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 [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Alyssa ~ Frappucino Enthusiast and Feels Expert
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[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Empty
PostSubject: [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams   [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams I_icon_minitime3rd August 2018, 6:01 am

Storyline Name: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Creator(s): Lyssarie and CrystalBunny

Forum: Crystal Tokyo

Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: During the reign of Neo Queen Serenity, Crowned Princess Chibiusa is living her life as a normal teenage princess would. She's diligent about her schoolwork, responsible with her duties, and always spending time with her senshi guardians. She has the most loving parents the world could grant her, and everything about her life is running smoothly. There had been peace in Crystal Tokyo ever since the defeat of the Black Moon Clan when she was a child, and all was well with the world.

But to the shock and despair of Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and all of the sailor senshi, their sweet Princess Chibiusa never woke up from her good night's rest one fateful morning. For an unknown reason, the pink-haired princess was trapped within her subconscious, and no one knew how to help her. The King and Queen tried everything they could - even contacting Helios - but nothing worked.

Helios, high priest, guardian of the Golden Crystal, and protector of dreams, was just as surprised when Chibiusa's nightly eight-hour stay in Elysion did not come to an end. And on top of that, he was mysteriously no longer able to contact the King through the Golden Crystal. With no other way to turn, Helios flew to Chibiusa's aid, and together, the two embarked on a journey through Elysion that would be unlike any other. Through the brightest of dreams and the darkest of nightmares, the two fight physical and mental battles that challenge every fiber of their being. But with nothing but each other and their own dreams to rely on, Chibiusa and Helios come to see the deepest, darkest parts of each other's hearts, while also discovering that not even nightmares can overcome the limitless power of love.

Details on any necessary information: This roleplay takes place within the canon universe/timeline of Sailor Moon. Chibiusa is physically 17 years old, and the events of the Dead Moon Circus happened a few years before the starting of this roleplay.

Restrictions: Only Chibiusa and Helios are playable characters in this roleplay. All other necessary characters will be NPC.

OOC Thread: Click here!

Member to Character List:
Helios - Lyssarie
Chibiusa - CrystalBunny


[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Rq4Any2[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Sprite_SailorMoonEarlier02_zpsvate7eei [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams JBtc6h7 [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2DMlRL9 [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams MOS3y8g [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Sprite_NeoSailorMars-1_zpsmlohafhh[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams J9FkIOw
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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

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[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams   [Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams I_icon_minitime3rd August 2018, 7:33 am

Oooh! This is a cool concept Very Happy I like the Title, too! even if it tries to get that song stuck in my head xD <3 Everything looks great and in place!



[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Y97whxc6[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Yc3hqps4[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Y9a8m54p[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Ycc3u8tl[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Yaarnsvz[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Yal54fl7[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Yda5mpfp
[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams Nvoq4bz
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[Relaxed] Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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