet you, Jared.”

He moved to stand closer to the bed. He looked down at Eres and smiled the most melting smile that Eres had ever seen. “By the goddesses you are handsome.” she slammed her hand over her mouth. “ I'm sorry, I didn't.....” she stopped talking, because he was laughing again, but this time it was light and soft, almost like her comment amused him.

“It's alright. I don't mind, actually I'm glad you think so.” He said, sitting down by her. “In time you'll learn our story as well as all the others.”

“Our story??” Eres repeated. “What's he talkin' 'bout, Chaos?”

“In another life, in another time, he and I were lovers, but that doesn't mean anything but that you can always rely on him. He will always be there to protect you. He will also help you learn to defend yourself in a fight.”

“So he's gonna teach me to fight?”

“So to speak.” Jared said, his deep voice flowing over Eres like a satin blanket. “I'm going to help you learn to control your powers and wield them.”

Eres sat dumbstruck for moment. “You have the most wonderful voice I have ever heard.” Again she was unable to stop what fell out of her mouth. “Again, I'm sorry. Sometimes these things just fall out of my mouth before I can stop them,” she was shocked to hear Jared and Chaos giggling.

“My Darling, things like that are what make you, you. It comes with the package of Chaos.” Jared said gently. “I've always liked that about you.”

Chaos spoke directly to Jared, and she kept it from Eres. “Is she the one you've been looking for, old friend?”

“Yes, she is.” he replied in kind.

“I'm glad we found her. And this time you don't have to choose between us.”

“That is a blessing.”

“Everybody got real quiet all of the sudden. Is there something I'm missing?” Eres said aloud. “Anyway, I don't mean to be rude, but Jared, you're not like anything I've ever come across before. What are you?”

“I am a demon.” he stated matter of factually. “The first of many you will meet.”

“You two do know I have a life, right? I'm going away to college this fall and I'm not going to have time to play nice with every weird thing that comes calling.” They both laughed. “I'm being serious!” she claimed.

“You won't have to give up your life, just because I'm part of you.” Chaos said. “If anything, having me as part of you will make things easier.”

“Yeah, like studying for those finals last week was easier with you in my head.”

“That was different, you were ignoring me, and had been for far too long. My brother has probably already been alerted to you. I'm surprised that he hasn't sent any of his goons after you yet.”

“OK so, brother has minions of his own. Do we have anything nifty like that?” Eres asked.

“Oh, yes.” Jared said. “ The followers of Chaos are numerous. You can find them comin' out of the woodwork, like roaches.” He paused for a moment. “We're just as hard to kill too, actually. This little family feud has been going on since before time was Time.”

“Can't you two just make up and play nice in the sandbox?” Eres asked. “I mean, damn! It's a big universe, isn't there room for both of you?”

“NO!” Chaos yelled. “Order wants to destroy everything, all life, all the worlds and all of reality. That's his idea of ultimate order. If he is allowed to continue to exist he will never stop trying to wipe everything out.”

“OK, OK. I'm sorry, I get it. Brother, Order: very bad. Check. But what happens if he is destroyed? Won't that rip apart the cosmos too? What about all that 'balance' stuff they always talk about?”

“Just hype. The worlds will continue to exist without my brother or myself, they would have been without us and they will be without us. It's just how things were meant to be. It's just if Order wins, then everything is doomed, and if we can stop him somehow, then everything will carry on like nothing happened.” she paused. “His followers might be destroyed, but that wouldn't be any great loss.”

“Especially if we can stop him from entering into a pact with a soul like Kai did.” Jared said. “Cause if that happens, his followers could bring him back, like we can with you.” Nodding his head in agreement with Chaos.

“Who's Kai?” Eres asked. “And what do you mean by “like you can with me”? I'm not sure I like the way that sounds.”

“Kai is Chaos' nickname. It's easier than calling her Chaos all the time and you sound less crazy when you talk to her. When in public just pretend you've got a phone call.” Jared explained. “And what we mean is that when you reach the height of your power you will essentially bond with Kai, becoming one being.”

“Cool, I think I can handle that.” Eres said. She turned to look at the clock. “Oh, crap! Well this has been fun, but I've got plans with a friend at the mall for lunch. So please everybody, let's pretend that I don't have a hunky demon following me around and a ancient chaos goddess in my head, OK?”

“For you dearest one, anything.” Jared and Chaos said in unison. Eres rolled her eyes and headed out.

Order watched through the eyes of his servant's eyes. The girl was sitting at a table in the food court of a mall. He watched as his lust for the girl grew with each passing moment. She was certainly a divine creature, touched by his sister. Her eyes had the sparkle that no other had, and their color was unique to her alone. Her hair shone even when the sunlight wasn't on her. Her hair was an interesting blend of colors that no hairdresser in the world could hope to copy. He watched as she looked around, trying to find someone in the crowd of people roaming through the mall that day. Her gaze lingered on his for a moment and his loins tightened. Oh how he will enjoy taking that innocence from those eyes. He was startled when she stood and headed towards his servant with a smile like that of a goddess of love. She waved at him and she headed towards him. “Hey! Nickoli, you just gonna stand there like a bump on a log or are you gonna come have lunch with me?” she asked him in a voice that could melt the polar ice caps.

“Yeah sorry, I didn't see you, Era. How's it been going for ya?” he said with the boy's voice.

“Well enough, I guess.” she walked up, hugged his neck, and kissed his cheek. Order was jolted out of the boy's body by the girl's action. Affection was a weakness he couldn't afford, and she was far too affectionate for his tastes. She would have to be broken of that little annoying trait, when he got his hands on her. However, knowing that he had a servant already in her circle of friends would make his work all the easier. He wouldn't have to spend the time to find one of her friends that he could 'convert' to his side, and as an added bonus, this friend was male, much easier to control that a female, one of his sister's kind. Women were a difficult breed, but once broken, they had their various uses.

He watched as his sister's vessel talked, laughed and ate with his servant. This was going to be almost too easy. Chaos should have kept better tabs on her host than she has. “By the time dear sweet sister Chaos realizes what happened it'll be too late,” he chuckled, “and by that time, I'll have the sweet innocent girl broken and bent to his will.” Oh, this was going to be the last time he ever had to fight his sister, he would see to that. Even if he has to keep the girl alive of eternity, just to make sure, but that in itself wouldn't be a total waste. At least the girl is still young. He laughed, the echoes coming back to him, just as evil and full of hate and malice as when he let them loose.

Jared warned her that Nickoli was possessed by Order, and she went to him anyway. Nicki was a good friend of hers and she wasn't going to give up her best friend because Order had hold of him. Moldy old Order could move over, she had a lunch date.

Chaos felt her brother when Eres walked into the mall. She could feel his eyes on her and she worried for Eres' well being. She had no way of defending herself if Order decided to attack. All of Chaos' fears were swept away when, Eres showed affection to her friend, and drove Order out of the boy's body. She smiled, when she felt her brother flee in the face of young love, and knew that even if this boy was a servant of Order, she and Eres would be safe, because of the strong love Eres has for the boy, Nicki. That was something he couldn't stand against. Chaos was proud of Eres, even if she didn't know it.
Jared sighed in relief as Order's presence jumped out of Nicki. He relaxed and stood back a bit so that Eres could feel normal, at least for a while longer. Soon he won't leave her at all, the risk would be too great, and Eres was their last shot at defeating Order for good. But more than that, she reminded him of his sister. The one he lost defending Chaos, when they had been alive together. He became a demon after that life with Chaos' help so that he could always be there, to protect the girl whose body she shared.

His sister, like Eres, had been host to Chaos in his time. And that had caused nothing much more than trouble for her. She died because she was host to Chaos. Jared didn't really blame Kai for this; he did after all give his soul to her so he could watch over the others. But Eres looked and acted so much like his little sister that, now this time, he hoped things would be better for Eres than that were for Iloe. “Thinking about your sister again?” he heard Kai's voice in his head.

“Yeah. Eres reminds me so much of her.” he sighed. “I wish I could just take her away from all this and let her live the life she's planned for herself.”

“I understand and I feel the same, if I had known what I was asking of this soul when we made the pact, I never would have done it.”

“Then Order would have won, and all reality and existence would have been wiped out.”

“You have a point there, but the lives of so many women and girls are no price for a family war.” she sighed. “Jared, my oldest friend, I am truly sorry for your sister. I wish things had gone differently.”

“Kai. Don't beat yourself up over the past. This time will be the last, we'll see to it this time. We'll do it for Iloe. She'd have wanted it that way.”

“You're right.” Chaos said sadly. “Iloe would want things this way. She never was the fighter that the others were.”

With Jared and Chaos off in their own little world, Eres was able to have an enjoyable lunch with her high school friend. “So how'd do you do on your exams, Nicki?”

“Really good, I got B's for the most part. And you Era? Straight A's, I bet?”

Eres blushed and hid her face behind her hands. “Yeah. Guess it's not much of a surprise, huh?” Nicki nodded his agreement. “I'm an epic fail at life.” She hung her head as if in shame.

Nicki laughed. “No. You are not an 'epic fail' at life. You're just really good at school. Besides we've got college to look forward to in the fall, and plus I got into the same school, so when I ask you out, we won't have to stress about the long distance relationship.”

“Oh, you got into State too? That's awesome! When were you accepted? What classes will you be taking? What's your majo...,:” she stopped and gasped “ You're asking me, me the nerdy little bookworm out? The hottest guy in school, possibly the world is asking me out. Nicki, are you feeling OK?”

He laughed and took her hand as Chaos and Jared watched. “Why, yes, Era I feel better than ever, thanks for asking. And yes, I'm asking you, the hottest nerdy little bookworm ever to be my girlfriend. So what do you say?”

“YES!” she squealed. She jumped from her seat and threw her arms around his neck. “Yes. Yes! YES!” she giggled as she tried to calm her down. He kept saying people were staring but what did she care? Her life long crush asked her out. She was in heaven. Chaos knew that elated feeling when it rolled over her. That overflowing emotion would be all that was needed to keep Order at bay for a long time.

“OK, Era, calm down.” Nicki said, helping her back to her seat. “I'm glad you're so happy, and cause I hoped you'd say yes, I got you this.” he produced from his pocket a little box. He handed it to Eres, with something akin to embarrassment. She smiled that smile he loved some mu and waited as she opened the box to find the little silver ring with turquoise triangles set in it. Her eyes lit up the way they did every time she saw something she liked.

“Oh, Nicki, thank you!” she leaned across the table and kissed him. Order, who was still watching all this from afar, felt a pang of jealously and possessiveness run through him as he watched the girl kiss the boy, whose body she had evicted him from only moments ago. Gods be damned! She was going to be his and fates help any man who touched her before he was through with her. That boy would pay for this, Order may let him watch as he destroys the girl's will, and if Order was feeling generous when he finished with her, maybe the boy could have what was left of her, or maybe he would make the boy watch as he killed the girl. That would be most orderly of him.

Chaos and Jared jumped at the feeling of Order entering back into the mortal realm. “Eres, Order is back, and he may try to take Nickoli again. Be careful.” They both said to her.

“Is that, that slimy feeling I just got? Cause he's really ruining my good time.” she said to them, via their mental link. “ Do you think if we go somewhere else, he'll leave us alone?”

“It's worth a shot.” Jared responded.

“Hey Nicki, wanna catch a movie or something?” Eres asked. Looking at her phone for the time.

“Sorry Era, but I have a family thing today and I can't be out too much longer.” Nickoli said. “I really wish I could, maybe another time, but I'll take a rain check for that movie.” he stood and kissed her gently. “I'll call you tomorrow if I can.”

“Alright.” she stood and hugged him. “Later.”

“Laters.” He said walkingaway.

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