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 The Sailor Cadet Academy is coming back!

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Star Seed

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The Sailor Cadet Academy is coming back! Empty
PostSubject: The Sailor Cadet Academy is coming back!   The Sailor Cadet Academy is coming back! I_icon_minitime12th July 2017, 10:13 am

In the far future, Senshi with starseeds are so rare, people can become Senshi, Knights, and Tuxedos thanks to technology and combat training from schools all across the universe. With a new threat is creeping into the Milky Way, the Cadets of the Lunar Cadet Academy, stationed on Earth's Moon, must band together with Lunar Queen Hazuki's two daughters (yes, two) in order to fight back. But the consequences of their actions may be worse than anyone could dream.

We have an RP forum board, found here ( ), a deviantART group for art and contests ( ), player rewards and costume/tech upgrades available, and a host of great characters to interact with. We hope to see you there soon, because we'd love to have you!
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The Sailor Cadet Academy is coming back!

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