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 [RP Card] November Activity Card

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Sailor Uranus
Outer Senshi Admin
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Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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[RP Card] November Activity Card Empty
PostSubject: [RP Card] November Activity Card   [RP Card] November Activity Card I_icon_minitime5th November 2018, 3:53 pm

November Activity Card
[RP Card] November Activity Card HRMrCNd

Learn more about the Roleplay Activity Cards here!

Important Reminders:

  • The first card shown is not for Rainbow Crystal Activity Stamp holders; please scroll down for the second card.
  • [Relaxed] and [Advanced] posts are categorized by the Storyline they take place in, not the word count of each post! (A really long post in a [Relaxed] Storyline still counts as [Relaxed]!)
    --Posts tallied monthly by the Moderators will be updated in this Roleplay Activity Card thread at the end of the month!
  • "Brand New" means a Storyline created in August
  • "In-Progress" is any Storyline created prior to August.
  • All boxes other than the [Relaxed]/[Advanced] post counts can be counted multiple times if completed multiple times.
    --For Example: if WorldShaking joins two brand new Storylines, she can mark the "Joined a Brand New Storyline" box twice and get double the points! If she joined three, she can check it off three times and triple that box's point score.
    --However, if DeepSubmerge posted 30 times in a [Relaxed] Storyline, she counts all [Relaxed] post count squares up to the 25 count square (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for a total of 21 points) and then goes back and checks "Posted 5 times in a [Relaxed] Storyline" again, for a total of 23 points. Don't mark off the "5 [Relaxed] post" 6 times... It doesn't earn as many points.
  • "Attended a Discord Event" can count as any (or all) of the following, and yes they're stackable!:
    --RP Town Hall
    --Featured Storyline Chat
    --Featured Otaku Interview RTRP
  • Active RP Challenge during this time: Autumn - Fall in Love

Submitting a Roleplay Activity Card is optional, however, it is the only way to accrue Points for Roleplaying!

  • To submit your RP Activity Card, after the Post Counts have been posted in the thread:
    1) Save the blank card, seen above
    2) Edit it in an image editing program and check off the boxes you have completed this month
    3) Upload that marked-off image somewhere
    4) Post that image within a spoiler in this thread! (You can find the "spoiler" code by clicking the notebook paper with the warning triangle in the message formatting toolbar. We hide the images to cut down on loading time for the thread and save everyone's bandwidth.)
    5) In your post, write down your total amount of RP activity points earned from tallying your card! ((if you don't tally we don't tally and you get nothing :c ))
  • RP Activity Points are transferred to GC Points in a 1:5 Ratio.
    For Example: You earned 50 RP Activity points! That's 250 GC Points!
  • You can also claim an RP Activity Point Stamp for your stamp collection!
    Stamp colors are decided monthly. Collect all 7 and level up! When you have all 7, PM ♅ Sailor Uranus! 

This Card's RP Activity Stamp 

Crystal Shard
[RP Card] November Activity Card Stamp_orange_shard_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5u
05-29 Points
Full Crystal
[RP Card] November Activity Card Stamp_orange_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5y
30-99 Points
Shiny Crystal
[RP Card] November Activity Card Stamp_orange_animated_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gip1u
100+ Points

Shard to Crystal Conversion:

Rainbow Crystal Activity Stamp Holder Activity Card
[RP Card] November Activity Card Stamp_rainbow_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil3t

[RP Card] November Activity Card KQRuK64

Reminders about the Rainbow Crystal+ Card

  • Only Rainbow Crystal Activity Stamp holders may use this card!
  • "Newer Roleplayers" includes anyone who does not possess a Rainbow Crystal Stamp yet!
    --Please try to help out "brand new" members to the RP Section, if possible!
  • "Completed a Brand New Storyline" means that, within a month, you started and finished a Storyline!
  • "Buddied with a Newer Roleplayer [Casual Event]" means that, in the RP or behind the scenes, you made sure a newbie wasn't left behind!

Reminders for Hosting Discord RTRPs

  • "Hosting an RTRP for an In-Progress Storyline" is a privilege; please follow these guidelines to maintain that privilege:
    Storyline RTRP's should move in-progress Storylines along; this could be through a side-conversation between characters, acting out a fight scene, or doing a lot of RPing in a short period of time to keep the Storyline flowing.
    1) Using your Storyline's OOC thread/chat, figure out a time that works best for the players involved with the RTRP.
    2) Reserve the RTRP Discord Channel for your chosen date/time to make sure that there are no conflicts with other planned events (This also makes it possible for others to read along!)
    3) When the RTRP has completed, you, the host, must record it in the Storyline thread as a new post, reformatting as necessary to make it easy to read for anyone reviewing your thread! This may include changing font styles, fixing weird spacing that Discord likes to include, updating images, or pasting all as plain text and reformatting all the text for italics, etc. 
  • "Completed a 1-on-1 Themed Rainbow Crystal RTRP Scene" is another privilege; please observe the following:
    1) Find another Rainbow Crystal Stamp holder interested in the RP Challenge
    2) Arrange a date and time that both of you are free for a 1-on-1 (or a small group) one-time quick-finish RTRP scene that fits the challenge. (For Example: The current challenge is Autumn - Fall in Love. If WorldShaking and DeepSubmerge joined a new Storyline or two, as part of "growing" their RPs, and they decide they want to have an RTRP to get used to the characters' personalities, that counts!) You can RTRP in a private chat or use the RTRP channel (if you make reservations beforehand)
    3) RP!
    4) Reformat the RP and post it in the Hall of Fame, tagged [RTRP], with an appropriate header (exchanging date and time for section, etc.) (Ask an RP Admin or Moderator if you need help!)

This Card's Rainbow Crystal+ Stamp

Rainbow Orange Sherbet
[RP Card] November Activity Card JxS1flP
40 Points

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for new Rainbow Crystal+ squares?
PM ♅ Sailor Uranus or send a message on Discord!
Need help filling out an Activity Card? Reach out to ☿ Sailor Mercury, via PM or Discord message!

Due Date for October Activity Card
Saturday November 15

To collect the points and stamp for the card, your reply must be submitted by: Saturday, September 15! Don't delay!
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[RP Card] November Activity Card

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