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 [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)

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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)   [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) I_icon_minitime29th January 2017, 3:38 pm

A continuation from this RTRP: Link!<3

When brainstorming this RTRP, I didn't expect it to go into a new RP, so I don't have much of a "who-is-the-enemy" answers, so though we could brainstorm that together xD I have pretty solid ideas as to the world they're in. Perhaps something to do with the Dark Kingdom to call back to the "reawakened" theme? Or maybe just something altogether new? What do you guys think?

Also, do we want to keep it to these "core" four, or open up some more positions for the other senshi? Or maybe just one more senshi (ie, Moon? And they would have to go search for her/him? In a callback to the original senshi xD)

[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) 3150097195


[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Y97whxc6[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Yc3hqps4[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Y9a8m54p[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Ycc3u8tl[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Yaarnsvz[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Yal54fl7[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Yda5mpfp
[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Nvoq4bz
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TS Sailor Cronus
Lotus Crystal

TS Sailor Cronus

Lotus Crystal

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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)   [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) I_icon_minitime29th January 2017, 3:46 pm

"Perhaps something to do with the Dark Kingdom to call back to the "reawakened" theme? "

Im up for this, but if you could throw in a surprise twist I bet that would make it so much sweeter! We already threw in a few of our own twists in our characters (Jupiter especially) that I really love.

I vote we stick to the four of us and kinda throw in a side mission to search for our Moon senshi... make it slightly the reverse of the original series. So once again, same basic theme, new twist. :3 But not to extend it for too long, so we arent Moonless for TOO long.

Im wondering if later down the road I might be allowed to play just one more character? I *did* kind of set up a missing twin sister for Airisu. XD Just asking.

Edit: Then again if someone else plays her I can have someone to play off of and build tension between them better that way. In which case I would request said other player to contact me for details. But for now shes still missing.
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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)   [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) I_icon_minitime29th January 2017, 4:45 pm

OOOOh! Count me in!

I totally think the dark kingdom should be reborn, but instead of beryl and four generals, what about like, a one or two bad person who answers to metallia and the rest were tricked t and lied to? What if they were being blackmailed? What if they were told they could get money they desperately needed, or the care for an ailing loved one? Those could make up the rest of the main baddies.

Like, metallia could have found ways to give the four generals powers away to normal folk in a way similar to how the current senshi got their powers.


[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) J9l9ggt[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Zljsmsf[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Hgsylbp[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) H72lzbb[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Cosmos10
 GC's Official Sailor Cosmos
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Professor Tomoe
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Professor Tomoe

Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)   [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) I_icon_minitime30th January 2017, 4:08 pm

I'd love to join, especially as this new moon. >D And/or as a villain?

So here are some of my thoughts for villain-maybe-also-Moon:
• Older than Akane but younger than Del and Tahira. I was thinking perhaps 19 or 20, relatively close to Iris?
• Manipulated and sympathetic villain—turned to darkness by a Chaotic entity to protect her family; in a way she's being held hostage by the evil power's threat to harm them if she doesn't comply. She no longer lives with her family, who have been brainwashed to forget that she was their daughter or sister.
• Chaotic entity accepted her bargain to save her family because it sensed something vaguely "different" about her
• I wanted to give her a pretty large family: both parents, a grandmother, and three younger siblings (maybe ages 12, 10, and 9).
• If she will become Sailor Moon, she does not have the Silver Crystal and would need to find that item to be a "full-fledged" sailor soldier. Perhaps the other soldiers can discover it before they find or purify her?
• Appearance-wise, she has pale silvery-gray hair when evil that becomes pale blonde (like the glow of moonlight) when healed. Her eyes are very pale ice blue and even the whites gain a bluish glow when she's being guided by Chaotic magic or using her dark powers. They're cornflower blue otherwise.
• Villain Name: Hecatolita / Surname: 月出 (Hitachi) "Moon" and "Rising" / Given Name: しずか (Shizuka) "Quiet"
• Hecatolite is in the alkali feldspar group, so maybe a few more villains with alkali feldspar-related names? (Hecatolite is a variety of Perthite.)
• Feldspar forms from magma, so perhaps Main Evil Chaos Entity could be magma-y?
• I think it would be fun to mayyyyybe have a reawakened lady Endymion to romance her (if she's Moon). I found a given name that could be cute: 衛実 (Eimi) the "protector" kanji from Mamoru's name with the second kanji meaning "truth"
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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)   [Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC) I_icon_minitime

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[Relaxed] Reawakening (OOC)

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