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 [Indonesia] Pop Quiz!

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Sailor Neptune
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Sailor Neptune

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[Indonesia] Pop Quiz! Empty
PostSubject: [Indonesia] Pop Quiz!   [Indonesia] Pop Quiz! I_icon_minitime31st August 2015, 4:32 am

After you have finished reading all the threads, I have a little exam pop quiz for you! If you answer at least 8/10 right, you will get a special Indonesia World Fair 2015 collectible stamp that you can get nowhere else and will not make an appearance again after the event ends.

So why not try your luck?

Here are the questions:
1. In what tourism area complex is Fantasy World located?
2. What animal bears the Indonesian coat of arms?
3. Name the kingdom that was the strongest in Indonesia's history.
4. Explain briefly how the Marble Run competition works!
5. What are used as "pawns" in a game of Congklak or Dakon?
6. The Prambanan Temple is a Buddhist temple. True or False?
7. How big could Komodo Dragons grow to become? (Length and weight)
8. Which tourist destination is the mandatory visit for school study groups?
9. Explain in simple terms where Indonesia is located in the world map.
10. Which animal can be found gracing Indonesia's stamps, coin, and even taxi cabs?

PM your answers to me by September 8th, 2015 at the latest. Do not post your answers as a reply in this thread! I will PM your stamp to you if you get enough of them correct.
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[Indonesia] Pop Quiz!

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