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 [Relaxed] To Rise Again

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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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[Relaxed] To Rise Again Empty
PostSubject: [Relaxed] To Rise Again   [Relaxed] To Rise Again I_icon_minitime6th April 2018, 8:34 am

Storyline Name: To Rise Again
Creator(s): Sailor Saturn
Forum: Silver Millennium
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed
Plot Summary: The dark presence of the Earth army and their powerful queen have been growing stronger, a constant drain upon the senshi and their defenses to protect their own queen and their beloved princess. A particularly difficult battle ends in defeat for the Silver Millennium. It is only pre-emptive orders from the Queen that allow the senshi to escape with Princess Serenity before the explosions of dark energy begin to shred the castle. The fates of the civilians, of their home, of their Queen, are all a mystery.

The senshi must recooperate and come up with a new plan of attack so that they might win against Earth once and for all, and save the Silver Millenium.
Details on any necessary information:
This was originally a Casual Event that is now being turned into a proper Relaxed RP.

In this RP, at the end battle between Metallia and Queen Serenity, the senshi retreat away from the castle instead of being ultimately sealed away by the Queen and sent to the future. They have to stay in their broken world and try to figure out how to rescue their home and their Queen.

Not all senshi are necessary for the RP to start. If there are missing characters, they will have been left behind during the battle.
Restrictions: Bolded characters are the most important. Other characters can fit in easily to the plot if a player would like, but are not 100% necessary for the RP to progress.
--Canon Senshi (Minus Sailor Saturn)
--Artemis and Luna
--Queen Serenity
--Queen Beryl
OOC Thread: Here!
Member to Character List:

  • Sailor Venus -- Sailor Saturn
  • Sailor Mars -- Prince Triton
  • Sailor Mercury -- Sportsnutd
  • Sailor Pluto -- Diagnosed
  • Luna -- Sailor Mercury
  • Queen Beryl -- Sailor Mars


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[Relaxed] To Rise Again Nvoq4bz
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Professor Tomoe
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Professor Tomoe

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[Relaxed] To Rise Again Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] To Rise Again   [Relaxed] To Rise Again I_icon_minitime17th April 2018, 8:31 am

This looks great! I'm looking forward to reading how the characters find a way out of this situation!

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[Relaxed] To Rise Again

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