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 RTRP Reservations

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Sailor Saturn
Outer Senshi Admin
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Sailor Saturn

Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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RTRP Reservations Empty
PostSubject: RTRP Reservations   RTRP Reservations I_icon_minitime16th August 2018, 1:46 pm

Real-Time Roleplay Reservations

This is the thread where Rainbow Crystal Stamp Holders may reserve our #rp_rtrp_ic channel on Discord for their own use! It's mainly meant to keep everything organized so that we don't have conflicting times crashing into each other. This is a great way to help push a story along or even to just have a bit of RTRP fun!

  • First, you need to talk with your fellow players to figure out the right time and date for the RTRP. You'll need to make sure the time and date doesn't clash with any pre-planned RP Events by checking with the GC Calendar. Make sure to talk about a start and finish time (2 hours is the typical length of an RTRP!) and maybe set out some goals for you to reach.
    RTRP Reservations 3120549547 Doodle is an excellent resource for helping make sense of different schedules!
    RTRP Reservations 3120549547 Don't forget to block out pre-planned RP Events from your Doodle so that there's no confusion when setting up your RTRP time!

  • After that, come to this thread and post your reservation request using the form below. If everything is all set, an RP Staffer will approve your request and you'll be free to RTRP at your chosen time!
  • Once you've played through your RTRP, it is up to the RTRP Requester to copy the text and transfer it over to their RP so that you may have a record of the progress and can continue to RP from that point.
    RTRP Reservations 3120549547 To make this process much easier, take a look at Sailor Uranus's genius way of dealing with RTRP formatting!
    Turn RTRPs into Beautiful RP Posts:

RTRP Request Form

Quote :
RTRP Reservation Request

Roleplay: This is where you'd link to the roleplay you are RTRPing for.
Time and Date: Include a set time. For example: Monday August 13, 2-4pm (EST). The set time in this example would be 2 hours. Don't forget to include time zone information! Remember to check the GC Calendar for clashing times!
Roleplayers: List everyone who is going to be there!
Goals: This is optional but having a goal is a great way to help move a plot forward. It can be as open as "We want to see where this scene goes" or as detailed as "We want to finally find the missing crystal to defeat the bad guy!"

Blank Code Form:
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RTRP Reservations

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