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 Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!

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Title : ミ☆ GC's official Sailor Cosmos! ミ☆
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Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Empty
PostSubject: Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!   Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! I_icon_minitime13th September 2018, 10:04 am

Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Crafts10

Welcome to the Hungarian craft thread! With such a long and eventful history (you did read the introduction thread, right?); it's no wonder that Hungary is rich with traditions-most notedly their craft-working. From floral paintings to creating textiles and jewelry from horse hair, Hungarian craft-works certainly stand out and help enrich the citizens lives and embrace their Hungarian heritage. 

But why write about the many amazing things that are created, when you can explore them yourself? That's right, this is an interactive activity with a quiz at the end!

All you need to do is visit Smithsonain Folklife Festival; Hungarian Heritage page to learn all about it! There will be sixteen sections per tradition, and each section provides a paragraph or two with more details as well as a small slideshow highlighting various photographs of the works. 

Once you're done reading and looking at all the pretty things, you'll be ready for the quiz that can be found at the end of this thread! The quiz answers should be PM'd to me-don't post your answers in this thread! Anyone who sends me their answers and gets 8/10 correct can claim this pretty bumper below!

Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Bump10

You have from the beginning of the world fair, September 24 until the end of the world fair, October 7th to send in your answers. Now without further ado-the quiz!

Good luck and have fun, everyone!  Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! 378648805
craft quiz wrote:
1.What are the most popular regions of embroidery?
2.What is traditional jewelry made out of?
3.What is the most common pattern to make?
4.True or False, Thatched Roofs are no longer in use in Hungarian architecture. 
5.True or False, wickerwork in Hungary is a newer tradition that's only a couple of decades old.
6.True or False, horse-hair is incredibly strong and durable.
7.Which one of these is considered a traditional Hungarian Instrument?
-tambura -drum -paino -flute
8.What is the process of blue-dying?
9.What kind of hat was popular among cow-herders' in the past?
10.Which one of these is NOT part of traditional Hungarian iron-working?
-anvil -pincer -pipe -mallet
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!   Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! I_icon_minitime25th September 2018, 2:09 pm

Sent in!

Good luck everyone!
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Location : Toronto

Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!   Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! I_icon_minitime2nd October 2018, 12:58 pm

Sent! Hungarian embroidery is so beautiful *__*!! Thanks for the info, Cosmos~
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Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!   Hungarian Crafts+Quiz! I_icon_minitime

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Hungarian Crafts+Quiz!

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