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 (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid

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Lotus Crystal

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(Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid   (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid I_icon_minitime12th July 2018, 5:36 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Sigmund  'Zoi' Zoisite Grimfrid  (Name meaning: Victory Protector, Life, Mask Peace )
Gender: male
Age and Date of Birth:  17/ December 13
Used Canons: 90s Anime/ PGSM/ Manga
With wavy soft honey-blonde hair that reaches his lower back when undone from his usual ponytail, he stands roughly at five-foot-four inches in height and weighs less than a hundred-and forty-five pounds. Being small and lean his whole life, possibly due to his illness as a child, not much changed when he became a teenager other than his shoulders broadened out a little. Because of this, he's a bit on the smaller side for his age. He also has incredibly bright mischievous green eyes that seem to reflect his moods well. He also appears to be androgynous, as he's frequently mistaken for a cute teenage girl almost regardless of what he wears. His style of dress varies but always appears to be what's trendy or something that accentuates his figure at times.

Personality:  Around a group of people, he likes showing off a little and being seen.  He takes great pride in his looks and thinks he's always ahead of the curve in fashion and musical taste. He has an ego and it shows as he's catty from time to time towards others and his razor tongue often leaves a trail of bruised egos and enemies now. Because he was spoiled a lot as a kid, he acts more impulsively and is more likely to throw a tantrum than not. He likes having his way, often, and is vocal about it.  Always speaking his mind, no matter what, he lives confidently at school and around his friends the most. 

When around his best-friends, he's actually on the quieter side than his usual public face, but it doesn't stop him from saying whatever he's thinking, it's just that he cares a lot about what they think and how they feel.  Ever since he was saved as a kid from bullies, he's extremely loyal to them and considers their well-being above all others.

When he does let others in, he can be very insecure about things and himself. He questions his feelings often and worries about whether or not he's good enough or if he'd be accepted. He has a lot of fears and doesn't want to appear weak in front of others with them because he sees it as giving ammo to bullies and others that could take advantage of it.  He can also be kind sometimes, even if it's a roundabout way.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

  • Is an accomplished pianist.
  • Fashion sense that borders on questioning. 
  • Writes poetry on the side. 
  • Decent green thumb when it comes to certain plant

Born a bit prematurely, Zoi lost his mother during childbirth leaving him to be raised by his father who was very broken over it. His father tried his best to take care of him and eventually gotten help from a neighbor, Keisha, whom he eventually married half a year later and two years after that, Zoi gotten a baby sister named Zoey. For a while, the four lived pretty happily. Despite being older, Zoi often acts like the youngest child. Possibly what made this a thing was he was often sickly and didn't get stronger until well into Middle school later. 

Before that, however, when he entered elementary school, he was often picked on for not only that but because he was smarter than a lot of kids in his class. One particular moment is what brought him friends in the form of Endymion and Kunzite who came to his rescue after the bullying was particularly bad. From then on, they were friends and Zoi began learning a bit to how to defend himself from them  and with his words.  

As he grew, he displayed a lot of interest in the arts- including Drama and Music the most. His parents were told he had a talent for that and if he did well he could earn a scholarship in doing that. They put him through music classes as well as dance classes to help cultivate his talents. It wasn't until  the year before the school was to be closed that he stopped those extra classes. He gave no explanation as to why other than 'he didn't feel like it'. What's more, he gave up playing the piano and other things. 

With the opening of the new school, he knows things are going to be different in more ways than one. Having been quite popular on his own too, he faces uncertainty about his new status at the school.

Other Noteworthy Facts: 

  • Exercise is a no-go for Zoi. He gets winded easily and can't really lift heavy things. His health is still slightly fragile so overheating causes him to faint.
  • He loves sweets and savory foods. 
  • He is petrified of rats and mice. It's a near phobia almost.
  • He owns a lot of masculine and feminine clothing and wears them at any given time.

Storyline Specific Information: 


Class schedule
English: Dramatic Literature
Math: Calculus BC
Science: AP Biology
Social Studies: Government/Economics
Elective: Sewing
Elective: Floral Design

Source: n/a
RP Sample:

Zoi sighed deeply, trying to calm himself before he absolutely loses it. The night before going to this new 'school' and he had laid out all his clothes for the occasion. It should not have taken this long, and yet here he was, two hours later, still staring at his clothes for tomorrow and reassigning accessories to them.  There was a standard and he had to live up to the one he created back at Rosethorn High then surpass it.  

]"Can't go there looking busted, can I?"  He mumbled to himself, exchanging the red hairtie for a green one. "Need to make sure I'm the best looking one to set foot in that school."

That was another thought to have. What sort of aura should he go for? Mysterious, alluring, type? Or the fiesty one?  He wanted to whine because he couldn't decide on anything right now. Really though, as he compared the stockings he had bought over the summer, it's nerves.

It's the feeling that he didn't know what would happen at this place. Verona was like an alien planet that they were going to. Leaving everything that was once Rosethorn High behind. The only positive thing to come from it was that his friends would be there- and at least half the school from Rosethorn. So he could take comfort in that.

"Still doesn't tell me which one to pick." He held up a phone case that was decorated cutely with hearts. "Hm, might be gaudy..."

"That's because it is gaudy!" Zoey, his baby sister, called out as she passed by his room. "Tacky at best!"

Annoyed, Zoi stomped over to the door, yelling at her retreating back, "Shut up, Zoey! You just can't appreciate good fashion!"
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Sailor Neptune

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(Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid   (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid I_icon_minitime4th August 2018, 4:45 am

Approved. Next time please bump the thread (make a new post) once your profile is ready for review so I would know it's ready, thank you!


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(Approved) [Advanced] Civilian: Sigmund Zoisite Grimfrid

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