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 My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction

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Star Seed


Star Seed

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My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction Empty
PostSubject: My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction   My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction I_icon_minitime9th December 2011, 1:27 pm

Basically my fic is another fusion fic it relives Usagi and Mamoru's story from the 1st season, through the world of Fruits Basket. Basically, here's how it goes, Akito is Usagi, Shigure is Mamoru, Kisa is Ami, Rin is Rei, Kagura is Makoto and Minako appears as herself as does Luna and Artemis. The rest of the Jyuunishi were all subjects of the Silver Millenium, with Hatori, Ayame, Kureno and Ristu being Shigure's shitennou. Hatori=Kunzite (And yes I am going to make a Hatori/Minako pairing in my fic^^ One of my favorite crossover couples) Ayame=Zoicite, Ritsu=Nephrite, and Kureno=Jadeite. Queen Beryl is Ren, and why she became Akito/Serenity's mother is because of the "Poweful, Magical Crystal Of Doom Which Shall Not Be Named" and it's all part of Akito's real mother, Queen Serenity's grand plan which will be explained later.

Basically though the whole reason for the Zodiac curse to the Senshi, Princess, Shitennou, Mamoru, and the rest of the Silver Millenium subjects is all because of Metallia's evil plot, and she's the one fueling Ren/Beryl's hatred of Akito. It's a funny thing how I got the idea actually, Shigure was my inspiration, he's actually the main reason how I got this crossover idea in the first place. I mean think about it, both Shigure and Mamoru have that dream about the ones they love, and those dreams each drive them to do whatever it takes to fulfill them, even if it means being the enemy. For me, I felt that that whole dream Shigure had of Akito was a major plot-hole as it never really explained why that dream was so special to him particularly when all the others had the exact same dream as him.

I thought... wait a minute... What if Shigure had actually dreamed something different from everyone else? What if his dream had nothing to do with the curse and something to do with his past life? Why is he so mysterious? And that's when the idea came to me. The dream was so similar to the one Mamoru had of Serenity in the first season,the fact that it was never explained would also make it extremely easy to cross over the two canons.

Then there was also the line Shigure said back in volume 19, he said how he always felt different from everyone else and how he never even wanted to be/or felt particularly close to his parents. That's exactly how Mamoru was like before he recovered his memories. So yeah basically, I felt Shigure and Mamoru were so alike and that's how the idea came to me^^

As for the Akito and Usagi thing, I actually truly think they're a lot alike, more alike than different IMO. First of all they're both huge crybabies, irresponsible and childish however they both mature immensely in the end. I feel that Akito is what Usagi would of turned out like had she grown up in that type of enviornment and vice versa.

There's more to it, but that's the basic plot synopsis..... So what do you think of it? And please be honest, I could use all the help I can get^^


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My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction 2045764097
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My Sailor Moon/Fruits Basket Crossover Fanfiction

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