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 (Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar

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(Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar Empty
PostSubject: (Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar   (Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar I_icon_minitime5th September 2016, 6:49 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Kakyuu Himeko
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: April 15th / 20
Used Canons: Manga and anime
Appearance: Kakyuu is a slender woman of average height. Her skin is white, while her eyes and hair are red. Her hair is long and is typically worn in the form of two loose loops on each side, while the remaining strands dangle loosely all the way down past her waist. Her style of clothing tends to be on the feminine side; dresses and skirts as opposed to pants and shorts. Her preferred colors when it comes to clothings are shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Personality: Kakyuu is a kind-hearted woman who, despite her gentle heart, has been forced to grow up quickly and become tough on her own. Seiya is her only family, so she finds it hard to trust others and new people who come across them, her protectiveness and admiration toward Seiya always making her want it to be just the two of them against the world. Though a bit hard to get to know because she keeps herself guarded all the time, deep down she’s a caring person and has a lot of love to give. She’s not someone who could hurt others easily, and that’s why she struggled a bit in the beginning as a superhero.

Kakyuu isn’t someone with the best self-confidence either, unlike Seiya. She’s always felt envious toward Seiya who seems always ready to face anything with a brave smile, and could so easily charm people around her. With new people Kakyuu finds herself more often retreating into her shell and remaining quiet while she lets Seiya take the lead.

Living on their own has turned Kakyuu into a sort of mother figure. She’s far more mature than her age because never having a parent has forced her to sort of become one herself. She is also incredibly polite and will always follow proper manners in everything.

Deep down Kakyuu is a pacifist and dreams of a world without war. Although she knows they’re fighting for justice and for a purpose, it does not mean she particularly enjoys it. She knows her powers need to be used for good, but she doesn’t really relish the fighting aspect of it or the thought that she’s hurting others with her gift and her own two hands.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Kakyuu is really good at all household duties like cooking and sewing.
History: Kakyuu was abandoned when she was little and put into an orphanage. She never knew who her parents were. Her only friend, for the longest time, was Seiya Kou, who also lived in the orphanage and—she thought—took pity on her after seeing how lonely and miserable she was. Kakyuu was always a quiet child, and sometimes the other, older kids would pick on her because she was an easy target. It was Seiya who appeared like her knight in shining armor and protected her from these bullies. At the time, she thought Seiya was a boy, because that was how she appeared to be. Kakyuu grew attached to him and considered him an adopted brother of some sort, though soon those feelings would grow from familial love to romantic love.

As they grew older together, at some point Seiya revealed two things to her; his closely guarded secrets. The first was that he was actually a girl, but never felt comfortable being that girl because that girl was abandoned. So she pretended to be someone else in an attempt to avoid that identity that was forced on her. The second was that she wasn’t normal. The reason she could pretend to be a boy was because she was a shapeshifter who could turn into anyone or anything she wanted.

As a kid, Kakyuu was honestly amazed by this power. Especially because Seiya would often use it to amuse her. It felt like their own little secret, and she was only too happy to keep it from everyone else. Over time, Kakyuu also helped Seiya feel comfortable in her own skin again, making her believe that she was loved no matter what form she took.

One night, the orphanage they were in were attacked by people with superpowers. It was one of the most terrifying and defining nights in her life. She had been down about something that past week, and Seiya had been trying to amuse her by constructing a house of cards as tall as them both. It kept crumbling over and over, but he never gave up, until he finished it the night the attack happened. Then suddenly all hell broke loose out of nowhere. Fire was being thrown all over the place, electricity zapping here and there, and other types of destructive energy wrecked the place. People with terrifying powers who abused them for their own gain ran rampant, and before she knew it, the house of cards Seiya had worked so hard on got set on fire.

She didn’t think. In hindsight, it was the dumbest decision she’d ever made in her life. But even as the flames rose high, Kakyuu dove into it in order to save Seiya’s creation that she’d painstakingly made over the course of that week. At the same moment, an unknown energy was launched toward her from one of the attackers, creating an explosion of power and flames.

Next thing she knew, she was lying on her back atop the cards, not a single burn or scratch on her. Meanwhile, the cries of a kid that she knew rang out from across the room. With horror, she watched as the attackers dragged her away, apparently having found what they were looking for. Nobody could stop them. She couldn’t stop them, no matter how much she wanted to. That kid was one of the children who used to bully her. But that didn’t mean she wanted her to be taken away. Who even knew what they would do to her?

After that night, a lot of people were left injured and there were even a few dead. The orphanage no longer felt like a safe place, and Kakyuu now knew there were incredibly dangerous people out there with powers out of this world. As soon as she and Seiya were old enough, they left and got their own place to live only with each other. But even after they left the orphanage, what happened that night kept haunting them.

One day, they came across another attempted kidnapping on the streets. It was just a bunch of greedy ex-employees wanting revenge and payback from their former boss, targeting his kid, but Kakyuu could not just sit idly by this time. Both she and Seiya tried to interfere, and her immense desire to do something useful manifested her powers for the first time. Cards materialized from her hands as if by magic and shot themselves toward the kidnappers, scratching one of their cheeks and embedding on one of their hands, causing them to scream in pain. As her anger grew further, flames began to lick from her fingertips, and the men’s eyes widened in fear. They dropped the kid and ran away, and Seiya and Kakyuu helped him find his parents safely.

That was when Kakyuu discovered she was not normal either. Which surprised her, because this power had never manifested before. She couldn’t help but think back to that night… the night with the fire and the cards. And the unknown energy that had hit her at the same time.

Was that how she got her powers? It had been so long ago and she didn’t realize she had these powers up until now.

With this discovery and what they’d managed to do, as well as the memory of that night at the orphanage, both of them decided to use their powers to prevent more crimes—supernatural or otherwise—from happening again. They joined the ranks of the vigilantes that were protecting the city. Kakyuu sewed their costumes by hand and before long, they too had become ‘superheroes’.

After remembering that night, Kakyuu confessed to Seiya that it still bothered her, never knowing the fate of that lost kid. Wishing there had been something she could do back then to prevent it from happening. Now that she had powers, she wanted to fix it somehow.

So eventually they agreed to return to the orphanage to ask the head if there had been any new breaks in the case. He was happy to meet them again and what he told them was shocking. Apparently one of the orphanage’s employees had sold out the kid to the group of people who came that night because he discovered the child had powers. Knowing what they knew now, both of them wondered if it could have been them that night that was taken.

So someone out there was after people with powers.

They tracked down the employee—who had been let go—and threatened him in order to make him tell them about the people who had come and taken the child. All they managed to get out of him was that they were called the Chaos Syndicate, and he swore up and down that he didn’t know anything more. Apparently they’d threatened him and his family too for the information.

It was the beginning of Kakyuu and Seiya’s investigation into the Chaos Syndicate group. They’d been slowly building the case over the years now, every new crime that they found having ties to the group one bringing them one step closer to the head of the monster. Eventually, they believed they would find them and hold them responsible for what they did.

They were going to get justice for the child that had been taken right in front of their eyes.

Other Noteworthy Facts: N/A
Storyline Specific Information:
Love and Justice League: In cities all over the world, there has been an increase of what governments refer to as super powered individuals. From strange mutations to supernatural abilities to technical whizzes to beings that aren't even human, they've all began to emerge over the past few years. Some use their power to do what they believe is right, though others use it for their own twisted means. And so the age of Heroes and Villains was started.

From the Juuban District of Tokyo, Japan, a small group of high school girls begin their own journey as vigilantes, who in their own way, fight for love and justice. Little do they know that the global company Chaos Syndicate has amassed their own gangs of super-powered humans for their cause of world domination. Though they maintain an innocent front, their business has funded mutiple gangs of villains, many that have made Tokyo the set piece of their crimes and turf wars. It will be up to the Love and Justice League to defeat this threat before an even greater evil is unleashed... once they can actually work together.

Source: N/A
Superhero Information
Superhero Name: Firestar
Realm of Influence(s): Cards, fire
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: N/A (Manual change)
Superhero Outfit:

(Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar C9CeJFO


  • Fire: She can generate fire in many forms and release them toward opponents.
  • Card Shuffle: She can generate playing cards from her hands and throws them with immense speed towards an opponent. They are sharp and can embed on skin.

Weapons or Magical Items: N/A
Guardian: N/A
RP Sample:

It was another day of foiling bad guys and getting them where they belonged—jail. But this time they were just ordinary criminals too, with no ties to the Chaos Syndicate.

Kakyuu was getting tired of the slow investigation. It was really hard to find clues sometimes, and with each passing day she thought of that child that had been abducted, missing for one more day. Was she even still alive? If she were, she would be around their age by now. She tried to imagine what the child would look like now based on her vague memories of her, but she never quite remembered it properly, which added to her guilt.

She knew it wasn’t her fault. But one could not simply forget seeing someone being dragged away from in front one’s eyes while they were helpless to do anything about it. She had all these powers now, but she still felt so helpless.

She glanced at Seiya as they entered their apartment, noticing the tiredness in her eyes as well. The frustration must’ve been getting to her as well. It was hard to accept, but sometimes there was nothing they could do.

“Ice cream night?” she suggested as she closed the door behind her, knowing it always cheered both of them up.

And right now they both could surely use a pick-me-up.

And if it involved her snuggling beside her best friend whom she secretly had a crush on with her head lying on her shoulder and a tub of ice cream on their lap, all the better.


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(Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar   (Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar I_icon_minitime5th September 2016, 8:11 pm

This looks great! I really enjoyed reading her history and I want her to find that child so badly xD I adore just how intertwined with Seiya she is (and aww, snuggling in the RP sample <3). That design of her hero outfit is great too, love how you got the colors all in there and it's so reminiscent to her senshi outfit while being completely different at the same time haha

Everything seems to be in order!



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(Approved)[Advanced] (AU) Kakyuu Himeko / Firestar

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