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 (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite

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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite   (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite I_icon_minitime5th August 2018, 1:12 am

(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Nephrite-Manga

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Nephrite
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: Later teens, January 3rd

Used Canons: 90's Anime, with personality influences from PGSM, and a dash of Manga for flavor

Appearance: Nephrite has long wavy tresses of a warm chestnut color that fall a little past his shoulders in length. In certain lights, his hair can look more red than anything else. He generally keeps his hair loose, rather than tying it up or cutting it short. He wears tiny studded earrings, similar to the color of the embroidery on his Shitennou uniform. His skin is pale and he has blue-grey eyes. His physique is fairly muscular, and he's the second tallest of the four Shitennou.

Nephrite normally wears a grey tunic suit that is his typical Shitennou uniform. It's embroidered in orange trim, and he wears black boots that reach up to his knees, whilst a black belt rests around his waist. When not in uniform, he tends to go for outfits of great luxury, opting for style rather than comfort. He enjoys the finer things and whenever he goes around as a civilian, he will find fitted suits of good quality in which to make himself comfortable.

Personality: Nephrite is a proud man, and lives by his own code of honor. He holds high expectations of himself and anyone he works with. Within his brothers, he is only higher in rank compared to Jadeite. This fact is something he is not proud of, pushing himself to try and raise in the ranks against all of them.

Although he competes and argues with his brothers frequently, there is still a unique bond between them all that can't be broken. He has an intricate relationship with each of them. The relationships vary greatly from one another. With Jadeite, Nephrite finds himself taking an older brother role, wanting to guide the younger man while also teasing and chiding him. Kunzite is like the older brother, one that Nephrite wants desperately to become just as good as, or perhaps even better than. Nephrite's relationship with Zoisite is the one most fraught with difficulties, as the two often share barbed insults and opposing views on everything. Their individual sense of pride cause them to butt heads more than any other pairing. Still, despite it all, Nephrite finds times where he actually likes the other guy, though it doesn't stop him from wanting to one-up Zoisite at any given turn.

He can be arrogant and bull-headed, pushing through something without regard of anything but finishing a task. He does make the attempt at being calculating in his efforts, taking the time to consult the stars for guidance before moving forward. Even with the consulting of the stars, he doesn't always think things through, acting more with his heart than his head.

Although he is a member of the Dark Kingdom, he does show himself to have a certain level of compassion that has been left untainted by the darkness.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

  • Starlight Attack: A glowing white energy and star-based attack that can vary in strength depending on how much energy he puts into it. The attack does a lot of impacting damage to whatever it hits, and can also incapacitate the target.
  • Star Consultation: He calls upon the power of the stars and constellations to give him visions of how to best attack his next target, using their guidance to aid him. The youma he controls also have a strong basis in this theme.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Nephrite is capable of using a shadow of himself to possess and control certain people and items.
  • Battle Skills: He's capable of holding his own in battle against multiple targets, skilled in both martial arts and swordplay.

History: Once, Nephrite was a part of the Silver Millennium timeline. Along with his Shitennou brothers, they were the guardians for Prince Endymion. They had a close relationship with each other, treating one another as family rather than plain associates. They all cared for their Prince, even despite his strange obsession with the Moon.

This all changed when Queen Beryl came into the picture. From her influences, and with the help of Metallia, the Shitennou were brainwashed into wanting to destroy the Moon and were infused with dark powers. Instead of protecting Endymion, they pledged their loyalty to Queen Beryl. As they went to the Moon for their final attack, they were amongst the subjects that were set to be reincarnated along with Princess Serenity due to Queen Serenity's sacrifice.

In the present, not much is certain about Nephrite's past and how he came to be part of Queen Beryl's soldiers once more. He takes over Jadeite's place once Jadeite displeased Queen Beryl for the last time. Instead of focusing on collecting from many people at once, Nephrite consults the stars to find the best singular target. He would go as his civilian alter-ego to place a seal into an item of this target, letting the darkness seep and grow until it reaches peak potential. This is when the youma would come from the item to attack and steal the energy from the target.

Throughout his search for energy to appease their leader, Nephrite is also on the lookout for the Ginzuishou.

Every time it seems that his plans are thwarted by Sailor Moon and her team, leaving him with nothing to hand over to Queen Beryl when the time comes. This quickly leads him in trouble of being given the same fate as Jadeite. Desperate, Nephrite begins to stop listening to Beryl's summonings, in order to find something appease the Queen before being killed.

A stroke of luck helps him prolong this fate, when he finds a girl named Naru to use as his next target. For a while, Nephrite was certain this girl was Sailor Moon, and even asked her to give him the Silver Crystal. The jewel Naru brings him is not the Silver Crystal, but Naru did have strong energy to give. Naru even protected him against Sailor Moon's attacks, a choice that left Nephrite confused.

Nephrite tried to use his connection with Naru in order to learn Sailor Moon's true identity. Although Naru did not know, she unwittingly helped Nephrite conclude who Sailor Moon was. He set up a trap to see Usagi transform into Sailor Moon but before he could use this to his advantage, he has a strong sense that Naru was in danger. Instead of wondering why he even cared, Nephrite went to go and save her from the youma Zoisite used to attack the young girl. He fought with them, getting injured in the process. After he escapes with Naru, she tries to care for the wound he received and he finds himself strangely at ease with her.

This small peaceful moment is shattered when Zoisite's youma show up again, sending poisonous vines straight through Nephrite's torso. Although the senshi show up to kill the youma, it's too late for Nephrite. He dies soon after, with an apology to Naru, disappearing into dust.  
Other Noteworthy Facts:

  • Civilian Identity: When going out amongst humans to implement his attack, Nephrite takes on the guise of Masato Sanjouin, a millionaire.

Storyline Specific Information:
Love and Spite:

Earth Kingdom Adventures:

Source: N/A

RP Sample:

Nephrite could still feel the heat on his cheeks and he did not make eye contact with anyone as he passed them by. He was heading straight to him room. Not running away, never that. He was simply waiting for a tactical advantage.

Yes, that was it.

He reached his room in record time, and he closed and locked the door behind him. He stood there, hand still on the handle as he glared daggers into the wood. "Damn you, Zoisite," he muttered under his breath.

Stupid perfect Zoisite. He always had to ruin everything. It had been going so well in the tavern, too. The serving girl had been gorgeous, with gold curls and tanned skin and a bright smile. She laughed at all the right times and she leaned in close at all of the suspenseful parts. It had been perfect.

Until Zoisite came in and claimed that Nephrite's whole heart-warming story was a complete lie.

So what if he had... embellished a little? It was still based on truth! It didn't matter how much Nephrite had tried to explain that Zoisite was wrong, the serving girl quickly lost interest and once she'd noticed Zoisite, she couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

And the worst part was that it came as no surprise. All girls were enamored with Zoisite as soon as they noticed him.

Nephrite realized that he had yet to move from the entrance of his chambers, so he forcefully let go of the door handle and turned away. He strode in and threw himself into his cushioned chair positioned in front of the largest window. Next to him stood a desk full of books about the stars and the universe. Nephrite had read them all at least twice, and was currently in the middle of rereading his favorite, but even that held no lure at the moment.

He needed to come up with a plan to get revenge on Zoisite. There was no way Nephrite would allow such a blemish on his reputation go unpunished.

He spent the rest of the day in his rooms, plotting.


(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Y97whxc6(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Yc3hqps4(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Y9a8m54p(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Ycc3u8tl(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Yaarnsvz(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Yal54fl7(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Yda5mpfp
(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Nvoq4bz

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Sailor Neptune

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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite   (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite I_icon_minitime5th August 2018, 2:50 am

Approved! I love this profile <3


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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite 3DQXfaU
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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Nephrite

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