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 (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios

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Lotus Crystal

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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios   (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios I_icon_minitime2nd August 2018, 10:38 pm

Advanced Character Profile

(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios Y4VSiLT

Character Name: Helios
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: N/A

Used Canons: 90s Anime, Manga

Appearance: Helios has pure, white, slightly curly hair that is long enough to hang in front of his striking golden eyes. His skin is fair and pale, and he seems to have an enchanting flawlessness about him. He stands at an average 5'8", and he only weighs 165 pounds. He is always seen wearing white robes with a blue cloth belt tied around his waist. His robes are trimmed in blue, and both the collar and the trim between his chest and his arms are teal. Five golden medallions with blue ribbon hanging from them are pinned across Helios's chest, and he always wears a sacred double-ringed necklace with a golden sun pendant. White stone earrings are always hanging from his ears, and Helios always wears white heeled boots. His most prominent features are the crimson-colored stone embedded in his forehead, and the majestic holden horn protruding from the white curls on the top of his head. He has a godlike elegance in all of his movements, and his voice is deep and smooth, almost like a low-sung lullaby.

Helios can also take on the form of a pure white pegasus, complete with a white mane, tale, and white-feathered wings. His eyes still remain the comforting shade of gold, and the golden horn remains proudly upon Helios's head.

Personality: Helios is a humble, genuine servant and guardian. He will always go out of his way to help another, and he rarely ever puts his own desires before the wellbeing of others. To put it simply, Helios's very existence is to serve and to protect. His heart is pure and kind, and his loyalty knows no bounds. He provides a comforting presence to all those around him, and he has an unmatchable amount of wisdom. Helios is a protective person, but he is also a little socially awkward. He tends to say exactly what comes to mind, and he never lies, so that tends to create awkward moments. He's not very good at reading between the lines, detecting sarcasm, or making jokes, but he tries his best to understand new social cues as the world changes. He is very old-fashioned, and that's reflected in his chivalrous behavior and the patterns of his speech. Helios is also very pious, and is never hesitant to share his faith with others. As high priest, Helios must uphold the highest of standards when it comes to his morality and his overall behavior. Helios is a major advocate for following one's dreams and believing in the impossible. As for his own dream, he only hopes to someday find a love so strong it would last millennia, much like the miracle romance he witnessed during the Silver Millennium. His only ordained goal in life is to protect Elysion and its inhabitants: the dreamers.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Helios has the ability to travel within the dreams of anyone who is dreaming. Ever since his curse from Nehellenia, he has also been able to willingly transform between the form of a pegasus and the form of a human. He also has access to pure magic, used for light and healing, and never to cause harm.

History: Helios has been around since the beginning of Earth's creation. Created along with the Earth's strongest bloodline, Helios's sole purpose was to serve as high priest, protect the Golden Crystal, and to watch over the sacred realm of Elysion. He carried out his task with pride and diligence, never leaving the realm of dreams. Helios is eternally linked to the bloodline of the Earth's royal family, and so he has formed special bonds with the Earth's rulers over the millennia. When Queen Beryl destroyed the Silver Millennium, Helios was ordered by Prince Endymion to remain in Elysion and protect the Earth's most sacred artifact: the Golden Crystal. So with a heavy heart for the loss of his friend, Helios remained in Elysion, watching over Earth and waiting for the reincarnation of his Prince and his only friend. Upon Endymion's reincarnation as Mamoru, Helios was overjoyed, and watched over his friend from his dreams all throughout Mamoru's adventures. In fact, Helios was the one who manipulated Mamoru's dreams in order to help him remember Princess Serenity and his life during the Silver Millennium. From behind the curtain of their dreams, Helios helped all of the senshi in some way or another. He had been on their side from the beginning of time, and he never stopped watching over them. Over time, Helios became a little too careless with his appearance within dreams, and he attracted the attention of the powerful evil queen, Nehellenia. With her dreadful powers, Nehellenia cursed Helios, forcing him to become trapped in the body of a pegasus. Weaker now than before and limited in his abilities, Helios could only make contact with the human world through the Earthen bloodline, which is how he found Chibiusa. Through her dreams and through a magical chalice, Helios communicated with Chibiusa, earning her trust while hiding his true identity. For the first time in his eternal life, Helios was in need of mortal help, and Chibiusa had the brightest, most beautiful dream of them all. Through his time getting to know her and lending her his strength in battle, Helios fell in love. Despite their best efforts, Helios was captured by Nehellenia, whose goal was to take the golden horn from his head and harness its limitless power for her own selfish use. But it was Chibiusa and the other sailor senshi who saved his life and defeated Nehellenia, and for that, Helios will be eternally grateful. After sharing a parting kiss with Chibiusa, Helios returned to Elysion, where he remained focused on his eternal task. Every once in a while, Helios would make an appearance in Chibiusa's dreams. But to his surprise, it wasn't because he chose to be - it was because she truly dreamt of him.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Helios has a deep connection with the Earthen bloodline, which includes Mamoru and Chibiusa, but not Usagi.

Storyline Specific Information:
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - During the reign of Neo Queen Serenity, Helios dwells in Elysion, following his sacred duty as high priest and protecting the world of dreams. He nothing short of stunned when he feels the presence of Chibiusa, the crowned princess of Crystal Tokyo, trapped within the realm. Once the two are reunited, they set out together through a world of Chibiusa's brightest dreams and darkest nightmares, determined to discover why Chibiusa has been trapped inside of her subconscious. But along the way, they learn of the deepest, darkest parts of each other's hearts, while also discovering that not even dreams can overcome the limitless power of love.

Source: N/A

RP Sample: He had seen it coming - they all had. But there was nothing any of them could do to stop it.

Queen Beryl was launching her attack on Earth, and Helios felt his heart shatter with every life lost, every dream destroyed. He could hear the cries of agony, he could feel their anguish. He wanted to help, and by the Gods he was about to, but then Endymion showed up.

"Your highness," Helios breathed, instantly dropping to one knee and crossing one fist over his chest. "Please, allow me to lend my services. I can help you protect the kingdom, please, I-" Helios was halted by Endymion's lifted hand. Just the action seemed to exhaust the prince, and Helios felt his heart break even further for his closest friend.

"Helios, you are a good, faithful servant," Endymion said, a sad smile across his lips. "But you must remain here, my friend. Beryl has no knowledge of the Crystal, and we must keep it that way at all costs."

Helios rose from his kneeled position, his face one of sorry and worry. "But, my lord, you will surely die! The kingdom, the entire Millennium, it will be destroyed by her darkness!" he cried. Endymion placed a solemn hand on Helios's shoulder. The gesture held all of the respect and brotherly love that Endymion possessed, and Helios was grateful for it. Endymion was the only friend Helios had ever known, and this was one of the hardest things he would ever have to do. Despite his efforts to hold back, a single tear, flecked with gold, fell from his eyes. "It has truly been an honor, Endymion," Helios said, looking up at the prince.

"We will see each other again. I look forward to the day." With those parting words, Endymion was gone, and Helios was truly alone.

It was only a matter of minutes before he felt the eternal shattering of his soul. Helios fell to his knees beside the dimming Golden Crystal, the tears flowing freely down his face. Was this truly the end? Surely Endymion had meant what he said - the prince was not one for forging promises with the intention of breaking them.

And then he felt it - the warmth engulfing his body, the reparation of his broken heart. He looked to the Crystal, and it sent a joyful grin across his face. He didn't know why, he didn't know how, but he knew that Endymion's soul had been saved. Helios stood, looking out to the sun in its eternal radiance and triumph.

He would be ready for his master's return.


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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios   (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios I_icon_minitime4th August 2018, 5:02 am

I love your headcanon that Helios gave Mamoru all those Serenity dreams! Approved!


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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Helios

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