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 [Advanced] Foreign Distraction

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Professor Tomoe
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Professor Tomoe

Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

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[Advanced] Foreign Distraction Empty
PostSubject: [Advanced] Foreign Distraction   [Advanced] Foreign Distraction I_icon_minitime20th November 2015, 12:03 pm

Storyline Name: Foreign Distraction
Creators: Sailor Mercury & Anait Zelleire
Forum: Tokyo City
Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced
Plot Summary:
Daeka, as Sailor Litae, has just connected with the spirit Cacus, gaining fire powers. Her three spirit trials on the planet Litae have left her feeling somewhat exhausted and yearning for rest and relaxation. Returning to her study of the journals of past mesites, she finds numerous mentions of a blue planet filled with life and energy in a distant galaxy. It becomes apparent to Daeka that this unknown world must be her next destination—if only to get away for a little bit!

On Earth, it is the 20th century, and Sailor Moon and her friends are occupied battling against the powers of the Black Moon Clan. Sailor Litae arrives on Earth, completely avoiding the sailor soldiers, but winds up entangling herself with a young woman of her same age named Misaki. Daeka entreats Misaki to act as her guide, claiming to be a poor lost foreigner in Japan. Misaki reluctantly agrees.

Unfortunately, the two women soon encounter an emissary of the Black Moon Clan: Peridoto. Separate from the rest of her group, Peridoto has been sent to use fragments of the Black Crystal to replace humans with Droids. She was tasked to operate outside of the Juuban district, to avoid humans from nearby regions creating interference where the heart of the Black Moon Clan plan existed. Peridoto targets a group of tourists that includes both Daeka and Misaki. To fight back against the unexpected threat the two women transform, revealing to each other that they are both sailor soldiers.

Daeka is rather excited to meet another sailor soldier, but Misaki remains reserved. She hesitates to connect with Daeka, but finds that the other woman is determined to get to know her. Misaki reveals how little she knows about her identity as Sailor Orphelin. Daeka is determined to help uncover the mystery of who Misaki was in her past life...even if Misaki isn't particularly enthusiastic about this.

Sailor Orphelin and Sailor Litae find themselves allied to accomplish two goals: prevent Peridoto from harming innocent civilians and help Sailor Orphelin learn about her past.

Details on any necessary information: Takes place during the manga timeline of the "Black Moon" arc, but the setting for this storyline is located outside of Juuban. Sailor Moon and her friends will not be encountered. (The same is also true for the Black Moon family canon characters, although Peridoto may communicate via telecommunications with Esmeraude or Saphir.)
Restrictions: Sailor Litae, Sailor Orphelin, and Peridoto are the only playable characters. Other characters will be NPC if absolutely necessary.
OOC Thread: Skype OOC
Member to Character List:
Daeka Nicopolis/Sailor Litae - Anait Zelliere
Misaki Togawa/Sailor Orphelin - Sailor Mercury
Peridoto - Sailor Mercury

Last edited by Sailor Mercury on 20th October 2016, 6:11 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Updated to reflect username changes.)
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[Advanced] Foreign Distraction Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Foreign Distraction   [Advanced] Foreign Distraction I_icon_minitime23rd November 2015, 4:44 pm

Approved. Great job. Smile


[Advanced] Foreign Distraction Pbucket [Advanced] Foreign Distraction WVHOu3A [Advanced] Foreign Distraction Pbucket
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[Advanced] Foreign Distraction

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