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 Artists Rules

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Title : GC's Official Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
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Artists Rules Empty
PostSubject: Artists Rules   Artists Rules I_icon_minitime8th February 2018, 6:04 pm

Artists Rules 9a14ef7

Artists Rules PbucketHello my wonderful artists! And welcome to our Artists forum, the perfect place to post or peruse various types of artwork from Sailor Moon, and your favorite anime and manga
To keep harmony and creativity around this place, I would like first to remind you the Galaxy Cauldron Rules and Information.
After reading that, I would like to present the official Artists Rules.

Artists Rules PbucketYou are allowed to post here 

Artists Rules 4011577294 Anime Music Videos (AMV) Artists Rules 4011577294 Handmade  Artists Rules 4011577294  30 day challenge  Artists Rules 4011577294  Cosplay  
Artists Rules 4011577294  Fan Made trailers  Artists Rules 4011577294 Design  Artists Rules 4011577294 Costumes  Artists Rules 4011577294  Fan Made Seasons  Artists Rules 4011577294 Photos  Artists Rules 4011577294
Artists Rules 4011577294  Makeup Artists Rules 4011577294 Hair Dos Artists Rules 4011577294 crafting Artists Rules 4011577294 Manga Colorings Artists Rules 4011577294 Manga Drawings Artists Rules 4011577294  Drawings
Artists Rules 4011577294 Paintings Artists Rules 4011577294 Sketching Artists Rules 4011577294 Graphics Artists Rules 4011577294 Pixels Artists Rules 4011577294 Sprites Artists Rules 4011577294  Graphics edits Artists Rules 4011577294 Wallpapers (done by you)  Artists Rules 4011577294
Artists Rules 4011577294 Gifs Artists Rules 4011577294 Otaku character artwork Artists Rules Imagepng Vector art Artists Rules 4011577294

Artists Rules 4011577294  Screencaps with sayings [

Artists Rules 4011577294  Showcase [This applies to all digital artists only so they can show how they did their magic on any digital media]  Artists Rules 4011577294

Artists Rules 4011577294 Stores [if you take requests to make digital or traditional art]  Artists Rules 4011577294

Artists Rules 4011577294 Requests for graphics (banners, tumblr, etc, artwork that are not signatures or avatars, you can request here)  Artists Rules 4011577294

 Artists Rules 4011577294 Plus other types of traditional or digital art.  Artists Rules 4011577294

Artists Rules PbucketYou are not allowed to post here 

Artists Rules 4011577294  Screencaps with no words  Artists Rules 4011577294 Barely or not edited manga scans/art scans  Artists Rules 4011577294 
barely edited promotion works   Artists Rules 4011577294  Inappropriate or adult works Artists Rules 4011577294 Games Artists Rules 4011577294
Artists Rules 4011577294 Contests Artists Rules 4011577294 Song covers/vocals (can be posted in the Site Advertisements forum here)

If you want to post something and you are not sure if it would be allowed, please feel free to contact 

the current mod, me, Moonstone, and I will respond your question as fast as I can. Smile

Artists Rules PbucketAdding other rules for this forum that you must keep in mind before posting are the following:

Artists Rules 2393257330  All threads must have before the title one of this tags:
  Artists Rules Star3 Drawings
Artists Rules Star3 Mixed Media (graphics, traditional art, digital art, etc)
Artists Rules Star3 Video (made by you or other person)
Artists Rules Star3 Request (for graphics that are for outside the forum)
[Type of graphic/media]Title of Topic: YOUR NAME's Art thread/gallery/manga colorings/edits /etc
This means you have to start it with your name, you can be specific if you want or not.
Artists Rules 2393257330 Work must be your own! Nothing you didn't create is allowed. If you post something that wasn't created by you will receive a warning from the staff.

Artists Rules 2393257330  Requests of graphics that will be used outside the forum are requested here, remember to credit the person that took your request by linking the thread you made for your request.

Artists Rules 2393257330  You cannot request signatures or avatars in this sub-forum, for that please head for the Signature and Avatar Requests forum.
Artists Rules 2393257330 You may have more than one thread, but each thread must be a different subject. 
Example:  "Brit-chan's Senshi Portraits" and she creates another thread called "Brit-chan's Artwork" that would be separate.
Artists Rules 2393257330 In your first post of your thread, state whether or not you allow comments or critiques.
Artists Rules 2393257330 All works must be PG-13.    
Artists Rules 2393257330 If you are posting excessive and large images please check this thread.
Artists Rules 2393257330 Do NOT bash anyone for race, sexuality, or weight issues. We are not here to judge crudely upon others.
Artists Rules 2393257330 Have fun! - why yes, this is required 
Artists Rules 2393257330  
Artists Rules 2393257330 For critiques, please head to Artists & Graphics Guild

  Artists Rules Pbucket Additional rules may be added by admin at any time.

Now that we have all that clear, have an awesome time on this forum and remember when it becomes to art, you can go to infinity and beyond!

Your mod, Moonstone


Artists Rules NyQRqgD
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Artists Rules

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