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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
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Jenesis Empty
PostSubject: Jenesis   Jenesis I_icon_minitime15th August 2019, 9:33 am

Jenesis #1 Prophecy
Written by Tom Jobe

A woman with short black hair and silver eyes which was rare in the continent of Jherra stood in a water tank at a research facility in Isafaro. Part of a deadly experiment by a people with no moral code to stay their hand. She stood there with an oxygen mask on her face and was naked as scientists monitored her vital signs. Armed soldiers in black with a red vulture insignia came in to check on her every now and again. One of the researchers, a tall man with short blond hair and green eyes, also came in every now and again to check on the woman. Her name was Elizabeth Firestone. And this was her story.

As time went on, Elizabeth began to come to. She saw the scientists glued to their computers and began to panic. Her panic turned to power as once she held out her hand a crack in the glass formed. She wondered how she managed to crack the glass without even touching it, but she didn’t question it now. Her only goal now was escape, and to find her younger sister, Zira Firestone. She held out her hand again and this time the crack grew, earning the attention of the scientists, but before they could do anything the glass broke and water flooded the room while Elizabeth jumped out of the water tank and stood up.

The scientists fled the room, and the soldiers came in with their rifles raised and open fired on the woman. Elizabeth held out her palm and the bullets stopped dead in their track and fell to the floor as she waved her hand and threw the soldiers with a telekinesis push. Whatever they did to her, they gave her abilities beyond that of the regular human, and they were about to pay for it. She made one of the weapons fly to her, but was unable to use it because it was set to respond to that soldier, so she tossed it aside and settled for probing the soldier brain and killing them with enough pressure to their skull.

Most of the soldiers were dead, but she spared one as she picked him up to his feet and grabbed him by the throat pushing him to the wall. Her silver eyes narrowed and full of rage and resentment as her lips parted, “Where is my sister?” He was going to answer her question, and once her sister was found, this entire block was going to pay for capturing them. They were all going to pay.


Elizabeth disguised herself as one of the Isafaro soldiers and left the lab room to explore the rest of the facility. It had silver walls, ceiling, and floors. She passed several soldiers now running towards the room where she escaped in and scientists running from one room to the next in a panic. She held a rifle she couldn’t use, but thought it would add to the illusion that she was one of them as long as she had it. Despite having super powers, the weapon made her feel safe.

As she walked she stopped in her tracks when she saw a small child in black with dry blood on her feet cross the corridor in front of her. Not stopping or looking in Elizabeth’s direction as she moved forward. A blank expression on her face as cold black eyes looked on ahead.

A child? Thought Elizabeth. Not Zira.

Elizabeth ignored the child for now, having no time to investigate further as she went in the direction the soldier told her about and came to another lab. Six soldiers were guarding the water tank Zira was in. She had long black hair and the same silver eyes as her sister. Without hesitation Elizabeth waved her arm and knocked the soldiers out and then broke through the glass of the water tank catching her sister as she fell forward.

“Zira! Zira, wake up!”

Zira’s eyes opened and she looked up at her sister confused. A headache plagued her and she looked afraid of their surroundings. Not that Elizabeth could blame her. She had no memory of where they were before waking up in the water tank.

“We have to get out of here,” said Elizabeth. “Follow me.”

Zira only held onto her head as Elizabeth undressed another soldier and gave it to her to put on. She was hesitant at first, but Elizabeth insisted. The two left the lab disguised as soldiers with weapons in their hands and they headed for the exit of the lab. That was when she saw her again. The small child from before. Elizabeth led Zira down another corridor and up a flight of steps to the above floor as she found a window and looked down to the entrance of the research facility where the child stood in front of a large group of soldiers, tanks, and aerial crafts aiming their weapons at her. Elizabeth didn’t understand why so many soldiers were blocking her way, but as they stood there Zira fell down to her knees and began to scream.

“Zira, what’ s wrong!?”

“Too… many… voices… Can’t… handle… it… Dear God… make it stop!”

“Are we alive?”

Elizabeth looked back out the window and saw the child spoke. Her voice was so hypnotizing that she almost lost conciseness.

“Or are we nightmares?”

The soldiers open fired at the child, but the bullets stopped dead in their tracks like they did with Elizabeth. Could it be this child had the same abilities as she did? The child didn’t even seem phased by the bullets, or showed any emotion on her blank face. In the seconds to pass, the aerial craft crash landed on the ground and the tanks exploded as the soldiers fell to their knees like Zira before them, and their heads exploded from whatever pressure the child put on them. That was when she heard it. Several voices screaming in her mind as if consumed by chaos.

“Zira, we have to get out of here!”

Elizabeth fought through the voices that wanted to destroy her mind and picked her younger sister up on her feet. But before they could make it to the door the devil child appeared in the doorway of the room they were in and sank her hollow black eyes on Elizabeth.

“Get away from us!” yelled Elizabeth.

“The cycle continues...”


“The otherworlders threaten the balance of creation. The last of us will emerge from Utopia and return the world to light. As it has done before, as it will do again, as it will do forever.”

“We want nothing to do with you!” said Elizabeth. “Let us through!”

“Elizabeth Firestone, we have chosen you as the herald of prophecy.”

The devil child held up her hand, and Elizabeth felt her head nearly break as she fell to her knees and screamed in pain. The scene around her began to decade, and even her own skin was peeling off and breaking down to the bone before repairing itself and repeating the process.

“You will spread our message, and our wrath among the realms, and you will either save the world from destruction, or see to it that the cycle begins again. The choice we leave to you.”

Elizabeth screamed in pain and fell to the floor. In the moments to pass, the living dead crawled up to her and began feasting on her flesh. The pain became too much to bear, and she couldn’t hold on any longer. This was it. The beginning of the end. She had failed to save her sister and get them out of the research facility. They were going to die here.

But the words of the demon child continued to ring in her ears. For whatever reason Elizabeth knew this was only the beginning.



Jenesis SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 32
Location : Kansas City, KS

Jenesis Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jenesis   Jenesis I_icon_minitime18th August 2019, 7:41 am

Jenesis #2 Sisterhood
Written by Tom Jobe

Orders were orders no matter who was giving them. That was a fact that Maricul knew all too well as she walked the rocky streets of Hallowton pass the houses made of brick and stone. She possessed short black hair in a bob cut and brown eyes with a black sleeveless button up shirt, matching black pants, and combat boots, and a blue trench coat over the shirt. A black scythe strapped to her back. She was the proudest warrior of the DWA. The Demonic Warrior Acolytes. And she was on a mission.

She traveled to a pub near the back of the city and went inside. Once inside her nostrils flared and she sensed several vampires in the building masquerading as humans. When they caught a whiff of her they smelt something ancient among them. For Maricul was no ordinary human herself. She was a vampire that had lived for over five hundred years and she was now the leading defense of Hallowton against all threats natural and supernatural. Maricul wasn’t at all concerned about the vampire presence in the pub. They were younger than her and inexperienced. And she was cut from the cloth of one of the strongest vampires to ever live.

“Hi, boys,” said Maricul plainly.

One vampire began to rush her from behind, but she unstrapped the scythe on her back and spun around, plunging the scythe blade into the vampire chest and lifting him up into the air and spinning a full three-hundred and sixty degrees before slamming him against the floor of the pub and piercing his heart causing him to explode into a cloud of ash. That was the good thing about hunting vampires. They didn’t leave a body trail.

And Maricul was only getting started.


Two more vampires stood up from their seats and approached Maricul. With her reach advantage with the scythe she didn’t have to close the space between them by much in order to slice through them with the scythe blade. They staggered backwards and then lunged at Mari hoping to take her down, but Mari evaded their lunge and then stabbed the butt end of the scythe on the floor and gripped the pole arm tightly before lifting off the ground and kicking the second vampire in the face and back into his partner.

Now three more vampires joined the fray with knives in their hands. Looking to cut Mari themselves. Maricul answered back by drawing a black nine millimeter pistol named Blood Lust and firing at their heads and hearts. It was unusual for a Hallow to carry a firearm, but Maricul wasn’t from Hallowton. She had traveled all over the world learning skills and receiving new weapons to defend herself in combat. The Blood Lust had blessed silver ammunition that could cut through the front and back of the human body, so they were more than enough to ash the vampires that stood in her way.

The remaining two vampires began to flee, but they couldn’t escape the silver that drew from the Blood Lust and they too exploded into ash. All that remained was the pub keep who put together an explosive drink and tossed it at Maricul who, with a snap of a finger, made the explosive disappear without a trace.

“What the hell are you!?” screamed the vamp.

Maricul only smiled. “A lady of many talents.”

With that said, Maricul looped the scythe blade around the vampire’s neck and then pulled forward slicing the blade cleanly through the neck of the vampire and beheading him. When the last of them turned to ash Maricul put her weapons away and left the pub as if nothing happened. It was just another day in the life of a DWA agent. Another day in the life of an immortal.

As she walked she sensed another person’s presence. This one familiar, old, and strong. She stopped in her walk and whistled lightly as she didn’t even bother to turn around to greet the woman that was now behind her.

“Sister,” said Maricul.

When she finally did turn a woman who was two inches taller than her stood in her presence. With long red hair tied up in a ponytail and crimson red eyes that matched the red coat over sleeveless black shirt, pants, and boots. They had similar taste, but her sister was more geared towards the color of blood. Her name was Ranko and she was the Empress of Jherrazad. A desert empire south of Jherra. Ranko wasn’t a vampire, but possessed a demon that halted the aging process so they both looked younger than they really were. Ranko also possessed a demonic blade named ‘Kasul’ which could absorb the soul of men and anything powered by black magic making her one of the most dangerous people on Jenesis.

“Maricul,” replied Ranko.

“What brings you to Hallowton?” asked Maricul.

“Trade talks,” answered Ranko.

“Sounds boring.”

“A necessary discussion for those who has a nation to take care of.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

“You choose to serve when you could easily lead.”

“Such a boring thing. Merely point me in the direction of something that needs killing and I’ll be much happier.”

“As you wish. How’s my niece doing?”

“Sazan? She hasn’t figured it out yet, but I trust she will soon. How’s my other daughter doing?”

“Hating you more by the day.”

“Is she here?”

“No. I left her back in Jherrazad to defend the castle. Kaso and my army aren’t far from here.”

“And you chose to wander off by yourself.”

“I don’t need protection. You should know that better than anyone.”

“Just make sure not to do anything that would force me to come after you.”

“You think I’m scared of the DWA? Of you?”

Maricul smiled. “You should be.”

Suddenly there was an explosion behind them in the direction of the cathedral around the castle that made up the seat of the royal family and the DWA organization. Maricul turned in that direction and used her advance sight to see a black aerial craft in the air with a red vulture insignia. It was the calling card of the Isafaro military. The Crimson Vulture. And they had set their sights on the royal palace.

“I’m afraid duty calls,” said Maricul. “Until we meet again.”

“You think I’ll allow Isafaro to eliminate a potential ally?” asked Ranko. “This is a fight I’ll be joining you in.”

“So be it.”

Maricul charged towards the direction of the cathedral with Ranko by her side. Whatever Isafaro intentions were, they had made a grave mistake picking a fight with Hallowton. Picking a fight with the DWA. And now they would have to deal with…

The sisters of destruction.



Jenesis SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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