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 What is the Graveyard?

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Title : (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。magical weirdo, Original Saturn
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What is the Graveyard? Empty
PostSubject: What is the Graveyard?   What is the Graveyard? I_icon_minitime9th June 2015, 10:46 pm

What is the Graveyard? Graveyard_thread_header_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d9cvvo4
Welcome to the Graveyard.
The Graveyard is the place inactive storylines go when they become inactive in order to keep the roleplaying sections tidy and relevant. Storylines moved to the graveyard are not necessarily permanently here; players can fill out a roleplay revival request (quick and easy!) and their roleplay will be returned to its original area to be continued. Here's how things work:

What is the Graveyard? 2393257330 Growing Inactive What is the Graveyard? 2393257330
When a storyline has not gotten a new post in two weeks, a Roleplaying Moderator will attempt to stir activity with a reminder post in the storyline's OOC board or send a PM to the storyline creator to get people to post; sometimes, people aren't aware that it's their turn, and they'll post right away and things continue to run smoothly.

What is the Graveyard? 1322698128 Inactive Roleplays What is the Graveyard? 1322698128
Sometimes, though, that moderator reminder doesn't quite stick.
If a group roleplay (roleplays consisting of 3 or more players) has not had a new post in 30 days, or a one-on-one roleplay has not gotten a new post in 45 days, the Roleplaying Moderator in charge of the section will post an Administrative Note about the inactivity in the storyline thread, stating that if a new post is not made within one week, the post will be moved to the graveyard. 

Help! How can I spur on activity in my roleplay?

If a new post is made, the roleplaying moderator will remove her or his notice from the board, and the roleplay will continue.
*Note: if a moderator has had to post three (3) activity warnings in one storyline within six (6) months, even if that storyline had been saved within the one week grace period by a post, the storyline will be moved to the graveyard.

If no new post is made, the roleplay is moved here, to the Graveyard. 

What is the Graveyard? 3120549547 Graveyarded Roleplays What is the Graveyard? 3120549547
Once a storyline has been moved to the graveyard, no new posts can be made within the graveyarded thread. However, if players wish to continue the storyline, they may use the Storyline Revival Request thread to revive their roleplay. There is a quick questionnaire to fill out (including the name of at least one other player that wishes to roleplay the storyline with the requester and whether you need the OOC board to also be revived or if you will be making a new one). When Saturn sees the completed 5 question form, she will revive the Storyline by returning it to the original area it was posted in.

Help! My RP has been sent to the Graveyard!

Storylines can be revived up to three times; if a storyline becomes inactive and is graveyarded a fourth time, it will not be allowed to be revived due to lack of continued interest in the idea.

If you have any questions about the Graveyard / Storyline Revival Request process, please PM Sailor Saturn or Sailor Uranus with your question and they will get back to you as quickly as they can! ♥️
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Sailor Uranus
Outer Senshi Admin
Roleplay Director

Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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What is the Graveyard? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is the Graveyard?   What is the Graveyard? I_icon_minitime13th October 2015, 2:35 pm

Help! My Roleplay is growing inactive! What can I do?!
Here are some suggestions!

What is the Graveyard? 4011577294 Do a Time Skip What is the Graveyard? 4011577294
Sometimes activity is falling because players aren't sure of what else to post in the current scenario; suggest a Time Skip in the OOC thread to see if people would be cool with moving forward in the storyline with a quick summary of events. A fresh scene could be all it takes to get the ball rolling again!

What is the Graveyard? 2393257330 PM the Players What is the Graveyard? 2393257330
Sometimes players don't pay close attention to the roleplays that they are in, and so don't know when a storyline is waiting on them and may need a reminder. Sending them a quick PM with a friendly "Hey! We're waiting on your post!" can sometimes do the trick! If you are not comfortable PMing the player with that reminder (or maybe the inactive person is the storyline creator!), you can always ask the Roleplaying Moderator in charge of that section to send the reminder for you; we don't mind!

If one particular player seems to be the only one repeatedly holding things up, you may want to PM them (or request an RP Mod PM them) requesting they either post more regularly or consider letting go of that character claim so the story isn't consistently growing inactive waiting on them. Sometimes players may be overwhelmed with the number of roleplays they are in, or life has gotten hectic for them, or they are stumped on what to post - sometimes they are inactively looking for a way out, and an open and honest PM may give them the opportunity to leave without making them feel terrible for doing so. Sometimes, when it is something avoidable and they don't particularly want to leave, they may need to see that PM anyway as it could remind them that others are waiting. It's okay to feel a little frustrated that something beyond your control is interrupting a story, and it is sometimes best, and less stressful for both parties, to part ways and maybe recombine in later storylines when the inactive person is able to put more time into a project, rather than potentially brew bad feelings over a storyline they can't keep up with at the moment. 

What is the Graveyard? 4011577294 Add an Activity Rule What is the Graveyard? 2393257330
If things are dragging, sometimes adding an Activity Rule could do the trick to keep the story moving. An Activity Rule is a set stipulation of how often a player needs to post in order to continue being part of a roleplay. To enact an Activity Rule, make a post in the storyline's OOC tread outlining the activity requirements - our suggestion is to require one post every one week, or one post per every two weeks depending on the minimum number of posts you think is acceptable for this storyline.  Then, by editing the first post of your OOC thread, create a poll for players to answer "Agree" or "Disagree" for the new proposed Activity Rule; if a majority "agree"s, you can move forward with it. If the majority "disagrees", you at least have a place to start a discussion. Perhaps players would like a longer response time - two weeks instead of one, for example - and that could get the ball rolling with activity. Reset the rule, run another vote, and if the majority "agree"s, move forward with it.
Example Activity Rule wrote:
Hey guys,

Activity seems to have slowed down a lot lately, and that's no fun. :/ I really want to keep going with this RP, and finish it if we can! I was thinking that something we could do to keep up with posts is to enact an Activity Rule. The rule I suggest is this:

Every player must post at least once every week to continue roleplaying in this storyline. Players who do not meet this activity rule will receive a warning from a Roleplaying Moderator; if a warning needs to be issued again, they will be requested to leave the storyline and allow another to take their place in this storyline to keep things moving. If a player leaves the storyline, their character will be NPC'd (inactively controlled) until a replacement is found.

What do you guys think? Please vote in the poll!
When/If you get a majority rule, you can request via the RP OOC Moderator (Addelyn), that your RP Rule be enforced on your roleplay. If a player falls behind, PM Addelyn to inform her (we do checks once a month for activity, so if it is less than that, we'll need your help!) and they will receive one warning; if they fall behind again, they will be asked to leave the storyline.
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Sailor Uranus
Outer Senshi Admin
Roleplay Director

Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
Posts : 13368
Join date : 2011-09-15
Age : 34
Location : NE Texas

What is the Graveyard? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is the Graveyard?   What is the Graveyard? I_icon_minitime13th October 2015, 2:35 pm

Help! My Roleplay has been sent to the Graveyard! What can I do?!
Having a storyline be sent to the graveyard is not the end of the line; so long as this time is not the fourth time, Saturn can still revive it. If you have more than one person willing to continue it with you, use the Storyline Revival Request Board.

... but if you're reading this post, I'm thinking yours may not be so simple a case, so let's get into those tricky situations. 

All of these require using an OOC thread for the RP in question; you can always use the original OOC board (after getting it revived), but there is the option of starting fresh with a brand new OOC board for the recently revived (or soon-to-be-revived) RP. Using the old board keeps any ideas discussed within easy reach; starting a new OOC thread wipes the slate clean and you can always go back through the old board to grab relevant information. Starting a new OOC thread for an old idea can garner fresh interest (oooh, low reply numbers! they could be looking for new people!) or serve as a reminder that things won't be the same as they were the first time around (seeing as how it kinda died, that could be a good thing). 

Tricky Situation 1: You're not really sure if the players you're playing with want to continue to RP with you and that one other person, and you're not quite sure how to ask them or request that they do not continue if they don't want to play.
What I like to do is make a new post in the OOC thread stating that the RP is starting up again, and include any changes made about activity requirements or plot, etc., and a character claim with a deadline (one week or less) for players who want to reclaim their old character. 
If players are really interested in continuing, by reclaiming their character they agree to any changes made and they should be better about activity if they weren't the first time around (if this proves wrong, see the post above about growing inactive roleplays for ideas!). 
If players aren't interested in continuing they won't reply (if they're inactive on the forums, they also won't reply), so after the deadline take their claim off the list and update the OOC Thread title saying that characters are available, or make a Request Thread for your RP. 

You'll let those who don't wish to continue an easy way out, and you could snag some fresh blood in the process!

Tricky Situation 2: You and your one other person can't find enough people to play the parts in this roleplay.
This is totally okay. Sometimes we don't get enough people to play things as we originally intended, but that is not the end of the story. There are several things you can do in this case to keep the storyline, but make it so it requires less players.

A) You and your partner make more profiles and take up more roles. There is no rule anywhere stating that one player can only play one character in a roleplay. Play two. Play three. So long as you have accepted profiles for those characters (ahem, and you are interacting with that other player cough we're roleplaying not writing fanfiction cough) there's nothing stopping you. 

B) You and your partner could rework the plot. This involves a short process:
First, discuss with the partner how you could change the storyline up to keep the same general plot you both (or the three of you, four of you, etc) love, but requires less than an army of players to pull off. Maybe it goes from a group operation to a small squad. Maybe it goes from a big character study to a more concentrated one. Maybe it will now just focus on your two/three characters - change up the original plot to fit what you have, player-wise.
Second, find the original Storyline Submission; this should be linked in the first post of the IC thread, else you can find it in the Storyline Submission section. Post a reply on that thread stating any changes you and your partner would like to make as an addendum to the accepted plot summary. Also make changes to the Details and any Necessary Information section, Restrictions, OOC thread, and Member to Character list, as needed. 
Third, wait for reapproval by Saturn; like the original storyline submission process, she'll check over your newly submitted changes for any issues, and then approve it, and you can edit the first post of the IC thread to reflect the new changes.
Fourth, you win. Yaaaay

Tricky Situation 3: Neither you nor your one other person are the original Storyline Creator.
Oooh, this is a tough one. The first thing to do is to make sure that that person is okay with you continuing with their storyline; usually there is no problem there; sometimes you'll find that they also want to continue, else they want to see it continued to see what happens to the situation they crafted, and will give you their blessing. If you are uncomfortable requesting permission, you can always ask a Roleplaying Staff Member to make the request of the creator anonymously, to feel them out beforehand. 
If that member is no longer on the site or has been inactive on the site for a long period of time, permission is automatically granted to continue with the roleplay. 

Then, make the roleplay revival request and continue on as normal; you will want to recreate the OOC thread (you can copy all important information from the original) so you can start polls and etc. in the ooc, and you may have to send a PM to the moderator of the storyline's section for them to edit any information in the first post, but honestly they don't bite and are happy to help! 

If you have a tricky situation that is not discussed here, please either use the RP Suggestion Box (located as a pinned board to anonymous Google Form in the RP Welcome section) or PM Sailor Uranus or Sailor Saturn and we'll help you through!
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What is the Graveyard? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is the Graveyard?   What is the Graveyard? I_icon_minitime

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What is the Graveyard?

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