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 Lady Hellspawn

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
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PostSubject: Lady Hellspawn   Lady Hellspawn I_icon_minitime15th August 2019, 9:26 am

Lady Hellspawn #1 Fall of Man
Written by Tom Jobe

A young woman was led by two guards to a brown stake set to burn. She had long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a gray tunic that belonged to her family. Her name was Eve and she had been convicted as a witch on false charges by her village. A village that had turned away from the word of God, and the one faithful, Eve, was destined to die for not turning away from that same god. Destined to die in one of the worst ways imaginable. Death by fire.

The guards led her up on the stake and tied her up by thick ropes so she couldn’t escape. Her family was there in mourning as everyone in the small village gathered around the stake to watch the execution. Many of them used to be her friends. All of whom betrayed her in her trial. She had been forsaken by all who loved her, and was about to meet her maker after the flames consumed her.

“Any last words?” asked the guard.

“This is wrong!” Eve yelled.

The guard spat on the ground and walked away. The second guard grabbed a torch from the village leader and approached the stake where it was set to burn. Lowering the torch and setting it ablaze. The fire started out low, and then began to approach Eve’s feet. Eve closed her eyes and tried to distract her mind of what was to come. She could feel the heat of the fire beneath her feet, and soon she would feel the flames touching her skin.

When she opened her eyes she saw a green snake come down from the top of the torch and stared into her eyes. Eve looked to the villagers to see if they could see the same thing, but none reacted to the presence of the snake.

“Do you wish to die?” asked the snake.

Eve didn’t answer.

“I have the power to save you from this fate. All you need to do is renounce him who forsook you.”

Eve closed her eyes again and prayed that the snake would be gone before she reopened them. But the snake was still present staring into her brown eyes. Repeating the words it already said. When the fire licked her feet, pain dwell up inside of her, and it became harder to remain faithful. The snake spoke again, and Eve tried her best to face her death, but it needed a strength that she sorely lacked.

“Say it!” screamed the snake.

“All right! I renounce God!”

As those words parted her lips, the snake struck her on the neck and she passed out. The images of the village people faded away, and everything went black. But there was no turning back now. Eve was dead.

And she was now without God.

Lady Hellspawn

Even after passing out the heat of the fire never left her. She woke up on the ground with fire all around her. Looking up at a red sky and smoke rising from the ground. Eve was startled and she looked around to see a man in black armor with a gray cape and mask covering the lower part of his face. She screamed, but there was no one left to hear her screams as the demon stared down into her brown eyes with green ones of his own and short black hair.

“Welcome to hell,” said the demon.

“What? But that snake said I would live.”

“You are alive, but the fire still consumed you. Your old life is gone. Now you will serve the King of Hell.”

“Satan?” Eve asked. “That snake was Satan?”

“A woman named Eve should have been warned about the serpent.”

“No. I don’t belong here!”

Eve stood up, and the demon grabbed her by the chest and black armor leaked onto her skin. Covering her body and the lower part of her face with a demented mask. A torn blue cape dropping down from her back and barely touching the floor. She took a step backwards and looked at her hands and then saw her reflection in the nearby water. She was now as demented as he was. She was now a demon.

“Eve is dead. From this time forth you will be called Lady Hellspawn. And you will serve our lord.”

Eve wanted to cry. To lash out. But nothing came to the surface. She felt cold. Dead inside. The demon before her then drew out a long sword and handed it to her. She took it and looked it over, and suddenly barb wire wrapped itself around the blade to give it an edge.

“Your power is the ability to create barb wire from your hands, but you must also learn to use a weapon if you wish to be a good soldier. Follow us and you can claim vengeance against the village that betrayed you and avenge your death.”

“And what war are we waging?” asked Eve.

“The only war worth waging. The war against heaven. When our army is ready we will march against the gates of heaven and lay siege to God’s kingdom. Then once we have heaven we will claim the earth as our own.”

“That is suicide,” Eve replied.

“We don’t need a soldier who questions orders. We need a soldier who will serve.”

The demon made a sword of his own appear and swung it towards Eve who blocked with her own.

“You must learn how to hone your powers as a demon, and fight the angels in battle who would slay you without hesitation. You must forget the rules of your old life, and learn the rules of your new one. And the first rule to being a demon is showing no remorse, and no regrets.”

“I am not a demon!” Eve yelled.

“You are!” the demon shot back. Pushing her backwards and swinging his mighty blade against hers once again. “The sooner you accept that the better.”

Eve stepped back and held out her palm trying to get the barb wire to shoot out. Nothing happened at first, and she had to parry her blade against his, but she tried again, and this time the barb wire formed and shot forward to thrust into the demon’s chest. The demon grabbed the barb wire and yanked it out of his chest as the wound healed over as the wire left his body.

“Impressive,” said the demon.

The demon charged again, and Eve parried his blows and summoned more barb wire to take his flesh and tried to rip him apart, but the demon only pulled himself back together and smacked Eve to the ground. He laughed. Clearly pleased with her performance, even if she did get rewarded with being smacked to the ground. Was this how demons trained? Was this the world she had to call her own from now on?

“What will you do now, Eve?” asked the demon.

“Eve is dead,” began the woman as she stood up with her weapon raised. “My name is Lady!”


The village that betrayed her were in unity at the holy temple of the god they once served. The pastor was spreading his propaganda as a warped people listened from the pews. Dressed in her gray tunic once again, Lady opened the double oak doors of the temple and walked forward for all to see. The pastor was silent, staring right at Lady in shock and horror. As if he’s seen a ghost.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lady. “You didn’t think I would come?”

“It’s impossible!” said the pastor. “I watched you burn!”

“And I’m about to watch you burn!”

Lady shot out a single barb wire from her hand and it impaled the pastor through the heart. More barb wires entered his body and pulled him apart for all to see. Her armor appeared on her body along with the torn cape and mask, and the people at the church began to scream and run for the door. But the door slammed shut with barb wire and there was nowhere to run or hide.

One by one the barb wire tore through the people in the church. Sparing no one a second glance as she tightened the barb wire around them and sliced through them like knife through butter. The friends who betrayed her, the family who mourned for her, all who didn’t try to stop her death were now the same. Dead.

Lady Hellspawn stood at the center of the church. The humanity in Lady was long gone. Now all that remained was the demon inside.

All that remained was her hatred for everything she once held dear.

And that fuel was now her fire.



Lady Hellspawn SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 32
Location : Kansas City, KS

Lady Hellspawn Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lady Hellspawn   Lady Hellspawn I_icon_minitime17th August 2019, 7:44 am

Lady Hellspawn #2 Redemption
Written by Tom Jobe

The demons gathered at the gates of the underworld with their General, Jen, who trained Lady herself before she took her revenge against the village that sentenced her to death. Lady stood among the demons gathered at the gate as General Jen stood by the gate and spoke:

“The time has arrived to march on the gates of heaven! Be prepared. Because the angels will not be an easy foe. They will test your strength and your resolve. They are God’s strongest warriors, but even they are not perfect. Behold, some former angels fight among you, as well as former humans. Together we will besiege the gates of heaven and God’s kingdom will fall!”

The gates opened up and Lady could see the kingdom of heaven in its splendor on the other side of the gates. It was beautiful. Beyond anything she ever imagined, but the allure of heaven now evaded her. For she made her chose to lay with the devil instead. Now nothing but anger and fury filled her heart as the demons marched through the dimensional portal and to the gates of heaven.
It was time to give them hell.

Lady Hellspawn

Lady’s armor covered her body and she sheathed the long sword General Jen had given her as the demons washed up on the gates of heaven. Flying over the gates were an army of angels clad in white and gold with long blond hair and either blue or green eyes. They looked beautiful and perfect, but the words of the General stayed in Lady’s head as she drew blade against them.

A year ago if you had told Lady she would be fighting angels in the kingdom of heaven with a band of demons she would have laughed at you, but now that was where she found herself. The angels were strong, just like General Jen had said, but they weren’t unbeatable. She pushed through the ones that blocked her from the gates and got closer than any other demon in the army. It was enough to make her fall victim to pride, but pride always came before the fall.

The gates of heaven did open and gave way for the strongest of the angels to enter the fray. He wore gold armor with a white tunic on underneath and had shoulder-length blond hair and green eyes. A great sword in his hands. Lady recognized him as the archangel Michael. The leader of the angels. He swung his sword at Lady, and all Lady could do was block and parry the blows by the superior angel. This was the angel that fought against Lucifer himself in the beginning when the first of the angels fell and joined a life of sin.

“Foul thing that conspire against God! You were loved by Him, but now you turned your back against Him! You will live in hell for all eternity!” declared Michael.

“I turned my back on Him?” repeated Lady. “He turned His back on me!”

Lady used all her strength against the archangel, but it was no use. He was stronger than even the angels the rest of the army were fighting now. He continued to swing his sword and use his body weight to push Lady away from the gates that closed as soon as he parted from them.

“You are a wicked woman! Return to the hell from which you came!”

Michael swung his arm so forcefully Lady couldn’t resist it. She flew through the air pass the clouds and down through the air that led back to the earth. There she fell like lightning from heaven and crashed through the trees and branches to the ground below her. Pain shot through her body as she tried to move. Her sword was now by her side as she struggled to get back up to her feet. While she was moving she heard a noise in the bushes and reached out for her sword.

“Who’s there?” Lady demanded. But no answer came. “I said who’s there!?”

The bushes continued to move, and Lady expected the worst, but instead it was something else. A small girl of the age of eight came out through the bushes in a blue dress with long brown hair and matching brown eyes. She looked like the most innocent thing Lady had ever laid eyes on, but she didn’t seem afraid of Lady’s presence. Not of the demonic armor on her skin or the sword now in her hand. She even smiled at Lady despite keeping her distance. The child may have been polite, but she was no fool.

“Who are you?” asked Lady.

“I’m Esther,” replied the child. “What’s your name?”

Esther. Like the book from the bible. Another woman named after a biblical character. Just like how Lady was named after the mother of all creation.

“Lady,” she finally answered.

“I didn’t know girls could be called Lady, too. That’s a nice name.”

Lady would’ve chuckled at that if she was anybody else. This Esther was a kind spirit. Too kind to be in the presence of a demon who just fell from heaven. If Esther knew what Lady – Eve – had done since becoming a spawn of Satan she wouldn’t be so nice to her.

“Are you hurt?” asked Esther.

“I’ll be fine,” answered Lady. Slowly getting back up to her feet.

“What’s with the sword? Are you a warrior?”

“You could say that.”

Esther’s eyes lit up at that. “I’ve never seen a woman warrior before. Who do you fight for?”

Lady was unsure what to say to that. “It’s complicated.”

“How is it complicated?”

“It just is.”


Lady recognized that voice as the voice of General Jen. He appeared behind Esther and walked pass her to stare at Lady. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked.

“I was just–”

“Just fraternizing with this child.”

Jen grabbed the child by the head and held her close to his blade. “A demon should know better than to mingle with the humans.”

“Get your hands off of her!” Lady yelled.

“Or what?” spat the General. “You’ll kill me? You couldn’t even combat the archangel. What makes you think you can beat a fallen angel?”

Fallen angel? That where General Jen came from. He used to be an angel of God.

“Did the demons win?” asked Lady.

“No. We had to retreat, but we’ll get them next time.”

“I told you once before that conquering heaven was a fool’s errand.”

“So you’d rather mingle with this child?”

Jen released her and tossed her to Lady who grabbed her and made sure she was all right. “Kill her,” said Jen.


“Kill her. Show that you are a true devil of Satan.”

Lady looked at Esther who was afraid and crying. Lady couldn’t remember the last time she saw anyone so innocent. It made her want to protect the child. What was the good behind having power if you didn’t have someone to protect? Lady had already turned her back on God, but did she have the heart to turn her back on humanity? It was no good. Lady didn’t have the nerve to do it. There was still good in her after all. She may have been damned to hell from this point on, but she wasn’t going to kill an innocent.

“No. I won’t.”

Lady stood in front of Esther and drew her barb wire ready for another fight. “And you’re not going to kill her, either.”

The General spat and turned away. “I knew you didn’t have it in you to be a demon. Now you are a monster in-between heaven and hell. With no place to call your own.”

“I just found my place,” replied Lady.

“Very well. I will leave you with your choice for now. But I will return to rid of you and the child you swore your life to protect.”

With that threat, General Jen took his leave and Lady looked back at the child who was still crying. Lady removed the mask from her face and picked the child up on her shoulder. She wasn’t heavy at all thanked to the superior strength that Lady now possessed, among other abilities that came with being a demon. But now she was a demon with a purpose. With someone who was worth protecting. Esther.

“Don’t worry,” said Lady. “I won’t let him harm you.”

Present Day

Lady sat on the sofa in a small house in Saint Louis, Missouri as the descendant of Esther, Sam, stood with her daughter Charlotte, feeding her on her breast. A smile graced Lady’s face as she remembered Esther and the kind of woman she became, and all the adventures they had. Now those would pass down to her descendant and her promise before was also given to her.

I will never let anyone harm you or your family.



Lady Hellspawn SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lady Hellspawn

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