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 Condemning Death

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PostSubject: Condemning Death   Condemning Death I_icon_minitime8th December 2011, 3:49 pm

Notes- I wrote this as a prequel to 'Dreaming Gods' to better explain Saturn's situation but I suppose it can be read as a stand alone story though. I wanted to mirror the events that took place in the S Arc. And in the case of Saturn's name, I made it so planetary names like Saturn or Pluto or any of the other Planet's work as titles (in place of princess or Queen). In the case of Saturn:

Morana- a Slavic goddess associated with death, winter and
nightmares. Some sources equate her with the Latvian goddess Māra, who takes a
person's body after their death.

Long ago it was said that the Gods wished to walk among
their people. No one knew why.

Perhaps for companionship.

Perhaps for love.

Perhaps for their own amusement.

They would forgo their heavenly bodies and poured their
essence into children. These children grew and they ruled as they must and then
they died, and so the Gods within flew to another body. And then another, and
then another.

They had done this many millennia and all such prophecies of
their rebirth were greeted with joy and celebration.

All but one, who’s very breathe brought ruin and silence
throughout the entire galaxy.

The forbidden god created his child in the shadows in the
darkest corners of his Castle. Born from the darken mist she was. Not by a womb
or from the earth’s soil. But by the air and the stars and the ashes that
danced to a silent song. She was granted life by a being that—when she opened
her black eyes and breathe—she did not understand fully.

Death had given her life and that was the first thing they
feared about her.

And when the last of his will flattered into the mind of a
Mars Maiden and spoke from her red lips, Queen Serenity wept into her hands.

For the first few months of her life, it was as if she was
an animated doll. She roamed the endless condors of her palace, draped in
black, purple, and gold, with her servants behind her. She wandered about, with
her head turning this way and that, and studied everything about her with eerie
curiosity. She did not speak to anyone and—when she looked upon someone with
her round black eyes—it was as if winter had fallen in their heart and their
body had frozen over.

Some had even said that having her eyes on them was like
being dead for just a moment.

But other than that—other than having the eyes of the dead
and the wonder of predator—this girl, this Goddess,
had done no harm.

Yet it did not stop them—dressed in their heavy army and
their swords and their shields—from rushing into her Castle as if they were in
the middle of the war and tearing her chamber doors down. In that instant,
swarmed by images of metal and steel, that the child of Saturn felt emotion for
the very first time.

Fear. Confusion. Anger. It all swirled in her eyes and
dripped themselves onto her pale face as arms came and forced her onto her
knees. Under the bangs of her black hair she saw the color of their armor and
she hissed in her rage.

For they were her own

“What is the meaning of this?!”

“Silence!” A voice screamed back at her. Low, rough, but
feminine and strong. She saw sandy hair and emerald eyes filled with hate. A
silver blade, clean encrusted jewels shining in the candle, point at her neck.
The woman glared at her and lifted a hand to the soldiers—her soldiers. “Bind her in chains.”

Metal cuffs enclosed her hands painfully and she screamed,
thrashing away from another hand that dared to chain her neck and feet as well.
“Stop this!” She demanded, feeling the hard yank when she was finally bound. Her
black eyes turned to each of them and she yelled, “What have I done?! What is
my crime?!”

“Birth…” A melodic voice spoke, stilling her movements and
calming her heart. A white light followed the woman as she came into room and
all those within bowed their heads in respect. And she knew it was Queen
Serenity that had graced her with her presence.

The Queen frowned at the bound child and spoke again, “Your
birth brings us much misfortune…That is your crime.”

“…so my existence is the offence?” The girl laughed and
smiled at her sadly, “You’ve come to kill me? You are not as kind as they say

But Serenity shook her head still, “I am sorry but no…You
would be reborn again and again…” The silver haired woman raised her hand and
the soldiers forced the child unto her shaking legs, “So we must confine you to
a different faith.”

There was hope for just a moment; hope that she would be
exiled or stripped of her powers, but then she knew nothing was that simple and
the girl’s face fell in shock and fear when the realization hit her.

“Y-you cannot!” Tears fell and she was dragged, kicking and
pulling for her freedom, “Please! You cannot be that cruel!”

The Queen did not listen, yet she followed behind them.
Followed them, wrapped her white light, as they descend into the planet below.
They dragged her into a room filled with darkness and forced her in front of a
large hole with nothing inside.

What a perfect place to punish Death.

In the core of Saturn.

The girl wept and struggled against the chains wrapped
around her and turned to the White Queen with the most desperate of pleads.

“Please…do not damn me to this fate…”

Queen Serenity stared at her with great sadness and shook
her head, biting her lip. She heaved in a sigh and stood straight, her
beautiful still as stone. And there, she laid down her final judgment.

“Goddess of Saturn, your presence in this world means
nothing but death to us all. As such, the Rulers of this System have thus
sentenced you to an eternal sleep.”

She shrieked and her voice, panicked and pitched, bounced off the
walls of the chamber and stopped dead when it reached the hole. The girl looked
down at it once more and turned her glance back to the Queen and met her eyes.
And that’s when she saw it.

The White Princess with her smiling face and the night in
her eyes.


She knew it and so did the Queen.

For that Serenity shed a tear and, turning her face away,
said, “I am sorry, Monara…”

How dare she speak her name.

And that is when she truly knew she had been condemned


She was pushed by a gust of air and suddenly all around her
seemed to become quiet and slow. The world swirled and blurred. She felt the
chains weight her down and send her plunging into the darkness below with
grabbed and choked her like some angry monster.

The last thing she saw before her vision went black was the
Queen’s white light and her mournful, beautiful face.

She was truly cruel to leave her with such an image.

It was there she wondered—after being denied both life and
death—if this is what nothing was like.


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Condemning Death

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